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A dog ready for a move with packed suitcase behind
27 Jun, 2019

Moving With Pets: Everything You Need to Know

Moving with pets is one of those tasks that could make you feel anxious and worried. It is always difficult for a pet owner to overlook his/her four-legged member during the packing and moving process. There is no wonder that pets bring joy into our lives.

They make us feel happy, laugh and bring comfort when we are upset o sick, and that’s the reason why they’ve become an integral part of a family. But you can’t deny the fact that moving with dogs and cats can be stressful for both the animal and the guardian.

Of course, you can hire highly-trained Perth Removalists who can take care of your belongings – from start to the end. But, you need some special skills to treat your pets with love and care during the moving process. Since they quickly attach to the places, make sure you make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Here in this blog post, we are discovering everything that you need to know while moving out with your four-legged member.

1. Maintain your day-to-day routine

Pets are not comfortable with change. They get stressed with the relocation. If you want to ensure the smooth relocation of your belongings, make sure you maintain the routine of your pet as long as possible.

Stick with the same schedules for feedings, bedtime walks and playing. This could make them feel happy and relaxed during the move. Since they need stability and care, ensure that you provide them in the middle of your moving journey.

Tip: Let your hired removal company in Perth do all the packing and moving chores for you while you handle your change of address chores. Provide them with the inventory list and checklist so that they can prepare your household belongings for the relocation.

2. Pack your Stuff ASAP

Packing is one of those chores that need time and energy. So, when you are moving with your pet, make sure you arrange all the packing materials and start the process as early as possible. This will familiarise your pet with the packing boxes before your final moving day.

Apart from this, you will get more time to pack up your fragile household items perfectly prior to your move. If you are not comfortable with the packing process, consider hiring a moving company that can give you high-quality packing service along with the relocation solution.

Such companies carry the best quality of supplies and also take care of your possessions until delivering it to the final destination.

3. Visit to your pet’s veterinarian

Before you shift to the new home, make sure you take your pet to your veterinarian. This step is taken to ensure whether your pet is in good health or not. Your vet can help your pet recover from the stress of the move.

Plus, you will get some key tips on how to treat your particular pet during the time of transition. Also, make sure you find a new veterinarian before moving to the new place in Perth. Prepare everything in advance for the health of your beloved pets.

4. Engage in a house tour with your pet

If possible, then take your pet to the house tour before your final move. This lets your pet become familiar with the new place and can easily recognise the sights and smells when you live in your new home. Despite this, it is also a good time to update the tags of your pet to reflect your new phone number and address.

5. Keep him in a quiet room

Moving household belongings from one place to another involves a lot of stress – both physical and mental. If you want to keep the stress level away from your pet and complete your moving out duties, then keep them in a quiet room. It should be closed to avoid unnecessary chaos. Provide them with their favourite toys along with food and water so that they can relax.

Tip- Put a signboard on the door to let removalists and other family members know your pet is inside that room.

6. Spend time with pets

All pets want to be loved, especially when they are in the situation of a move. If you spend some quality time with them, then you will have a stress-free move. A day before your move, feed them with your hands, play some games and make them feel asleep the way you do it on regular bases.

7. Hire a Pet Sitter

Ask your friend or a family member to take care of your pet on the final moving day. This is one of the ways that you can do to keep your pet out of the stress of moving. You can also hire a pet sitter if you are alone. They will take extreme care of your pet and let you complete all your packing and moving chores that you left in the middle of the journey.

8. Keep your pet along with you

After loading the household belongings, make sure you take your pet along with you in your vehicle. Make sure you keep your pet’s toys, bowls, bed and food to them feel comfortable throughout the journey, especially if you are making a long distance move.


No doubt moving with a pet can be a complicated task, but with proper planning and implementation of right tips, you can ensure safe and sound removal of your precious belongings. Also, consider hiring trusted and experienced Perth Removalists because they promise to transit your items with care and responsibility.