Leave the back-breaking task of wrapping and boxing your belongings to us. Avail of Better Removalists Perth’s packing services to move without stress or hassle. Our company offers high-quality packing services to keep your valuables intact throughout the journey. Our team of experienced removalists in Perth can pack your things effectively and efficiently. Get a free and non-binding quote now!

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Top-Class Packing Solutions in Perth

Packing up an entire house or office is one of the most time-exhausting phases of relocation. Whether you are making a local or an interstate move, make sure you assist a right packing team to ensure the safety of your valuable items. With the sole aim to render the safest and highest standard of relocation experience, we are providing top-class packing solutions while letting you focus on the things that are most important to you. We, at Better Removalists Perth, possess a team of packing experts who can pack and unpack all of your precious belongings and also disassemble and reassemble large furniture to save your time, money and effort. Our professionals are fully-trained and have years of experience in wrapping all types of items, from large to small, fragile to expensive, bulky to light items and so on. Other than that, we also supply a range of packing materials to ensure that all of your treasures are safe and secure. Our Perth Removals team are always committed to providing reliable, seamless and quality moving experience.

Our experts leave no stone unturned when it comes to the quality packing of both fragile and heavy items. We plan, customise and improvise according to our customer’s needs.
We supply the best quality of removal/moving boxes for all types of belongings.
Help you in unpacking your house and reassembling of your large furniture to save your time and money.

Now, buy best quality of packing materials from us.

Our experts get your household and commercial belongings organised properly
Using top-quality materials to pack all types of valuables, from large to small, fragile to heavy, etc.
Label all your packed boxes with the relevant names such as “fragile items”, “Kitchen Utensils” and so on.
Help you with unpacking and de-cluttering all the boxes. We assist you in setting up your new house or office.
Book a minimum of 2 Men for 4 Hours For a professional packing
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Enhance Moving Experience with Our Professional Packing

Are you preparing your household or commercial items for a move? Instead of DIY packaging, you should head towards a professional and experienced moving company in Perth that specialises in packing and unpacking services. With Better Removalists Perth, you can experience a safe and hassle-free removal because we pack your valuables with utmost care. When we pack your possessions, we make sure all of them stay protected from the risk of being damaged or broken – thanks to our high-quality packing materials. Our years of experience in Perth’s Removalists Industry ensure that your belongings are packed and moved quickly without any damage. We take care of all your treasures, from large to small, wardrobe to bed linen, antiques to artwork, pool table to pianos, etc. during the packing stage. You can rest assured when you avail our packing and unpacking service. Contact us now to get a free quote for our packing service.

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Why Use our Packing Solution?

At Better Removalists Perth, we know the importance of quality packing of your valuable belongings for safe and stress-free removal. We have been serving our customer’s specific needs over the decades with the same adherence. Our proven packing methodologies and cutting-edge technologies give you a sense of relief because we are moving experts. Well, there are plenty of reasons for choosing our packing solutions. The top 6 reasons are:

  • Complete packing and unpacking services
  • Leading supplier of packing products
  • Fragile packing
  • Ensuring high safety standards
  • Providing Custom boxes
  • Packing advice, etc


Packing on your own can put your delicate items at risk. You are not aware of the place to get the right supplies and may not be able to pack properly without leaving gaps and securing the corners. At Better Removalists Perth, we work on providing damage-free removals that help you to move your baggage without any harm. We are concerned about the environment and pack everything in non-toxic and biodegradable materials like packing paper, packing peanuts, ropes, blankets, etc. You can leave the job to us and relax. We will not give you a chance to feel disappointed.

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Once your items have been moved to your new house or office, we can assist you in unpacking your house which is filled with moving boxes/cartons. The unpacking task is usually time-consuming and daunting, but we can make it as simple and manageable as possible. With the guidance of our trained unpacking staff, you can set up your house or office in a matter of few hours. We can take the stress out of your unpacking chore and organise your house in just one day. Our specialists have years of experience in this and can offer you efficient unpacking solution while de-cluttering your new premises as per your specific requirements. We let you enjoy both your pre-moving as well as the post-moving process at the most competitive price.


Packing of heavy and fragile items should be performed carefully using the best quality of packing materials. We, at Better Removalists Perth, offer you the custom, reliable and top-class packing materials to provide extra protection shield to your valuables during the transit. The cartons/ moving boxes made by us can protect your belongings from being damaged or scratched. We have designed each box as per your specific moving requirements just to ensure the safe arrival of your possessions to your new house or office. When you want to wrap up your kitchen or your wardrobe, call Better Removalists Perth. We offer everything for everyone. Let’s have a look at our list of packing materials:

  • Heavy-duty plastics
  • Removals boxes
  • Packing Papers
  • Bubble wraps
  • Different sizes of cartons
  • Packing tape
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Permanent marker and so on.

We are Your Ideal Packing Experts!

Are you looking for a reliable company for packing delicate items? Look no further than Better Removalists Perth because we have got you covered. Our highly-trained packing experts will pack your fragile items, such as crockery, artpieces, lamps, mirrors, etc. using quality packing materials. We use double-layering wrapping technique with bubble wrap and packing paper. For more effective results, we can pack your delicate items using blankets to give extra coverage. If you need more assistance, call us today and get a free quote.

Packing Your Valuable Belongings Using Best Quality Of Materials
Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about our packing services in Perth:

Yes, you can book us a day prior to your moving date. But we highly recommend you to book us 2 to 3 weeks before your move. That will give us a time to plan your entire packing and moving plan as per your specific needs.
Being a leading Removalists Company in Perth, we take pride in offering a safe and reliable furniture packing solution to give you peace of mind. Our experts use heavy duty plastics, staple puller, thick moving blankets, moving tape and packing paper for better results.
High-quality packing tape made by us provide great holding strength and protect your belongings from dust, dirt and moisture.
Yes. Don’t forget to disconnect your electronic appliances such as refrigerator, AC, washing machine, etc. before the arrival of our packing team.
A packing team at Better Removalists Perth takes care of all your belongings and ensure 100 % service guarantee.
Yes, you can. Just make sure your packing boxes are durable and made up of high-quality materials. If you want, you can buy custom moving boxes from us. We offer different sizes and types of cartons to make your packing job easier. Our foam inserted cartons are ideal for delicate or fragile items. Call us now to know more about packing supplies.
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