What To Do When Your Mover Cancels Last Minute

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What To Do When Your Mover Cancels Last Minute

Dec 05, 2022 Planning for a safe, secure and hassle-free move is a challenging endeavour. You may feel overwhelmed when it comes to preparing and packing household items. People usually take extra care of their precious and expensive belongings during packing and lifting. It is good to do proper research to find reliable Perth removalists, as they can transit your possessions without causing any damage. Choose a company that specialises in relocating large furniture and heavy objects without causing any delay. Despite good planning, you may feel betrayed if a mover cancels your booking at the last moment. This is the most annoying situation, especially when relocating for the first time. There is no denying that an emergency may occur anytime, but it is always good to have a Plan B for your peace of mind. Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you find ways when a moving company cancels at the last minute.

Can Removalists Cancel Last Minute?

When you book removalists in Perth, you reserve moving services for a preferred date. They will ask you to pay the deposit to ensure that you won’t cancel for any reason on the final moving day. This deposit guarantees you that they will not cancel the same at the last moment. Unfortunately, sometimes companies cancel the booking due to different reasons, such as the unavailability of crew members or a moving vehicle. The reason could be anything, so prepare yourself for the worse and plan things accordingly.

Key Reasons Why Removalists may Cancel at the Last Moment

The booked removalists may cancel or reschedule the service due to the following reasons:
  • Extreme Weather Conditions and natural calamities, such as floods, thunderstorms etc.
  • Technical problems and accidents, such as the breakdown of a truck or accident of the vehicle.
  • Unavailability of Crew Members
  • Overbooking during the peak season.
  • Moving Scams. Such companies disappear after taking money as a deposit amount from you.

Tips to Handle the Situation When Removalists Don’t Show Up

Instead of losing your patience, take a deep breath and think again so that you can move household belongings without further chaos. Here are some important tips and tricks that will make it easy for you to handle the situation:

1. Re-schedule the Move if Possible

If your movers cancel at the last moment but still do the same after a few days, you can re-schedule your move if possible. If you have another preferred moving date in your mind, try out this trick. It is good to have a Plan-B if a moving company doesn’t show up on the pre-agreed date. Keep another date in mind so you can relocate without the stress of searching for a new company from scratch again. You can also follow a proven packing tips for your household belongings.

2. Watch Out For Red Flags and Scams

People often trap in moving scams when they are in a hurry. Many fraud companies may ask you to pay the deposit and disappear on the final moving day. You need to be extra careful when hiring Perth Removalists. It is good to do proper research, ask your friends and relatives for recommendations and read customer reviews before making the final decision. Also, do not fall prey for extremely cheap prices. Instead, compare quotes from at least three companies, check their pricing policy and book the most reliable company depending on your estimated budget. In addition to this, remember that scammers usually request large deposits before showing up on the final moving day. Beware of such scams and choose a moving company wisely.

3. Get Your Deposit Back

If a moving experts cancel or can’t reschedule, you need to find another way that works best for you. Make sure you ask removalists to return your deposit. In fact, they are responsible for the extra costs you incur because of them. For that, you need to check the cancellation policy and the signed contract. But as a customer, it is your right to get the deposit back if they don’t show up on the fixed date.

4. Hire Same Day Removalists

Many moving companies in Perth can offer you emergency moving solutions on the same date. They are the perfect solution for you if a mover cancels last minute. Same-day removalists will come to your place, lift and relocate your stuff without giving you a hint of stress. The best part is that they will come on time and dispute the short notice.

5. Use Moving Containers

This is also a great option if your booked removalists don’t show up on the moving date. These companies can help you deliver a moving container to your current house in 2-3 hours. After loading the containers, the pod removalists will move them to your new abode. It is also an affordable and quick way to transport your household belongings.  Make sure you create a home inventory checklist to keep your items protected during the transportation process.

6. Opt for a Storage Facility

If nothing works, transit you household items to a warehouse for a few weeks or until you find the right moving solution. Look for a reliable storage or warehouse options where you can keep your items intact.


Don’t lose your calm if your moving team cancelled the last minute. Keep these tips in mind and find a reliable solution that can help you relocate without stress when moving to Western Australia. Make sure you do proper research and find the most reliable removalists in Perth for your bulky and expensive household belongings.