Things Your Friends Can Help You When Moving House

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Things Your Friends Can Help You When Moving House

Dec 29, 2023

Managing the house move is known to be the most arduous and mentally- stressful process. It becomes even more challenging when you are doing it without any professional assistance.

From arranging quality packing supplies to finding a new school for your kids, dismantling large furniture, and preparing meals, you need help to get all these tasks done without a hint of stress. That’s where your friends come in.

You can ask some of your good friends to support you in the preparations for home relocation in Perth. They can voluntarily help you with various tasks, such as packing up belongings, taking care of your pets & kids, preparing meals and much more.

Today, we will unveil key things your friends can help you when moving house. Also, consider hiring the best removalists Perth for the safety of your expensive and delicate specialty items.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Look After Your Children

Kids are the most vulnerable during the shifting and loading of bulky boxes and furniture. They can get injured or may feel emotionally distorted if their parents are not around.

So, ask your friend to babysit for your little ones before the arrival of professional removalists Perth. Designate a separate room and let your friends take care of your kids until you finish the loading process.

This will give you peace of mind that your kids are in safe and reliable hands.

2. Watch Your Dog or Cat

Preparing for a move with kids and pets becomes the most daunting task. The worst part is that pets are most likely to experience stress due to the mess of boxes and household items in all rooms. This can also lead to a serious injury.

To keep them safe and sound, contact your close friends and ask them to keep your pets in their place. Prepare a comprehensive timetable so your friend can feed your furry friend on time and play with them without changing their routine.

Make sure your friend and their family is comfortable with your pet during the stay.

3. Assist You in the De-cluttering Process

Believe it or not! De-cluttering is one of the time-consuming processes depending on the size of your house and the number of belongings.

It is never easy to decide where to start from, what to keep, donate, sell or toss. If you are under a time crunch, get help from your trusted friends. Schedule the process as per their availability. They can help you make quick decisions and also assist you in organising garage sales.

They can also assist you in taking junk or unwanted stuff to the local recycling centre in Perth.

4. Arrange Moving Boxes and Other Supplies

Call four to five friends and ask them to arrange used boxes from local grocery shops, liquor shops and bookstores. They may also help you arrange other important supplies, such as packing paper, bubble wrap, blankets, etc.

Are you out of packing tape or bubble wrap? It becomes quite difficult to break and rush to the market if you are in the middle of your packing process. So, your friends will go to the store and bring extra stuff. This will help you save time and energy. You can ask them to arrange eco-friendly supplies to reduce plastic waste and environmental impact.

5. Help you in Packing

Packing household belongings is the most difficult task that can leave you stressed throughout the process. If you have a lot of belongings to pack, ask your friends to help you in this phase.

Do not include them for the entire process, as they may get frustrated. Instead, involve them wherever you feel stressed or overwhelmed. They can wrap your fragile items, dismantle large furniture pieces, label your boxes, etc.

You can also hire a professional packing service in Perth for large and expensive pieces and delicate items.

6. They Can Assist You in Lifting & Loading Process

Are you preparing for a DIY move? If yes, you may face difficulties during lifting and loading. Instead of doing it everything alone, you can ask friends to help you in lifting heavy objects.  Make sure they are muscular and ready to assist you in this process. Here are some quick and important lifting techniques to prevent potential injuries, like muscle pull, back strain, joint pain, scratches, fractures, etc:

  • Always stand while and slightly bend your knees when lifting large items.
  • Keep a bulky box close to your hand and securely grip it with your full hands.
  • Squat rather than bending your back for safe lifting
  • Use core muscles and powerful legs
  • Avoid Twisting
  • Take small steps

However, it is always good to book seasoned removalists Perth because they bring cutting-edge moving equipment, such as moving dolly, straps, etc and follow safety protocols to prevent injuries and potential damage.

7. Preparing Meals

So, all your kitchen items are safely packed in boxes, and the fridge is empty. How will you prepare meals for your family? Fret not! Ask your friends to cook some meals for you. This can help you reduce moving stress as you don’t need to prepare food for your family.

Wrapping Up

There is no denying that relocating home is an emotionally, mentally and physically demanding task, and your friends who have dedicated their precious time and energy to assist you through it deserve genuine gratitude. Acknowledge their efforts and appreciate their contribution by throwing a party or treat for them.