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21 Feb, 2020

The Types and Costs of Moving Insurance

Are you moving to a new city to explore promising career options or for a better education? The reason could be anything, but the process can be very challenging for you. Shifting a house from one location to another is considered as life’s one of the most stressful events because it involves the transition of your expensive and valuable household belongings.

The safety and protection of your favourite furniture or precious belongings should be your topmost priority. That is one of the main reasons why people hire professionally-trained removalists in Perth who can take care of your belongings from start to end of your relocation journey. You could lose your belongings during the moving journey.

There is also a possibility that something can get damaged during the lifting and transiting process. No matter what safety measures you take, accidents still happen. The best thing you can do is to cover your household belongings with the right type of moving insurance. It can help you claim against the loss of your precious valuables without the hint of stress.

However, before purchasing moving insurance, it is important to know the right type and cost for the peace of mind.

Let’s get into the details and wisely make the well-informed decision!

What is Moving Insurance?

Moving insurance protects your belongings if they get damaged while being transported by a removals company in Perth. It is vital to insure your entire moving process because even the most trusted careful removalists can face unexpected situations such as road accidents, fire, theft and other natural disasters.

Though moving insurance is not like normal insurance, but many removals companies offer valuation to give you compensation against the loss or damage of the belongings during the moving process. However, moving companies are not obligated to sell insurance and are not governed by federal regulations.

But if you are planning to move expensive household belongings, then ask your removalists about the moving insurance. You can also buy moving insurance from a reliable insurance company to get complete coverage against the damage of your precious moving items.  Before making the final decision, it is important for you to choose the right type of moving insurance that can give you the maximum level of satisfaction in terms of protection and safety of your household belongings.

Different Types and Cost of Moving Insurance

Have a look at the different types of moving insurance and choose the right one for you.

Released-Value Protection

Released Value Protection is the most basic coverage option. The removals companies usually won’t charge you for this moving insurance, but you still have to ask for and get all the details related to the coverage. Make sure you request this coverage and sign the contract before the final moving day.

In simple words, released value protection comes at free of cost but provides minimal coverage.

However, this type of moving insurance won’t fully compensate you. It will compensate you 60 cents for each pound of your damaged belongings. For example, if your 35-pound of TV is worth $1,000 and is damaged by removalists, then the company will compensate you only $21 for the damaged TV.

If you are looking for a more reliable coverage option, then opt for Full Valuation protection.

Full Value Protection

This moving insurance policy will cover all your household items throughout the journey. This can be one of the most expensive ones, but there are less stress and more peace of mind. If something gets damaged or lost during the relocation will be replaced or repaired with the same or similar item.

Many removals companies in Perth set the limit for the liability for costly belongings. So don’t forget to ask your hired company about the policy before making the buying decision. The cost of full value protection insurance varies from company to company. If you want to know the cost, then make a list of all your articles you are planning to move.

When you decide to buy full-value protection, you will need to calculate the value of your household belongings you want to insure. Your removalists will consider this number to calculate the compensation limit of the valuation.

For example: If your company is moving $25,000 worth of your belongings, you will have to pay around $250 to $500, and this coverage won’t go above $25,000 worth of damage. In case your belongings get damaged during the process, the company will pay to repair the damage or replace the item with the same one or pay the amount to the belonging’s current market value.

Third-Party Moving Insurance

If you already asked for released-value protection but are not happy, then you can buy a third-party insurance policy. This type of coverage is known as liability insurance. You can seek out for additional coverage to protect your belongings from being damaged or lost during the moving process. With the purchase of this policy, your moving partner will still compensate you for up to 60 cents/per pound of your damaged items. Working with the insurance company, your removalists will use this policy to make up the difference up to the limit of your coverage.

Well, the cost of third-party moving insurance relies on the number of belongings you are moving and how far you are relocating. Usually, companies weigh your items and charge a fee of $1.25 multiplied by its weight. For example, if you are insuring 1000 pounds of the item, then it will cost you $1,500.

Tip: It is important for you to know that expensive items such as jewellery won’t be covered. Your policy will be determined by how your belongings were packed and who packed them.


Type and cost of moving insurance you are buying completely depends on your specific needs and budget. If you don’t have enough funds, you can opt for released-value protection. If you want to protect your belongings such as TV or furniture, you can buy full value protection, and for additional protection, you can purchase a third-party insurance policy.

For more information, you can contact your removalists in Perth and clear all your doubts related to moving insurance, aka valuation.