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28 Mar, 2018

Is it Smarter to Get a Job before or After Relocating?

The decision to relocate hinges on various reasons such as a better climate, better surroundings, personal motives or even to try a new place but it will be hard to leap if you don’t have a job before you move to a new location. High costs are the top reason why you should try and lock a job before relocating. Immeasurable costs start adding up quickly when you uproot and move to a new location.
Relocating involves tasks such as moving, storage, finding new housing, furniture and many other things and your finances could get depleted very quickly. Hence having a job before moving is imperative so that you can reduce the added baggage of relocation costs. Being proactive and calculated in your job search will make your relocation rather easy.
By following the right strategies, depending on your skills and experience and how well you negotiate, many companies will offer you opportunities that will cover your expenses in the new city as well as your moving costs. You will need a reasonable amount of time to look for the job, and therefore it gets challenging to do other tasks that are involved in relocation.
It’s better to hire professional interstate removalists in Perth so that they can take care of your move and you can take care of your job hunt. Better Removalist Perth is the most reliable removalists in the city, and they will assist you in relocating so that you get sufficient time to do everything that you can to get employed in your new place before the move.

The following reasons explain how having a job lined up before moving is the smartest decision:

The company will manage your expenses

Having a job will give you financial security and assurance of your survival in the new city. If you’re able to play smart, follow all the tips and tricks, interview remotely, and land the job from your current location, your new company may cover everything from the cost to move your possessions, housing and even flight to the hotel for your interview.

You will not have to worry about Housing

When you move to a new city, you have to find a place to live. House hunting in Perth is a long process, and you will need to have time and patience both during this process. Many job offers include free housing for its employees and if you manage to land a good offer, then free rent for a month or two can ease the pressure of new security deposit or buying a new house ASAP.

Cash Stipend for Miscellaneous Expenses

Many companies in different sectors such as IT, hospitality, bank, R&D, manufacturing, trading, etc in Perth give stipend upfront for a different use. You can use this money for additional rent, transportation to your new location, or even a rental car. Some employers also provide a relocation package. These arrangements include the actual hand-packing and unpacking of your goods while some cover the physical transportation of your home belongings. So, you can use stipend to meet your moving expenses and if you are getting a relocation package, then you should consider hiring trained and experienced Removalists in Perth.

How long it could Take to Find a Job

Recent studies say that it takes about an average of one month for a person to find a new job. Once you decide to move to a new location, start assessing your job options over there immediately. The amount of time that you will need to secure a job in the new location depends on many factors. These are some factors which can decide how much time you need to find work:

  • The experience you have in your field
  • The demand for your skills and experience
  • Current economic conditions
  • Your salary and expectations

Give yourself some time, consider all these factors and plan accordingly. Also, don’t forget that it could take longer than the estimated time to relocate to the new city as there can be unfavourable conditions as well. Low demand for candidates with your qualifications or down economy are a few such conditions.

Review these tips to increase your chances of a successful job search from afar:

Contact Recruiters and Update Your Social Media Profiles

Increase your networking and professional activities in advance. Start finding local recruiters of your location and field once you decide to move. Recruiters have large networks, and their connections can get you many opportunists and companies at your door. Do check the job market thoroughly before you start your job search.

When looking for a job for a long-distance location, update your social media profiles and other professional profiles as soon as possible. This will make it easier for potential employers to find you. Update your resumes and fill online application forms. It will also help you in finding relevant referrals and connections in your field.
If you are unable to go and meet the employers in person, there are many other ways to connect with a long-distance employer such as Skype, Email, conference calls, chat etc.

Be Flexible and Smart

While searching for your long-distance job, you will have to attend interviews at odd hours, and it is likely that you will have to travel for an in-person interview. Whether it is on the phone, skype or catching a flight next day, be ready for everything.
It is also important that you assure your flexibility to a potential employer as there are likely local candidates who are easier to access. Travel a long distance for a face to face interview only after you have analysed every aspect of the job opportunity. Don’t be afraid to ask your employer about any questions you have and openly tell them about your availability and expectations etc. Be creative and flexible as much as possible for your situation.
Searching for a job is never easy and doing it from a long distance makes it even more difficult. The best advice in this situation is to seize an opportunity as soon as you get it.

Be ready to explain why you are moving

You should be ready with a fitting answer to tell your employer about the reason for your move. Avoid babbling through an answer and come up with a reason that sounds genuine. Tell your story straight with confidence so that an employer trust you and your seriousness about the job and relocation and take the chance on a non-local candidate while hiring him from afar.
Make sure you inform your employer at least a month before your relocation. This will help them to find the right alternative and you will also get the time to wrap up all your pending work.

Have a Backup Plan

Having a backup plan is always helpful in all situations, especially in this where you have to get a suitable job before you move to a new place. You must have a backup plan so that if nothing else works after moving and you lose the job that you had settled upon, you have a solid plan to cover up the damage.

However, if you follow all the above tips, there are little to no chances that things will go wrong. Having a strategy or a backup plan will put your mind at ease.

This becomes even more important if you are moving across the city with your family. You need to take care of everything- from paying utility bills to other expenses. You should have a backup plan while moving to a new place to find a better career opportunity.


People who have to relocate usually face the dilemma of finding a job in their new location. Whether you have to move due to some personal reasons or you want to shake things up in the career, having the job letter in your hand is the correct option before moving to a new city.
When you are relocating to another city, it can be a challenge to figure out the best strategy for finding a new job opportunity. You can make your task easier by engaging a professional and reliable moving company like Better Removalists Perth for the moving tasks. They will make relocation a smooth ride for you, and you will be able to concentrate better on securing a job. However, by taking into account the above tips you can land a job before you pack your first moving box.