Moving Without Using A Service: Pros And Cons

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Moving Without Using A Service: Pros And Cons

Sep 07, 2022 Did you know that around 37% of Australians migrated to the beautiful city of Perth between 2011-2016? This is because Perth is a mesmerising city with turquoise beaches and scenic landscapes. But as exciting as the move to Perth is, it can also become stressful and exhausting if you do not plan it well. To help you lessen some of this stress, you can always hire removalists in Perth. However, if you are planning a DIY move, you should take a look at the pros and cons of the same to avoid any moving mistakes:

Moving On Your Own

Moving to a new home in West Australia can be exciting when you consider designing everything in your new home from scratch and creating your comfort zone. But it can also be a tiresome experience when you have to pack, load and unload all your belongings by yourself. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of moving without using a removalist service in Perth:


1. Save On Expenses

On average, removalist services in Perth will take up to 1200$ to move an average-sized three-bedroom apartment. When you move on your own, you will save this expense as you can budget your move and hire your rental truck, packing supplies and moving equipment according to your needs.

2. Your Own Timings

According to reports, removalists in Perth take about 8 to 12 hours to move a three-bedroom flat. You will have to schedule a fixed time with the movers according to their availability. But in the case of a DIY move, you can start at any time of the day and can create your realistic moving timeline. If you want to take two-three trips on the same day and finish the process or take up to three days doing it on your own, it is your choice.

3. No Scams

Many moving companies in Perth might be scams and make you pay a lot of money or charge you and not appear on the day of the move. If you are unsure about what to look for when moving and are worried about strangers being in your home, then you should move on your own.

4. Freedom With Packing

If you like packing at your own pace and time and want to do it your way, you should go for a DIY move. Professional packing can add 15% to your moving expenses, and with crating for particular items, it could add up to $200 per item. You can avoid these expenses if you are good at packing and can handle them independently.


1. Hidden Costs

When you move on your own, you save on the cost of hiring removalists in Perth. However, there are many hidden DIY costs that can add up and become quite expensive. For instance, hiring a rental truck can cost you up to $180 per day. Next, you will have to pay for packing and moving supplies like:
  • Moving boxes: up to $170 for a three-bedroom flat
  • Packing tape: $4 a roll
  • Packing paper: $10 per sheet
  • Padding: $2 per roll
  • Labels: $1 per marker
  • Moving trolley: $100
Lastly, you will also have to add to this any fuel costs for travelling long distances.

2. No Insurance For Items

If you are moving on your own, you will not have insurance coverage in case your items get damaged. This means you will have to pay hefty prices to repair or replace any items that get damaged while you are moving them. On the other hand, when you move with a removalist service, you can ask them for full premium coverage so that your items are covered in case of any damage. The moving company will pay the costs for repairing or replacing any damaged item while on the move.

3. Packing Fragile Items

It can be stressful if you have no experience packing and have to pack heavy-duty items. You must get special packing wrapping paper and padding to keep the items safe. You will also have to disassemble and reassemble all your furniture. And you could also injure yourself carrying all these heavy-duty items back and forth from the truck. Hiring a removalist service in such cases will keep you safe from any injuries as these experts will load and unload all your items. They also have special crates and boxes for each item and will pack all your fragile items in a specialised manner to keep them safe.

4. Lots Of Stress

When you are moving homes in Perth, it can become quite taxing to do everything on your own. You will have to plan your move, organise a deadline for yourself, start packing in advance, buy all the equipment, and load and unload the truck. You will also have to do other tasks like updating your mailing address, paying your bills and transferring your utilities. In such cases, hiring removalist experts in Perth to help move your belongings will give you the time and energy to concentrate on other tasks, and you will also be less stressed.


Moving on your own can be quite an experience if you plan and organise it in advance. But you also have to do everything on your own, from packing to loading the truck and will have to bear any damage and insurance costs. If you take some of the stress off your moving process, you can always hire removalist experts in Perth to help you pack and move to your beautiful new abode in Perth.