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15 Feb, 2021

How To Plan A Move On A Low Budget?

Money is a significant factor for everyone planning a move whether it is a long or short distance relocation. Moving is a physically and mentally stressful activity which also impacts your finances and savings severely.

Therefore, creating a budget is imperative besides managing the various moving-related tasks such as packing, changing address, booking removalists in Perth, discontinuing utilities, etc. Planning your finances is especially vital when you are a tenant who has to arrange money for paying the bond, hiring professional vacate cleaners, and getting removalists. Most tenants have to move on a low budget which is challenging but manageable if you are proactive and ready to be flexible.

If you are pressed for money and need to move to a new home, here is your complete guide outlining tips by experts to help you move without depleting your saving. Have a look.

Start Budgeting and Plan Your Expenses Wisely

Since most people have an approximate timeline for moving, it is possible for you to start budgeting for your upcoming relocation. To manage your expenses, try to follow the 50-30-20 budgeting rule meaning 50% of your household income should be spent on essentials such as utility bills, groceries, travels etc., and 30% on wants such as eating out, watching movies etc.

The remaining 20% should be saved in a personal or joint account. When your expected moving date is a few months away, you can alter the budgeting rule to focus more on saving by spending less on wants. In addition, to move on low savings, it is essential you learn how to budget and use a reliable budget planner.

Reduce Your Moving Load

Your moving expense can increase if there are many things to pack and move whether you hire a moving truck or seek the assistance of professional removalists in Perth. Sort through your belongings to get rid of broken and unwanted things you don’t use at least once a year or haven’t used for over six months. What’s more, things in good condition can be donated to organisations such as the Salvation Army, Givit, and other local charities.

In addition to decluttering, consider downsizing as well by removing duplicate items in your house and removing furniture you won’t need at your new home. The goal of decluttering and downsizing is only to pack and transport things you need at your new home.

Arrange for Reusable Packing Supplies

Packing supplies can be expensive when you buy new boxes, containers, bags, cell dividers, etc. But, you can reduce your expense of buying packing supplies by getting reusable products. You can get free boxes, wraps, or tapes from near and dear ones who have moved and don’t need the supplies. You can also find online and offline sources to purchase used packing supplies at an affordable price.

While packing it pays to be creative because you can save a lot of money by using blankets, newspapers, bed sheets, cushions, pillows, etc. Such items can be used as packing supplies you already have and don’t have to purchase.

Note: If you have the option to get your property contents packed economically by reliable removalists in Perth, consider it while planning your budget.

Consider Backloading Moving Service

People moving long-distance or interstate usually consider availing backloading moving service, which is a cheaper alternative to a full-moving service. This option can be considered for short-distance moves and when you have to relocate at short notice.

Backloading is a process where your belongings are loaded on a truck completing or coming back from another job. The moving truck can be empty or contain boxes of another client of a removal’s company. Backloading is cheap because you pay for the space your property contents take and reputed removalists in Perth provide this service at an affordable price because it helps them make money while a truck is travelling completely or semi-empty.

Hold a Garage Sale

Conducting a garage sale is a useful and practical way to make money you can use to move. While decluttering or downsizing, make boxes of used items that are in good condition and new things that can be resold. You can sell these things online using platforms like Gumtree, eBay, Trading Post, etc.

You can hold a traditional garage sale where your belongings will be on display, and you put price tags. Make sure you hold the garage sale on a weekend when office and schools have off days. Don’t have the sale on a holiday or a weekday and ensure you advertise using social media or fliers.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a new home can severely impact your savings and even deplete them if you have a low budget. Therefore, if you are moving soon and need guidance to manage the relocation without it costing too much, follow the tips mentioned above.