How To Protect Your Furniture When Moving?

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How To Protect Your Furniture When Moving?

Mar 05, 2019

Are you preparing for a move and have decided to do it yourself rather than hiring professionals? While relocating small and less fragile belongings can be managed efficiently, moving heavy and large furniture could be a real challenge for you. It is easy to get yourself injured if you are moving your furniture alone.

Without right moving tools/equipment and proper planning, your expensive furniture such as piano, dining table, dressing table, the bed could end up scratched or damaged before it even arrives at your new house. Wooden furniture could get gouged, upholstery could be ripped, or glass could break.

Fortunately, there are some excellent ways to protect your furniture while moving. These tips will help you prepare your furniture for safe removal. Apart from this, you can also hire well-trained and experienced Perth Removalists who can assist you through the packing process.

They carry all the latest equipment and are well-versed with safe furniture removal techniques to give you peace of mind with a 100 % Service Guarantee. But if your budget is low and wants to do it yourself, learn how to protect expensive and bulky furniture during the relocation process.

1. Prepare Yourself

A positive approach is needed while moving your sofa, pool table, or piano from one place to another. You can start by taking inventory of the items you have to relocate. Evaluate how much time you will take to disassemble them, and what can be prepared before your final moving day.
With proper planning, you can streamline your entire moving process and make things super-easy for you. If you want to hire professionals, then create a rough moving budget and look for the company who has experience in moving all types and sizes of furniture with safety.

2. Look for the best valuation coverage option

There is no denying the fact that accidents happen during the moving of heavy furniture. No matter how professionally you packed your delicate items, they could get damaged during the moving process. While experienced removalists in Perth use caution while moving furniture and other valuable items, others may not be so careful.

That is the main reason why it is better to look for the most reliable valuation coverage option. This would be the best decision towards protecting furniture while moving.

Valuation Coverage is the amount of liability that movers are willing to accept – meaning that, if your goods get damaged or lost, your moving company agrees to pay a specified amount. Movers will only pay on a claim when they directly damaged the goods.

So, it is always good to read all the terms and conditions before hiring removalists in Perth. Do your homework, research the best company and make sure you will get an ideal valuation coverage option for your furniture.

3. Collect all Packing Supplies

Packing is beyond wrapping fragile items, filling empty moving boxes and taping kitchen appliances. Since you are packing it without any professional assistance, make sure you have all the necessary materials that can give an extra shield to your heavy furniture during the entire transporting process.

Apart from packing tape, bubble wrap and cardboard boxes, ensure that you have the following items for your furniture:

• Heavy-duty plastic papers
• Plastic stretch wraps.
• Corrugated cardboard sheets
• Blankets and towels
• Sofa and mattress covers
• Plastic tape
• Markers, etc.
• Sofa and mattress covers

Tip: You can ask for used boxes from a local grocery store or a liquor store to protect your belongings from damages. You re-use them to store household stuff or give to your family memebes or friends who are planning a move.

4. Gauge your hallways and doorways

Measuring doorways, elevators, stairwells and hallways play a crucial role in protecting your furniture when moving. If you don’t want your furniture to get stuck between the staircase and your main door, then gauging becomes imperative.

You may need to remove doors before taking your sofa or couch out of your old house. This is done to ensure how many items are needed to be taken apart for safe removal. Once you get to know this, the next step is to get them disassembled.

5. Disassemble your furniture

Remember that not all furniture items are meant for this. Some can’t be disassembled such as sofas. However, for those that can be dismantled, you can do it before the move. Disassemble the bed frames, modular sofas and tables because this will make it easy to move the furniture, and will help prevent damage while moving it from one place to another via doors and stairs.

Don’t forget to wrap all the furniture parts, screws and other hardware in a plastic bag or protective covering. Tape the bag using paper tape and label them. It is good to dismantle furniture the day before your moving day.

6. Secure them with moving blankets

Before moving your furniture onto a truck, ensure that you wrap them in moving blankets and stretch wraps. They can project your delicate furniture and other household belongings while in transit. While stretch wraps are good for protecting furniture pieces, use moving blankets for large appliances and furniture.

These blankets are very thick and will secure not only your furniture but also your walls and door frames. You can also make a wise decision by hiring a quality removal company in Perth which can take the stress out of your packing chores.

7. Take professional assistance

Shifting a house along with heavy furniture is a laborious task, and you need professional assistance for the save delivery of your belongings to your new house. Look for the best furniture removalists in Perth who can help you in giving a safe and hassle-free moving experience.

Professionally trained and dedicated removalists can transit anything from a sofa to the dining table, using high-end moving dollies and other equipment.

They will take care of everything that can help you in protecting the heavy furniture from damages. So, do your research and shortlist the best company in your city.


There is no doubt that the right packing tips can save your furniture from damages, but also remember that some moving are best to leave to the professionals. Moving furniture is one of those chores. Of course, you can follow these tricks to protect your expensive and valuable items, but make sure you find the best moving company in Perth for this backbreaking core.