Moving House Stress Signals & Ways To Cope

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Moving House Stress Signals & Ways To Cope

Sep 18, 2023 Experiencing stress during a house move is natural because it is your body’s typical ‘fight or flight’ response to new and challenging situations. This reaction is positive when it motivates you to pack and move your belongings, but stress is problematic when you experience it for a prolonged period and feel overwhelmed. A house move can also trigger anxiety which affects 1 in 4 Australians at some point in their life. Therefore, it is crucial to plan and prepare for relocation by packing early, using a house moving checklist and maintaining a positive attitude. Hiring professional removalists in Perth is also excellent for moving without stress and hassle, as the professionals have the expertise and equipment to handle and transport property contents. Additionally, here are moving house stress signals & ways to cope making the process less harrowing for you and your family. Have a look.

Feeling Uncertain and Gloomy About Moving

Familiarise yourself with the neighbourhood by visiting the new area and learning about the people, places of interest, schools, eateries etc. People moving with children should visit the nearby playgrounds and parks to help kids feel good about moving. What’s more, you can go to community meets, local libraries, supermarkets, and other places that help reduce the stress of relocating to an unknown place.

Feeling Overwhelmed Before Packing

Reduce packing and moving load for yourself and your hired removalists in Perth by decluttering and organising your belongings. Use the Mari Kondo method to categorise things into different categories and say goodbye to unwanted items. The idea is to live minimally and only keep things in your home that give you joy. Since a house move is a perfect opportunity to get rid of unused, broken and old things, using the Mari Kondo method of organising is excellent. Ask everyone in the house to sort their things & ensure they only pack things they really need at the new home. Donate or resell things in good condition and appropriate for all ages and discard whatever else remains.

Not Knowing How to Choose the Right Removalists

Pre-move surveys are necessary to help you get reliable quotes from professional removalists in Perth. Removalists conduct these visits to understand the scale of the move, create an inventory, get an idea for packing supplies and generate a realistic moving estimate. You can relocate with less stress and avoid delays by hiring good and affordable removalists in Perth. Therefore, get pre-move surveys done by multiple removalists to get several quotes and book the most affordable removalists in Perth.

Feeling Unprepared and Pressurised

Never wait until the end to move as it will cause delays and increase your moving stress. Always follow the rule of two, meaning start preparing for the move 2 months before and ensure you are almost packed 2 weeks prior to moving. Most moving related tasks can be completed within 8 weeks, as it is ample time to plan. If you need to book Removalists in Perth then do so at least 4 weeks before the moving date.

Worried About the Logistics of the Move

For parking the moving truck, you or the removalists would need a parking permit. Thus, you must check your eligibility for a parking permit at the City of Perth website. If you are eligible, here are the two ways to apply. Submit the application online by creating an account on the website. Lodge the application in person or by mail. Download, read and fill out the form, then send it to the City of Perth office address. Alternatively, book an appointment when submitting the application in person.

Forgetting Important Tasks

Make your moving checklist on a user-friendly app instead of traditional methods like journals, calendars etc. A moving checklist is vital to streamline your tasks, reduce stress and complete chores in time. You can use Todoist, TickTick, Microsoft To Do, and various other apps to make one or as many lists as you want. Using such applications is beneficial because you can set reminders, share tasks, get updates, create notes, and do much more.

Poor Sleep & Appetite

Understandably, eating and sleeping well while managing a house move is difficult, but you must do so to prevent chronic exhaustion, low blood pressure, irritability and poor productivity. Skipping a meal is never good as your body needs sustenance, and you need the energy to complete various strenuous activities. Furthermore, get 7-8 hours of sleep every day to avoid grogginess. Sleep deprivation also elevates stress and anxiety, which is why it is crucial you are properly rested. Take the assistance of the best removalists in Perth to manage your move completely. They can pack and transport your belongings without the hassle and give you ample time to do other important tasks like changing address, setting up utilities, packing your things etc.

Wrapping Up

Feeling stressed while moving is common and can affect your mental and physical well-being. While you cannot eliminate moving stress completely, you can reduce it substantially by following the tips and tricks shared above. Also, avail professional removals and packing services from good removalists in Perth. They can help elevate your moving stress and make the entire relocation a lot easier & quicker.