Moving To Perth? Reasons Why Perth Is A Great Place To Live!

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Beautiful Perth City

Moving To Perth? Reasons Why Perth Is A Great Place To Live!

Nov 12, 2019 Are you moving to the largest city in Western Australia? With a population of more than 2.14 million people, Perth is ranked as the fourth most populous city in Australia. The town sits on the west coast and has a lot of offer. Many people across the state, as well as a country, are moving to this sunniest capital city to enjoy the pleasant weather. Perth is a great place to live and work – thanks to cutting-edge infrastructure facilities, well-connected roads and bridges, beautiful beaches, low pollution, profitable business opportunities, city’s best schools and a ton of fine dining options. In addition to a booming economy, the city is best known for providing all types and sizes of residential developments, reliable public services, and a quality standard of living. However, many people think that Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide are the only places that offer the best features of a metropolitan city. But, the amenities offered by the Capital City of Western Australia are meritorious. The best part about this beautiful city is that you can easily find a reliable removal company who can take care of your precious household belongings throughout the moving process. So, if you are planning to move to Perth, then know why it is a great place to live:

1. Sunny Weather

Most people relocate to Perth because of its pleasant weather. Being considered as one of the sunniest cities in Australia, Perth is a perfect place where you can enjoy the bright sunshine throughout the year. The city is ideal for those who love sunny weather. The summer temperature is often hovering around 28-30 degrees Celsius while you can enjoy cool breezes of a sea. It makes the condition quite comfortable and pleasant. On the other hand, winter temperatures rarely fall below 13 degrees Celsius. If you are not a winter person, then think about moving to this marvellous capital city of Western Australia.

2. A Relaxed Lifestyle

Are you looking for a perfect place where you can relax and enjoy quality time with your family? Look no further than Perth. Since the city sits on the South Coast, you can enjoy such a fantastic climate which makes for a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle. Living here is like being on a working holiday! The local people are friendly and down to earth while the other amenities and infrastructure facilities give you a reason to have a good standard of life. People around the city loves spending time with their friends and family –walking along West Coast Drive, having picnics, BBQs and exploring beautiful beaches together. Overall, Perth is one of the best cities where you can re-start your life’s innings and relish a cool and delightful life.

3. Rising Growth

Believe it or not! Perth is  Australia’s one of the fastest-growing cities. The sprouting rate of Western Australia’s wealth has been attracting people to this region and Perth is now home to many renowned establishments, world-class schools, hospitals and hotels. When it comes to the population, the city has around 2.14 million people with a GDP per capita of $82,653. Apart from this, it has a diverse economy which is majorly based on the mineral sector such as coal, oil and uranium. Currently, there are more than 30 international oil and gas companies in Perth, which is giving the local economy a big boom. Of course, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane are the most popular metropolitan cities. Still, you can’t deny the excellent benefits of Perth when it comes to living in a growing city in Australia.

4. Affordable Housing

Finding a dream home in Perth is comparatively affordable than searching in Sydney or Melbourne. The city is stretched with over an area of 3,100 square miles, and there is no surprise that most of the housing is detached, with spacious gardens. If you choose to live in and around the Central Business District, then you will get hundreds and thousands of housing options in the form of apartments. But if you want to spend a peaceful and relaxed life, then opting from over three hundreds of suburbs can be a tough task for you. According to 2017’s REIWA report, the leading spots for potential homebuyers in Perth are Morley, Highgate, Nollamara, Joondalup and Bentley. Nollamara is one of the closest suburbs, which is within 10 kilometres of the city. If you want to buy a house in the surrounding suburbs of Perth, then consider these top spots.

5. Burgeoning Job Market

Young and enthusiastic people who are planning for relocation can choose Perth. There are thousands of thriving jobs available in different industries such as retail, manufacturing, education, IT, automobile, hospitality, transport and other major industries. You can even try your luck in mining and agriculture sector. Being the capital city of Western Australia, it is quite easy to find government jobs in Perth. If you are capable enough to apply for a government job, then moving to Perth can be an ideal decision for both your personal as well as professional life.

6. New-age Technology and Innovation

Perth has always been a real star in the technology and innovation space. With the increasing number of business owners, co-working spaces and networking groups, the technology sector is booming with ease passing year. The city is also home to various technology events and seminars, and there are a good number of sponsored programs and festivals for innovation. In the last 8 years, over 400 internet and digital start-ups have established in the capital city of Western Australia.

7. Transportation

There is no denying the fact that Perth is a vibrant city with smooth and efficient public transport networks. You can either take the train, ferry or bus to commute from one place to another. If you want to prefer private transport, grab a taxi or Uber. The City offers excellent transportation facilities that can make your journey in and around Perth and its surrounding suburbs quick and easy. There are three train stations, including Perth Station, Elizabeth Quay and Perth Underground. All these stations are a short walk to the City’s main business, tourism and shopping precincts. If you want to travel in and out of the town on Transperth bus, then you can terminate at either the Esplanade or Wellington Bus Stations.

8. World-Class Education Facility

Some of the leading primary, secondary and high schools and universities are located in Perth.  Whether you want to pursue college studies or attend a vocational course, the city boasts of world-class education opportunities. It is home to Curtin University, University of Western Australia, and the University of Notre Dame Australia.

9. Beautiful Beaches

Do you love spending an afternoon sunbathing on the sand or want to explore water-based activities? Come and discover the stretched beaches of Perth. The capital city of Western Australia is blessed with exotic beaches that are perfect places to hang out with family and loved ones.  If you are moving to this vibrant city, then must visit the following beaches after unpacking your belongings. You can also take the assistance of your hired Perth Removalists for the unpacking chores. Here are some of the best beaches in Perth: Bathers Beach It is the first urban sand beach in Australia that has got a liquor licence. It is one of the beautiful beaches that has some of the best dining options, cafe-style deck, puts deckchairs, sun umbrellas on the sand. If you love fishing or want to catch the cool waves, then must visit Bathers Beach. The sand is soft while the waves are small – perfect for children who want to swim in the blue layer of a beach. City Beach City Beach is located in the heart of Perth’s northern suburbs – which is just 15 minutes away from CBD. The beach has something for everyone – from restaurants and cafes to parklands and BBQs. It itself is a beautiful beach, but sometimes waves can get powerful, and the wind often blows strong. So, be careful if you are visiting the beach with your toddlers. Scarborough Beach This is one of the most popular beaches in Perth, Western Australia. Being located in the middle of the city, the shore is surrounded by apartments, cafes, restaurants and hotels. The beach is blessed with white sand, cool breezes and blue water waves. You can come and enjoy quality time with your loved ones on this beach.

10. Dining Options

Perth is home to some of the most elegant dining options. From local eateries to exclusive restaurants and stylish cafes, you can find everything in and around the city. There are many high-end restaurants that offer international cuisines and lip-smacking appetisers. So come and explore the hotspots of Perth and discover the best food in the city.


If someone is relocating to Perth and want to know more about this capital city, recommend this article. It has all the key points that make Perth a great place to live. You can hire the best removalists in Perth who can take care of your belongings from the start to end of your relocation journey.