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28 Nov, 2019

Why Moving Next Door Isn’t as Easy as It Sounds?

Interstate moves are chaotic, international relocations are even more, but assuming moving down the street or next door is easy is a grave folly. Any reputed removalist company in Perth can relay the truth that moving next door isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your reason for moving can vary from needing more space, getting a better deal or buying your own house rather than renting.

Also, staying in the same neighbourhood has a lot to do with comfort and familiarity. You know the neighbours, the school and office commute routes remain the same, you are well-versed with the area, or you are in an excellently connected area of Perth.

Whatever the reason for your move in the same area, it would be wrong to assume that professional help isn’t required. Moving near or far necessitates assistance, so it would be prudent to hire an affordable removalist company offering local packing and moving services in Perth.

Read on to know factors that make moving next door stressful and professional intervention necessary.

Moving is Never Easy

It doesn’t matter you move one kilometre away or a thousand, relocation is a stressful, cumbersome, and time-consuming activity. Moving down the street or next door only reduces the transport time, every other process from planning, packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking remains the same. If you have a full-time job, demanding responsibilities at home or no support, moving becomes especially tough no matter how far you have to move. Therefore, it is practical to hire removalists in Perth for assistance.

New House Complexities

It doesn’t matter you are moving close to your old home because you’re new house will have a new layout, and space will be different. Each house has its complexities and moving to a new area always requires effort. Some challenges you can face are mentioned as follows:

• You have to downsize and get rid of a lot of things that may not fit in your new house. You may get a smaller space for rent issues or wasted space. It could be you are ready to live a minimalistic life and wish to find a compact place.
• Getting a bigger house means more space and need for more things. For example, if you are moving from an apartment to a home or a bigger office, you will need to invest in furniture, fittings, accessories, and much more.

The location of the property is rarely the issue when moving. It is the property itself that warrants attention. It is also why hiring professional removalists in Perth is essential, as they are well-versed in handling moves from different types of properties.

Schedules are Disturbed

Moving is a time-consuming process that takes one or two days to complete. You and your family members/roommates/friends have to alter their daily routines and find time to deal with the move. If you have kids, moving next door can still disrupt their sleeping, eating, studying, and playing schedules. Also, you may have to take a day or two off from work. People moving with pets face problems because pets have a set routine, and they can get scared or uncomfortable seeing everything disorganised.

Declutter and Pack

Even if you are moving next door, you still have to declutter and pack every space and item, respectively, in your house. You have to get rid of things you haven’t used for over six months or don’t use even once a year. Decluttering is time-consuming and requires manually sifting through the belongings.

Once you are done with decluttering, you need to pack everything to shift it to the new property safely. To save time and hassle, you can contact professional removalists in Perth offering packing services.

Plan Everything

Many people think when you move next door, all you have to do is shift your belongings to the new property one by one any day. But it is not so simple. Moving anywhere requires planning, and you have to ensure the creation of your moving budget, booking of removalists, packing, and other responsibilities are completed on time. The preparation to move needs to start 3-4 months in advance, and you must prepare a time-table to get all the tasks done on time.

Creating A Budget

Creating a moving budget is necessary for short as well as long-distance moves. You have to consider the expenses of packing materials, booking professionals, etc. When you move, you have to plan a budget for the below-mentioned reasons

• You have to pay security amount to the new landlord/landlady
• You are buying the property and selling your old one
• You are purchasing the new property and rented the previous one
• You are moving to a bigger space and need to invest in home decor items
• The old or new home requires repairs or customisations

Get Bond Cleaning Done

End of lease cleaning is necessary for securing your bond. At the end of your tenancy, you need to return the house in the same condition you rented it in. It doesn’t matter how far you move. You have to get your old house cleaned perfectly & according to your lease contract. Many people prefer to hire affordable end of lease cleaners in Perth and secure entire security deposit.

Change Address and Notify Authorities

Another hassle you have to tackle while moving is changing your address on official documents and notifying the authorities. You have to contact the utility authorities to discontinue your connections to the old house and get new ones. Also, if you have subscriptions of magazines, newspapers, or other publications, you will need to inform them about the address change. You have to complete formalities even if you are shifting from house number A1 to A2.

Wrapping Up

Whether you move next door, down the street, locally, interstate, or internationally, expect the process to be hectic. You will have to plan everything, prepare a budget, get the help of expert removalists in Perth, notify the authorities and do much more. So, whenever or wherever you move, make sure you get assistance and support of near/dear ones to make the process bearable and the move successful.