How To Move Your Gym Equipment Safely

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How To Move Your Gym Equipment Safely

Mar 18, 2021 When you are relocating to a new place, one of the most challenging tasks is to move your home gym set up. These equipment pieces are heavy and have an awkward shape, which makes them difficult to pack and move. However, you cannot leave them behind, as these things are very costly. Moving to your new home without the equipment means you will have to rely on local gyms and fitness centres. These places are very costly, too crowded, and can be very inconvenient for your busy schedule. So make sure you move all the equipment. But do you know how to move your home gym set up safely? Moving such equipment can be a tricky task because any inappropriate methods can damage them and cause severe injury. Therefore, it is advisable to hire the best removalists in Perth. They have expertise in moving gym equipment. In case you are moving on a tight budget and want to do it on your own, you need proper planning and the right guidance. Read on to know more about how to move your gym equipment safely.

Clean and Disinfect Gym Equipment

The first thing you need to do is to clean and disinfect all the exercise equipment one by one. By doing it, you can ensure that you do take any nasty germs and bacteria to your new home. Thorough cleaning of the equipment will also keep them in the best shape after you move. You can use disinfectant wipes to clean the yoga mats, all the handrails and different surfaces of your elliptical, treadmill, weight machines and other exercise equipment.

Yoga Mats and Accessories

When you start packing your home gym set up, always start with the smaller things like yoga mat and accessories. These things include yoga blocks, gym towels, blankets, etc. Properly roll your yoga mat and keep it inside a plastic bag. That is how you will keep it clean during the entire transportation process. Then find a suitable cardboard box and pack all the items in it. Once you are done with packing, seal the box with tape and put a label on the box, so you can identify it during the unpacking process.

Hand Weights, Dumbbells and Barbells

Once you are done with yoga mats and other accessories, it is time to pack the hand weights, dumbbells and barbells. Whether you have several sets of heavyweight plates or only a couple of light hand weights, prepare a list first. Then choose moving boxes that are strong enough to carry their weight. Always remember that instead of using one large box, use multiple small boxes. When you are moving dumbbells and barbells, it is essential to distribute the weight evenly. If you think that cardboard boxes won’t be able to hold their weight, choose sturdy plastic containers.


Moving heavy and massive workout equipment like the treadmill is a workout in itself. However, by following the right approach, you can make the task less taxing. First, unplug the machine and then fasten the wire properly. If you are moving without a professional removals company in Perth, ask your friends and family to help you with lifting the treadmill. You need to fold your treadmill and lock it. Once it is folded, you should wrap it in moving blankets to protect it and the walls from any damages during the loading procedure.


You cannot fold an elliptical like a treadmill, so its awkward shape can make it very difficult to move. To make it go through hallways and doorways, you need to disassemble the hardware. It will make your task a lot easier. Separate the handlebars and pedals apart but before you do that, make sure that you read the instruction manual properly. Otherwise, you might get confused. After you disassemble it, collect all the nuts and bolts, and keep them safely in a zip lock bag. Keep the bag with other small accessories. Once you have all the parts, wrap them in blankets and load then into the truck.

Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes are one of the most common equipments of your home gym set up. Packing and moving it is not at all complicated. The first thing you need to do is, unplug the stationary bike and keep its cords safely. After that, read the instruction manual to disassemble its handlebars and pedals. Detaching the parts will lighten the exercise equipment. As a result, it will be easier for you to wrap and load it into the truck.

Hire Professionals

The best way to move your gym equipment safely is by hiring a reputed moving company in Brisbane. They have experienced professionals who are technically sound and have expertise in completing an arduous task like moving gym equipment. They use modern tools and the latest methods that make things a lot easier. The professionals not only move your equipment safely but also save you time and prevent injuries or accidents.

The Bottom line

Moving gym equipment can be more complicated and challenging than it seems. So, if you have a home gym set-up and you want to move it, make sure you have enough helping hands. And to make the task further easier, follow the ways mentioned above. You should seriously consider hiring reliable removalists in Perth as they can prevent any damage and injuries.