Moving From A House To An Apartment

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Moving From A House To An Apartment

Jun 11, 2024

The most challenging task is adjusting to a smaller apartment after living in a spacious house in Perth. It becomes difficult to fit all your belongings into a smaller property like a studio apartment, and still maintain the same aesthetic and comfort level.

When downsizing, homeowners in Perth need to think wisely about what to keep and what to leave. Planning and following a customised moving timeline can also make a huge difference during the process. It can help streamline the entire process without any last-minute chaos.

Here are some great tips and tricks to help you move from a house to an apartment hassle-free. This guide will also make it easy to deal with downsizing and limited storage issues.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Create a Moving Plan Ahead

There is no denying that apartments in Western Australia are significantly smaller than houses. This means you must prepare a proper moving plan from scratch and adopt a minimalist approach.

Creating a customised moving timeline will help you stay organised from the start to the end of your journey.

It is good to measure all your rooms and large items to create a floor plan for your new abode. This will help you determine whether your favourite large furniture pieces will fit into a new home.

Also, research and book the expert Removalists Perth at least 4-5 weeks ahead of your moving date to ensure the utmost safety of your precious possessions.

2. Downsizing Your Possessions

woman packing up a cardboard box

This becomes even more crucial when relocating from a spacious house to a studio apartment. It is impossible to fit all of your belongings into a smaller space, and thus, you need to rethink your current possessions.

The de-cluttering process can be time-consuming, so begin it as soon as possible. Inspect all your rooms, storage units, wardrobes, kitchen pantry, etc., and list items you want to move with you. Make sure you keep all documents and electronic chargers in a separate box as these are the most forgotten things when relocating home.

After that, you can downsize wisely and get rid of items you no longer need. These can include additional furniture, large pieces (that won’t fit into a new abode easily), unwanted clothing, toys, books, garage equipment, etc.

The most challenging part is downsizing sentimental items. You can keep what’s important to you and photograph the rest before getting rid of them. You can also create a memory box and put all memories in the form of photos in it.

3. Sell/Donate Unwanted Items

Getting rid of unwanted items doesn’t mean adding them to the landfill waste. This can only produce greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, you can donate pre-loved items to the local charity in Perth. Ensure the items are in good condition and can help the needy ones.

Another great option is a garage sale. You can organise a successful yard or garage sale before you move to sell unwanted household belongings. This will also help you earn a few extra dollars while reducing your overall shipment load.

Tip: Carefully dispose of harmful household waste, such as cleaning products, batteries, thinners, nail polish removers, fertilisers, etc., as they are all prone to fire hazards.

4. Focus on Creative Storage Solutions

Less space is a serious problem in apartments. You will need to find creative storage options to help you organise all your household items without creating a mess. So, it’s good to invest in good products, such as containers, shelving, hangers, hooks, and baskets.

When you move in, make sure you have all the storage options in place. You can also arrange similar items together to streamline the process.

If you are relocating large furniture pieces, book professional Removalists Perth to reduce house moving stress. They will measure the items and dismantle them to prevent potential damages or injuries.

5. Invest in Multifunctional Furniture Options

Nothing is better than multifunctional furniture when moving from a bigger house to a smaller apartment. The best part is that you will find hundreds of great options to save extra space in your new abode.

It is a good idea to invest in storage stools, ottomans, folding tables, and sofas that convert into beds. These small changes can make a huge difference and allow you to enjoy a happy, minimalist, and comfortable life.

6. Stay Focused & Optimistic

It is obvious to feel a little dubious about the downsizing process. Adjusting to a smaller space can create many negative thoughts. So, it is good to stay optimistic by exploring the perks of apartment living, such as saving money on utility bills, less maintenance, a minimalist life, less responsibility, and much more.

You can discover more about your new neighbourhood, local amenities and other aspects to uplift the curiosity level. Make sure you hire the best Removalists Perth for a comprehensive range of solutions, such as packing of household belongings and unpacking boxes in a new home, etc. This will give you peace of mind and help you focus on other important tasks that truly matter to you.

Tips To Move From A House To An Apartment

tips for moving into an apartment

Wrapping Up

Relocating from a house to an apartment requires attention-to-detail planning, the right approach and smart downsizing techniques. Follow the simple tips in the article and ensure a smooth transition of household belongings and other items.