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house move packing without packing supplies
06 Apr, 2020

How to Pack Without Boxes and Bubble Wrap: Eco- friendly Moving Tips

Moving is not only an expensive project, but it also makes a negative impact on the environment. People use hundreds of moving boxes and a lot of packing supplies in during the relocation. However, when the job is done, people discard these packing supplies, particularly cardboard boxes and plastic materials. They do not realise how much it affects the environment.

Every year, Australians generate more than 67 million tonnes of waste, and moving supplies contribute a lot. This is why it is advisable to hire removalists in Perth because they bring along boxes and packing materials which they also take back after the job is done.

Many people prefer eco-friendly moving as it protects the environment and saves your money. If you want to know pack without boxes and bubble wrap, here are some useful tips. Have a look!

How to pack without boxes

Cardboard boxes make your packing easy, but it is not impossible to pack and move your things without these boxes. There are several alternatives.


When it comes to packing clothes for moving, the suitcase is the best option you have. It is enough spacious and sturdy to move your clothes safely and effectively. Apart from clothes, you can use them to pack your books, documents, lines, shoes, toys and so on. It is a great alternative for the moving boxes.


The briefcase is also similar to a suitcase but doesn’t have any enough space. Thus, you cannot pack too many clothes and other larger items. However, it can be beneficial to pack relevant documents, laptop, jewellery, small electronics, and so on. People often misplace these small items during the house move.


People hire professional removalists in Perth to move their belongings in an organised manner. However, you can also do it even without having moving boxes. Backpacks are quite convenient and versatile, so you can use them for packing your belongings. They have numerous pockets which let you pack things in an organised manner.

Garbage Bags

One of the cheapest and eco-friendly option to pack your stuff is your garbage bags. They are quite spacious, so they can easily carry a lot of clothes and other similar stuff. Also, they are cheap and easily available at any store. Once you are done with it, keep them to use for their actual purpose.

Wood crates

Many families have wood crates in their storeroom and basement where they keep numerous things. If you also have a few crates, use them instead of moving boxes. They can carry a lot of things and are quite sturdy. Once you are done with the crates, shift them again where they belong.


When you are looking for the alternative of moving boxes, the furniture drawers can also be handy. The drawers of your dresser and study already have a lot of small things. You can transport them to your new place as they are. Just make sure that you take out the drawers from the respective furniture before moving.

How to pack without bubble wrap

Bubble wraps are useful for packing delicate items while moving. However, they are expensive and contribute massively to soil pollution in Australia. So, instead of spending money on the bubble wrap, opt for the following options. They are much cheaper, effective and eco-friendly.

Packing paper

Bubble wrap is a vital packing supply but not irreplaceable. You can also use packing paper to pack your delicate items. Eco-friendly removalists in Perth also prefer this paper to pack the items. This option is not only eco-friendly but also much cheaper in comparison to the plastic wrap.


Old newspaper and magazines are something that everyone has in their home in abundance. So, instead of wasting them, use in your packing process. Old newspaper can also protect the delicate items. Most importantly, this is an eco-friendly option that will save a lot of money.


Towels can be perfect packing material, particularly when you are packing your delicate items without bubble wrap. They are soft to protect the fragile items but can be easily wrapped around any items with ease. You are mostly to have many old towels in your home. So, you can use all of them in your packing process.

Bedsheets and blankets

Your old bedsheets and blankets are also a great option to pack your items before moving. Like bubble wrap, these items can also protect the item effectively, but these things do not cause any pollution and easily available at your place. So, you don’t have to pay for them.

Shredded Office Papers

You can’t ask for a better filler material than shredded papers. These provide perfect cushion to fragile items, particularly those that have a weird shape. So, if you are planning to move in the next few months, then you should start collecting the shredded papers. This packing material comes for free, and by using it, you are actually recycling it.


Packing is the most challenging part of the moving process. However, when you have to pack your stuff without essential items like moving box and bubble wrap, it can be a nightmare. If you want to pack your things in an eco-friendly manner and don’t want to use boxes and plastic materials, consider the products mentioned above.