How to Let Go of Sentimental Clutter When Moving

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How to let go sentimental clutter

How to Let Go of Sentimental Clutter When Moving

Nov 22, 2019 When people live in a particular place for a long time, they usually accumulate a lot of belongings. Mostly, a significant part of these items is clutter and before moving to a new place, people wish to get rid of it. However, when it comes to sentimental clutter, people often find it challenging to determine what is worth keeping and what is not. The emotional value attached to small things can create a long list of stuff that is redundant. However, there are a few tactics that can help you to let go of the sentimental clutter. Most importantly, if you want to get rid of such things, you cannot delay the process. You need to finish it before the last few days before moving out from your old house. Once removalists arrive, they will start the packing and loading, you won’t get a chance to remove anything. Here are a few ways to get rid of the sentimental clutter when moving. Have a look!

You Should Think Rationally

People usually think emotionally when it comes to dealing with sentimental clutter. Thus, they find it difficult to make a call. If you want to get rid of such things, you need to find a licensed charity near you and donate your useless household items. You need to change your thought process and think logically. By keeping such things, people believe that they are holding on to the memories. But the fact is that these things are of no use and they only occupy space in your house. You need to understand the fact that to retain the memory of something, you don’t need the object all the time. Manage your sentimental clutter smartly so that you can make space for new memories in your new house.

Decide What Is Worth Keeping

If you are confused about the sentimental clutter, evaluate your stuff and see if it is worth keeping. Ask yourself whether you really want to take the items with you to your new house? Do you really want to spend time, money and energy in packing, loading, and transporting these items? If the answer is yes, then it is not a part of the clutter. Otherwise, get rid of them. Sentimental clutter occupies a lot of space in your home and is always useless. Do not forget that this clutter will make it more difficult to organise your new house. So, before you decide to take it with you, evaluate the utility of each item.

Do Not Overthink About the Useless Gifts

You might have received many gifts over the years from your family members, close friends and neighbours. Even if they not useful, you hold on to these gifts. This is because you have a misconception that the giver expects to see those gifts when they visit your home in future. This is not how things work. People do not have that much of expectation from you, and in most of the cases, the givers cannot even recall what they have gifted. So, examine all such gifts and only keep those things that are useful to you and get rid of the useless items.

You Don’t Need To Feel Guilty

It is okay to feel guilty if you have done something wrong, but this is an absolutely useless emotion when you are dealing with clutter. Numerous people keep various items in their homes due to the feeling of guilt, and not because of love or nostalgia. So, it is perfectly fine to get rid of the broken cutlery that once your parents bought or the clothes of your great-grandfather. These items are of no use and will only occupy space in your new house. Identify such items and separate them from other items before the arrival of removalists in Perth. Later, these things can create more confusion.

Click the Picture and Keep It in Your Memory

The pictures of your sentimental clutter are enough to keep them in your memories. You don’t need the see the items physically. These pictures will not only save the important space in your new home but also last longer in comparison to the items. This is a fantastic way to get rid of the clutter and at the same time, stay connected with them for your lifetime. So, whenever you are in a dilemma to keep something or get rid of it, take a picture and remove it from your house. Few images can prevent the overflow of your garages, attics, and basements with sentimental clutter. Sometimes, all you need is a picture to refresh your memories.

Try To Pass It on in Your Family

Many people possess family heirlooms such as a wooden chair, a violin, an old camera or a flower vase. If you are confused about what to do with such items, ask your family members if they want to have it. Such items can be useless for you, but they can be valuable for your family members. Moreover, you might be struggling due to space, but your cousin may have enough space to keep such items. If you have some large and expensive items like a piano or a chandelier, contact experienced removalists in Perth. They have the expertise to pack, load and transport such valuables without causing any damage to them.

Check If Any of Your Close Friends Need It

Apart from family, you can also ask for help from your close friends. For instance, if you still have the sports kit from your college days or a fishing rod that you don’t use anymore, ask your, friends, if they need such things or if they know anyone who needs such things. Who knows, you might find a person who is saving money to buy them. You can carry them to their place or ask them to collect it. Just make sure that you get rid of all your sentimental clutter before the last few days. It can be a challenge to identify such things in the presence of Perth removalists.


If you don’t think practically, it can be challenging to let go of sentimental clutter. And taking them to your new house will be a total waste of your effort, time, money and more importantly, space of the new house. Follow the tactics mentioned here as these will help you to think logically and take the right decision.