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03 Jun, 2019

Moving to a New City without a Job: Interstate Removals Tips

Relocating to a new city without a job is something that could make you anxious and increase your stress level. From controlling overall moving expenses to searching a new job, you have to manage everything at the same time.

Instead of creating a mess, you can focus on the things that can reduce the stress out of your move while letting you find a suitable job in the new location. One of the best ways is to hiring credible Interstate Removalists in Perth who can pack and move your belongings with a damage-free guarantee. They can also save you time and allow you to focus on your job search.

All you need is determination and hard work while preparing your entire move. If you are concerned about avoiding common blunders, then have a look at this article. The tips mentioned below will help you move to the new city without any mental and physical stress.

1. Prepare a Moving Schedule

It is obvious to get worried when you are planning for a move without a job. You need security in the new city in the form of a suitable job. But losing hope is not an ideal solution; otherwise, you could end up with turmoil. Instead, you can create a moving schedule depending on your specific needs.

Hire professional removalists in Perth and take a moving date so that you can ensure a hassle-free relocation. It is always good to schedule a plan a month before your move. Create a customised checklist and include the tasks accordingly.

Tip: Shortlist the top five removal companies in Perth and compare their services and estimated quotes to pick the most affordable and suitable option.

2. Determine Estimated Moving Cost

Make sure you have enough money to live on when you are moving to the new city without a job. Calculate the estimated cost of your move so that you can plan your budget for day-to-day survival until you get employed. From living expenses to outstanding utility bills, you have to manage everything systematically.

Use your contacts to find affordable accommodation in Perth. You can also look for a temporary job to earn extra dollars until you get a new job. Also, ask your removalists to provide you with an insurance cover against the damage of your belongings during transportation.

Tip: Consider all the factors that can help you save moving cost, especially when you are in search of a new job in the new city.

3. Invest in Packing Materials Wisely

Interstate moves are always expensive, and the situation becomes worst when you don’t have a job. Preparing a moving plan in a financial crunch is something that can make you feel anxious. But you can easily save money by investing in quality yet inexpensive packing materials.

You can ask for used packing boxes from a local grocery shop, liquor shop or supermarket. Make sure they are in good condition. Apart from this, you can buy bubble wraps, packing paper, tape, moving bags and blankets to protect your precious belongings during the transition process. In fact, you can skip using bubble wraps because they can harm the environment. Instead, you can use blankets, towels, clothes and bed sheets to protect your breakable items from damages.

Tip: Use egg crates, old pillow cover, blankets, and crumpled newspaper to wrap fragile items. This will not only protect your belongings but also save you money.

4. Look for the Thriving Job Opportunities

Proper planning is vital while searching for a new job in the new location. You should research the existing job market and apply online to get the desired job after the move. Also, contact employment agencies to discover job opportunity in and around your area.

Once you hire reliable removalists, it would become easy for you to look for potential employment options and you can even start sending your resume before your move.

You can explore the best job options in the area you are relocating or you can also buy an existing business for sale in Perth if you want to run a business but don’t have enough funds. But, make sure, you do this at least a month before your final moving day.

5. Build Your Network

Start building your network as soon as you are done with the packing chore. It is good to connect with industry groups, business communities and professional associations in the new city to generate better job opportunities.

Tip: Spare some time from your busy and take a few trips to the new location before a month of your move to attend networking events. This will help you get a job easily.

6. Prepare a Safety-Net

In case you don’t have enough money to pay the bills while moving to the new city without a job, then it is good to create a safety net by saving adequate cash in reserves to cover your living expenses for three months without any income.

7. Look for Interstate Removalists

When moving across the city without a job, consider hiring a removal company which can provide you interstate removal service at the most affordable price. Look for an experienced, trained and courteous moving team who can transport all types and sizes of belongings, including fragile items and heavy furniture.

They can take your belongings with care and deliver them to the new city without any loss. That’s why it is good to avail professional removal service in Perth if you are relocating across the town.

Make sure you do thorough research and find the company who specialises in moving household belongings across the state. Professionals will take extreme care of everything and give you a sense of relief throughout the long-distance journey.


Planning and thorough research are imperative when you are moving to a new city without a job. The tricks mentioned above in this article will help you get quality time to find a dream job in the new location. Leave all the stress to the Perth Removalists and focus on your career because they can move your household belongings with utmost care.