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10 Sep, 2021

Pre-Move Checklist: How To Move Stress-Free

The stress plays a pivotal role in your home relocation journey. With so many tasks to manage and perform during the process, it becomes quite easy to lose hope.

It is important to alleviate your anxiety level if you want to avoid silly mistakes and last-minute chaos. Fortunately, you can easily conquer your moving stress via planning, preparation and organisation. Creating a pre-move checklist gives you the flexibility to streamline the entire process in the best possible manner. You can arrange packing supplies, cardboard boxes and book reliable Perth Removalists in advance to keep everything on track.

Here is a complete guide that will help you reduce the stress by creating a pre-move checklist:

Let’s Get Started!

Eight Weeks Before You Relocate Checklist

On-time planning is one of the best ways to stay relaxed throughout the home moving journey.
• Be sure you take pictures with your phone of receipts, quotes and records related to your home relocation. You can store this key information in Google Drive or Dropbox so that you can use it anytime in the middle of your journey or whenever needed.
• Make sure you get at least three quotes from different moving companies. Get it in written so that you can compare and pick up the most suitable option.
• It is important to create an estimated budget so that you can track your moving expenses. Whether you are moving next to the suburb or across the new state, be sure you mention to know how much you can spend throughout the process. From packing supplies to removalists fees, jot down everything and know where you stand for better clarity.
• It is good to inspect all your rooms and leave the items you don’t need. Avoid overstuffing your boxes with unnecessary belongings.
• Make sure you throw expired, broken or torn items.
• You can also donate the items that are in good condition by arranging a free donation pickup in Perth.
• If you can, then plan to take off and relocate on a Friday. This will give you the entire weekend to organise your new house.
• Find A New School for Your Kids. Take assistance from your real estate agent and choose the best school at least 8 weeks prior to your move.

Six Weeks Prior to your Move

There are tons of tasks that need to be completed when you are just six weeks ahead of your final moving day. These are:
• From property documents to insurance papers, qualification certificates to other important records, make sure you pile and keep them in one folder. Keep this file with you.
• You can earn extra dollars by arranging a garage sale before you move. Get rid of items that you no longer need.
• Arrange supplies, including packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, blankets, etc so that you can keep your belongings protected. To save money, collect free boxes from liquor stores, grocery shops and local stores in Perth.
• Schedule Your Moving Day. Do not delay this process as you end up paying more if you hire them during the prime moving season.
• Do not forget to discuss the inclusions and exclusions of removals service in Perth before making the final decision.
• Prepare an inventory list of your valuable items such as piano, art pieces, etc before loading them onto the truck.
• Make sure you measure stairways, doorways and elevators for the smooth transition of your large furniture.

One Month Before your Move

Keep the following things in mind and stay stress-free:
• Begin the packing process by wrapping up items that you don’t use regularly. For example, pack winter clothes and jackets first if you are moving in summer.
• Decide how to move your pets and plan things accordingly. Get the copies of vet records and get required pet medication.
• Pack your delicate items using proper methods. It is good to hire professional removalists who can take care of your fragile belongings.
• Get a Parking Permit so that you can easily load the truck without a hint of stress.
• Changing your utilities need you to stop the service to your existing place and start them at your new house. Fix the dates accordingly.
Change your address so that you will receive mails at the right address.

Two Weeks Before your move

• Pack all the belongings, including your furniture and kitchen appliances
• Label all your boxes. Make colour-coded labels for each room.
• Pack an essential kit, which includes first aid box, toiletries, couple of clothes, blankets, toys for your kids and pets, towels, etc.
• Dispose of hazardous items, such as chemicals, gas cans, etc.
• Transfer your prescriptions if required.

The Week Before your Final Moving Day

• Cross-check details with your moving company for better understanding.
• Throw a goodbye party
• Empty and deforest your fridge
• Collect all copes of keys
• Clean up the entire house
• Create a plan-B in case your removalists arrive late

Moving Day Checklist

• Wake up on time
• Protect the old place, such as floors and walls while shifting heavy furniture.
• Check all rooms again
• Take your precious belongings with you, such as jewellery pieces, cash, etc
• Let the moves do all the hard work for you. Do not interrupt.


This is a pre-move checklist that will keep your stress level alleviated and help you focus on important tasks for the utmost safety of your belongings.