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07 Oct, 2021

Useful Tips To Prevent Injuries On Moving Day

The moving process is not only stressful but also physically challenging. So, if you try to carry out the task without proper planning and preparation, you are most likely to get injured. And sometimes, these injuries can be so severe that they can last for a lifetime. Some people get injured while packing knives and glass items, while others suffer back, neck, shoulder, knee injuries and ankle injuries while lifting heavy items.

That is why it is always advisable to hire professional removalists in Perth. They have expertise in packing and loading all types of belongings so that you can experience a safe relocation. Moreover, they will save a lot of time and energy so you will be able to focus on other important aspects of the relocation. If you are planning to relocate, then it is crucial that you follow some safety measures.

Here are some useful tips to prevent injuries on moving day.

Pack Sharp Objects Carefully

Knives, gardening tools, and other sharp objects in your home should be wrapped properly with paper or cloths to avoid cuts during their packing and unpacking. Inappropriate packing can also damage the cardboard boxes. To avoid any injuries, wrap the sharp edges with packing paper and bubble wrap. After that, cover the wrapped object with a dish towel and tie it with a rubber band.

Use the Right Size Boxes for Packing

It is also vital that you use the right size of boxes for packing. Do not pack heavy items like books in a medium-sized box. Otherwise, it will become very heavy, and you might get injured if you try to lift it forcefully. Instead, use small boxes to pack books and other heavier items like tools. Use lighter items for medium size and use large boxes for soft toys and pillows.

Use Loading Equipment

Always use the proper moving equipment when lifting and moving large and heavy belongings on your own. Equipment like a moving dolly, shoulder dolly, and forearm forklift will make your move safer for you and your things. Use a 2-wheel appliance dolly or a 4-wheel furniture dolly to minimise the pressure on your body and avoid injuries or accidents. You should also use furniture sliders to move heavy furniture with little effort and also without causing damage to the floor.

Wear the Right Clothes and Shoes

Your choice of clothes will also help you to keep safe on your moving day. Whatever you wear, you should feel comfortable, but you must avoid clothing that is baggy or too large. Such types of clothes can prevent you from moving freely and can cause you to stumble. Select clothing that is flexible, breathable, and weather appropriate. Also, wear the proper footwear that doesn’t slip and gives you perfect grip and also keeps you comfortable. So, instead of flip flops or heels, opt for sneakers or boots.

Have a Clear Pathway

During the loading process, you should have a clear path to the loading truck, and there should be no obstacles in your way. Trips and falls are dangerous enough on their own, so things can be even worse for you if you’re carrying a heavy item. To avoid any injury, make sure there is a clear way inside and outside the house. Also, keep your kids safe on moving day by ensuring they are inside a room with someone taking care of them.

Get Rid of Dangerous Items

There are several items that even experienced Perth removalists won’t move, and you should also avoid moving them. These items include cleaners and disinfectants, solvents, bleach, paints, varnishes and polishes, explosives, insecticides, pesticides, fertilisers, and weed killers. You can simply give them to your neighbours or appropriately dispose of them.

Follow the Right Techniques

The reason seasoned removalists in Perth, Western Australia, load the items into the truck perfectly is, they know the proper techniques and follow them. So, if you need to perform the task without getting injured, you should know about the techniques.

• Always wear quality gloves to enhance your grip on heavy items with a little slippery surface.
• When you slide heavy furniture, appliance or box, always push instead of pulling.
• Keep your back straight while lifting heavy items. Bend your knees while lifting them instead of your back.

Hire a Removals Company

There is no doubt that the best way to avoid any injuries during relocation is by hiring a reputed moving company in Perth, WA. They have the expertise, experience, knowledge, and tools that make them specialist in this genre. They take care of your valuables and let you stay safe.

Take Away

When you are moving out, you have to deal with several responsibilities. The last thing you want is to get injured that can even cancel your relocation. Therefore, follow the safety tips mentioned above to make sure that you do not get any injuries. To experience a stress-free relocation and ensure the safety of your belongings, contact the best removalists in Perth.