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22 Dec, 2020

How To Store Fine Art During Summer’s Heat When Moving

Summer is often called the peak moving season because most tenants or homeowners prefer to relocate during this time of the year. In summer – the weather is clear, days are longer, children have lengthy holidays, and supply/demand for real estate is higher. While moving in summer is beneficial for people for a variety of reasons, it is not an ideal time for fine art.

Paintings, drawing, sculptures, and other fine art pieces are sensitive to heat, moisture, humidity, and temperature, making it challenging to store and move them. The best way to ensure your fine art is packed, handled, stored, or transported carefully in summer is to seek the assistance of experienced and trained removalists in Perth. Besides hiring professionals, there are other things to do for keeping your collectibles safe. Here is your complete guide on how to store fine art during summer’s heat when moving.

Important Things to Know While Exporting Fine Art

For people who are planning to sell fine art outside Australia rather than storing it while moving, it is important to know that the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, and Communications regulates the export of cultural material of Australia such as fine art.

There are materials in the country that are Australian protected objects, and under the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986 Act you need an export permit for them. In case the artwork in your possession is an Australian protected object, you don’t need permission from the department.

Note: The PMCH Act doesn’t affect your right to sell or own cultural material within the country and nor does it restrict regular and legitimate trading of such material.

Rent an Appropriate Storage Room

To store your fine art in summer and manage your move smoothly, renting the right storage room is a practical solution. Art pieces, especially paintings have layers with varying physical characteristics. These layers contract and expand differently depending on the temperature, making them hard to store and move under normal circumstances.

Therefore, to protect your fine art from the onslaught of heat, humidity, and variable factors, get a storage room with climate control or protection. Renting a storage unit will provide flexibility to move the artwork during suitable weather with the help of trained removalists in Perth.

Furthermore, there are many reputedcompanies in Perth offering fine art storage and maintenance services. These companies have temperature-controlled rooms, trained professionals, and high-performance security systems to ensure your art pieces are stored securely. You can avail an art storing service to keep your collectibles safe while you move or keep them there securely throughout the year depending on the requirement.

Prepare and Pack the Art

Your art collection can get irreparably damaged if it is not prepared and packed correctly for handling and moving. If you have hired specialist removalists in Perth to pack and move your fine art, then they will do the needful to ensure everything is transported to the storage room or the new house safely. However, if you are moving them yourself, here are some useful tips.

• Use the right products and tools to clean the artwork carefully
• Ensure every piece is dry to prevent mould growth or rust
• Pack the objects using the right packing supplies like bubble or foam wrap, blankets, packing tape, corrugated boxes, etc.

Prepare Storage Unit or a Room in the New House

For storing the fine art in your new home or a regular storage room, you will need to prepare the spaces for protecting and keeping the objects safely. Here are tips for storing artwork in a new room.

• Clean the room thoroughly to remove dust mites, dirt, grime, or other pollutants
• Disinfect the area to get rid of bacteria, viruses, mould, and harmful microbes
• If required, install temperature controlling equipment like air conditioners, dehumidifier, air purifiers etc.

Book a Temperature-Controlled Vehicle

Tenants and homeowners who take the assistance of special removalists in Perth don’t have to worry about getting the right moving vehicle for their fine art pieces. However, if you are planning a DIY move, please ensure you book a temperature-controlled vehicle to store and move your artwork during summer. Make the booking in advance to get the best vehicle at the most affordable prices and get an early bird discount too.

Transport the Artwork Carefully

Besides getting an appropriate vehicle, you can ensure the fine art is transported without tears, discolourations, or other damage by following these tips.

• Drive carefully and at a steady pace to prevent the artworks from jostling
• Store the pieces vertically in the vehicle. Don’t lay the pieces flat on the floor or prop anything over them
• Cushion the artwork correctly using foam wraps, blankets, or other things to minimise the impact

Wrapping Up

Storing and moving fine art is undeniably difficult and challenging, but with help from professional removalists in Perth, you can do these activities smoothly. If you are planning a DIY move, then follow the tips mentioned above to ensure your art pieces are securely stored and transported without any damage or loss.