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02 Sep, 2017

Tips On How To Save Money On Packing Supplies When Moving

Moving is not only stressful but also expensive as the packing supplies are a must and there are no shortcuts for it. You cannot risk your valuable possessions by not packing them properly. Here are some cost-effective tips for you which can help you reduce the cost of packing.

The first step is to prepare a list of all the packing supplies you would need to wrap and secure the things you wish to move like boxes, tapes, bubble wrap, packing sheets etc. Just prepare a rough estimate to which additions can be made to it as and when required.

Nowadays plastic containers are used for packing, as these are more secure and easy to handle. You can buy these containers if you are on the move frequently. But these prove to be costly, so the alternative is either to ask your family and friends for any extra containers they might have and if they can lend them to you for your move or you can get them on rent. You can ask your reliable and cheap removalists in Perth to rent them to you.

The next option is collecting used boxes from shops around your house. Wine and liquor boxes are more stable and secure enough to pack any goods. You can get them for free from any liquor store for free or on minimal cost.

Some people purchase the boxes for a move and then give them away instead of recycling. You can check online for such giveaway or discuss with your family and friends if they have any such boxes with them.

Garbage bags, although they are not fancy enough, are a good option for packing clothes and any other soft material. These are not only cost-effective but also save space while loading as they can be used to fill the gaps. You can also use clear bags to pack your thing.

Instead of using a lot of bubble wrap and packing paper, you can use linens, old rugs, clothing, towels etc. to wrap fragile items. After you pack using these things, give a layer of bubble wrap for extra protection. This way you will save the cost of padding, blankets and extra bubble wrap. Don’t forget to inform your moving company about it.

You can also use a lot of newspaper instead of packing paper. Just make sure not to use it for TV screen, glass or mirror as it can leave a print on it.

Shredded paper is also a cheap and best way of packing fragile items as it gives an extra cushion and doesn’t leave a print.
For all other packing supplies, purchase it in bulk from shops that offer discounts. You can check online for them. Shredded paper are used to fill empty space inside the moving boxes, especially when you put fragile items that are could break easily when you lift or load on the moving truck.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to carry all household items in moving boxes. In such scenarios, you can use the drawers of your dresser. Use them as packing containers either by putting them back in the dresser or securing it using plastic wrap.

You can pack up bedding, clothes, and even unbreakable kitchen appliances such as dishes in your suitcases. This is one of the best ways to save money without compromising the safety of your belongings.

You can also hire the services of Better Removalist in Perth as they bring all the best packing supplies with them and are very professional.

Hope you find this article useful. Have a happy day.


These are some of great packing hacks that will help you save a lot of money while preparing your belongings for a move. You can also look for the most suitable Perth Removalists who can offer you packing service at the affordable price.