How to Relocate Heavy Furniture to a new house?

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three men lifting heavy furniture out of the house and a woman sitting on chair

How to Relocate Heavy Furniture to a new house?

Aug 18, 2017 Packing and moving heavy furniture can be a laborious task. You need to be very careful while shifting all your furniture from one place to another. Usually, we pack everything available in the room except the heavy items such as TV, refrigerator, bed, table and furniture. Since moving these things need an extra safety to avoid any mishap, make sure you follow a robust relocating plan that can make your job easier. However, with the help of reliable Perth removalists, you can safely move your heavy household properties, but following some useful furniture moving tips can protect your furniture from being damaged. Below are some best moving ticks that will help you relocate your heavy furniture to your new residential property with ease.

1. Use a dolly

Whether you are moving from Northbridge to Crawley or from West Perth to South Perth, packing and shifting heavy household chattels can be a stressful process. One of the challenging tasks is to shifting expensive furniture and heavy objects. You could end of damaging your belongings or encountering physical injuries. To avoid any fender-bender, you can use a furniture dolly to move heavy objects from one place to another. This super-comfortable tool is one of the best things that can help protect your heavy furniture from being ruined. Even, it can prevent your back injuries as well. So, you can search for the most suitable furniture dolly from the local moving equipment rental store or you can also hire professionally-trained removalists in Perth who can lift your furniture without any stress.

2. Move tall furniture properly

If you are worried about carrying tall furniture like wardrobe, dresser and filing cabinet safely, then you should consider this point carefully. You can begin by tipping the backward of your tall item at an angle to carry it properly. Ask your friend or partner to hold the furniture from the top while you can carry the bottom – this balances the weight of the item and keeps it safe from getting out of control until you load in the truck.

3. Protection is a must

Don’t forget to wrap your delicate furniture with a special padding. It can be anything such as towel, clothes or blankets. This step can protect your furniture and make it easy for you to move it to your new house. Once after placing it inside a box, make sure you label it. This will save both your time and effort while unpacking your items in your new house.

4. Move it during day time

Since Perth is the sunniest capital city in the world, make sure you complete your furniture moving process during the day time itself. Instead of choosing the night, you can move all your heavy objects in the sunshine to prevent any damage or injury. It is good to prepare things in advance so that you can start the lifting process early in the morning. Make sure you clean and pack your heavy furniture at least a day before your final moving date. This will save you a lot of time and energy.

5. Carry a partner with you

Never shift heavy and delicate household properties alone. Always try to find a partner who can help you in this. If you can’t find help, you can hire the reliable and professional movers like Better Removalists Perth.

6. Use lifting straps

Moving and lifting straps are one of the amazing tools that can reduce a lot of work with ease. These are also known as shoulder dollies that can take the weight off your back when you are moving the item.

7. Tape and seal the boxes

While wrapping up the heavy objects in a box, make sure you tape and seal them well to avoid any damage. Try to fix the bottom and top of the container with a tape – this will make it easy for you to relocate to your new residential property. Also, ensure that the top of your boxes are in a level, otherwise, it could harm your furniture.

8. Rope can be a great savior

If you want to move your lamp stands, rakes and brooms, make sure you have a rope with you. Tie the role with your items and tape them up for better safety. This will protect your furniture while loading the truck. Also, cover the sharp edges of your furniture too.

9. Make a use of sliders

Never hesitate in buying a good quality of furniture slider, especially while moving your household properly. Since these moves take a lot of time and effort, you can place the sliders beneath and slide your heavy objects to your new destination, without any damage.

10. Hire Professional Movers

Let the professional moving company take the stress away by providing best moving services. You can take their assistance while moving your heavy furniture to your new house. Such companies have a great experience in packing, lifting and delivering heavy objects with extra care. You can simply trust them.
Moving heavy furniture without the right set of tools, lifting techniques and professional assistance is quite difficult. However, with the help of the tips mentioned above in this article will help you move expensive furniture with ease. You can also consider hiring a professional Perth Removalists who can take the stress out of moving furniture and other heavy objects with extreme care and precision.