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Beautiful mother and daughter carrying out boxes out of the home
25 May, 2018

Tips to help children adjust to a new location

Moving to a new location with kids can be overwhelming for anyone. Whether you are shifting within a town or a new state, it is always challenging to make your children comfortable both before and after the relocation. The feeling of losing friends, Neighbourhood Park and house can make them feel unhappy.
As responsible parents, you have to make sure that your kids adjust to the new place quickly and easily. Of course, you can’t overlook the complexities of moving an entire house from one place to another, but you also can’t leave your kids in the scenario of an emotional eruption.
Well, you can hire the best removalists in Perth if you are feeling overburdened due to the challenges occurring during the moving process. In fact, this will give you an opportunity to spend quality time with your kids.
But, still, there are some psychological effects of moving a house that you need to track to let your children adjust to the new location.
Below are some tips both before and after the move that will help you cope up with different situations while preparing your kids for a move.

Before the Move

Understand their positive and negative aspects

There is always a psychological outbreak with kids when they think about the move. The feeling of leaving their friends, school, neighbours behind can lead to negative thoughts, which can directly affect your moving process.
In fact, children with introvert and shy approach face most difficulties while moving to the new place. They find it hard to adjust to a new place with new people and this could make them anxious and overwhelming.
That is the reason why it is important for you as a parent to understand your children’s thought process and make them comfortable with the entire moving journey. Encourage them to share their negative feelings so that you can help them in overcoming their fears, anxiousness and negative emotions.

Boost them to pack their own belongings

Here, the strategy is simple. Keep them busy and let them pack their own toys and other small treasures.
Being a responsible parent, you have to encourage your kids to participate in a moving process so that they can prepare their mind for a move. Try to make the packing process fun and make your kids feel responsible for packing their stuff.
Also, ask them for help while preparing for a relocation process.

Share information about your new house

Involve your kids while sharing information about your new house, city or state with your family. Get them familiar with the new place to see in Perth by giving them postcards and brochures.
You can also create fun activities, such as creating images, drawing pictures, etc. to let your children know everything about your new house.

Throw a goodbye party for your kid

Invite your kid’s friends and your relatives and neighbours for goodbye or moving party. Arrange special playing zone, play entertainment games with your kids to bring a smile on their face.

Tips to help children adjust to a new house

Make them comfortable

While you may be busy in unpacking your boxes and settling your new house, your children may need time to accept all the new changes in their life.
So, it is important to take a break from your unpacking job and make your children comfortable with the new place. Talk to them and know what they are feeling.
If you are concerned about your unpacking process, then you should definitely get professional help, so that you can spend quality time with your kid.

Continue with the same routine

Changes are the most annoying thing for children. Since they rely entirely on the things that are the same, make sure you continue with the familiar routines. Stay stick to the daily rituals by telling bedtime stories, playing their favourite games and eating meals together. This is how you can stay connected with your children when they need you the most.

Assist them in decorating their rooms

Include your children in unpacking boxes and organising your new house. Help them in decorating their rooms and encourage them to use creative ideas as it could make them feel connected to their new environment.
This trick can help them feel less lonely and give them plenty of time to adjust to a new house.

Explore the local market and community

New places are always fun to explore. So, include your children in exploratory trips into the society and community in Perth. Visit neighbourhood parks, supermarket, restaurants and other entertainment hubs. This can make your kids happy!

Get Familiar with the new school

This is one of the most crucial tasks that you should do after shifting to the new location. Take them to enrol in their new school and meet teachers and of course classmates. Also, discuss extracurricular options and sign up for some fun-loving activities such as playing the pianos, guitar, etc.

Take care of their health

Since moving is an exhausting process, you may devote less time to your kids – this can directly affect their health. If you want your kids to adjust to a new house quickly, then make sure you are taking care of their health properly. Ensure that they are eating well, sleeping on time and playing well with their friends.
This can directly reduce their emotional stress and give them space to adjust to a new residence.


The emotional impact of the move on children depends on their nature. While some enjoy moving to new places, others find it hard to adjust to the new environment. So, understand the emotions of your child and make them comfortable in your new house.
You can hire a reliable Perth Removalist to reduce the stress out of your move so that you can spend quality time with your toddlers.