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How Can I move house during Corona Virus lockdown
30 Mar, 2020

Moving During Coronavirus Pandemic: Everything You Need to Know

Given the situation in Australia with regard to the spread of coronavirus, moving to a new place can be extremely challenging as well as risky. Thus, it is advisable to make your home moving a little flexible.

Many people have delayed their moving due to this pandemic, but not everybody has the option. If you also don’t have any other alternatives, look for reliable removalists in Perth.

As this can be a time-consuming process, so you should start your preparations as early as possible. It is crucial that you learn how to keep your family safe during this process. If you are moving during coronavirus pandemic, here is everything that you need to know. Have a look!

Check which removals company still proving service

When you are moving during coronavirus, you need to do your research properly. The spread of this deadly virus has affected many businesses. Thus if you are planning to hire professional removalists in Perth or want to rent a moving truck, first you need to find our which removals company in Perth are offering their service.

Contact them, inform about your specific requirement and book a date. This process may take some time due to the effect of the virus in the market, so start your preparation as early as possible.

Removalists can do pre-move wellness checks

All the reputed removals company are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their clients and their professionals. So, if you have booked Perth removalists, they might do a pre-move wellness check. Before the moving date, might give you a call and ask if anyone is having any health issues. They might postpone the moving process if there is any problem.

Maintain social distancing and practice good hygiene

Professionals of reputed removals company are experienced and educated, so they are most likely to maintain social distancing when they visit a property. The professionals are keeping a 6-foot distance with the clients and also avoid any touches or handshakes. They also practice good hygiene at their client’s home. The professionals wear gloves and cover their face. If they are not wearing gloves, they wash or sanitise their hands.

Ask for virtual video surveys

The pre-moving survey is an essential part of the moving process. The professionals visit your property to examine your belongings so that they can estimate how many boxes and how much packing supplies you will require. However, it is not advisable to conduct such a survey during the coronavirus. With an intention to find a solution, many prestigious removals company are providing virtual video surveys. In this situation, this is the best ways to get the job done in a safe and hassle-free manner.

Do not move until its emergency

Moving during coronavirus is not advisable. Thus, if there is any possibility to cancel or at least postpone the moving process, do it. This will help you to keep your family safe from the deadly virus attack. If you are on a rental property, talk to your landlord about the emergency situation. However, if you don’t have any other alternatives plan your relocation properly and contact a reliable removals company. Moving on your own can be massive challenges in these circumstances.

Do not use old moving boxes

You might have heard it several times that using old moving boxes can help you to save some money. However, this approach is not at all suitable when you are moving during the coronavirus. This is because you don’t know who has used these boxes earlier and whether such boxes are infected with virus or not. So, when you are looking for the boxes, you should buy or rent new moving boxes.

If you want to cancel, do not delay

If you want to cancel your booking for removalists in Perth, then do not delay it. This will help you to save more money, and the professionals can use your moving date to provide their service to someone else in need. So, if you find the situation is not suitable to move, inform your removalists at the earliest.

Hygiene products should be easily accessible

Hygiene products such as soap and sanitiser should be easily accessible to everyone who is helping you in your moving process – whether it is removalists in Perth, family, or close friends. This will help you to accomplish your packing and loading process in a safe and hassle-free manner.

Disinfect your belongings and boxes before moving

Experts believe that before to make a move, you should disinfect your belongings and boxes. This will help you to minimise the spread of coronavirus and germs, and you will get peace of mind that you are not moving any virus to your new house.

If you have flu symptoms, inform the removalists

All removals company work very professionally. Thus they are keeping a close watch on their professionals, particularly when the coronavirus is spreading so quickly. Anyone who is not well is not allowed in their workplace. So can trust the professionals! However, you also need to be very responsible. If you or any of your family members are not well, it is your responsibility to inform the professionals.


Moving is already a daunting and time-consuming process, and the spread of coronavirus has made it further challenging. If you want to keep it stress-free, plan your move properly and analyse all the factors that are important for your safety. So, if you are moving during coronavirus pandemic, consider the points mentioned above.