Key Questions To Ask When Hiring A Removal Company In Perth

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Key Questions To Ask When Hiring A Removal Company In Perth

Jun 15, 2020 When you decide to move, you have to make several decisions within a limited time. Some decisions are extremely difficult to take, while some are comparatively easy. Choosing the right furniture removalists in Perth is one such difficult task. With so many removals companies in the market, it is totally possible to get confused. The key to find the right removals company is to understand your requirements and ask the questions accordingly. The more questions you will ask, the better you will understand a company and that will help you to select the right one. Here are some key questions that you should ask when hiring a removal company in Perth. Let’s have a look!

How Much Experience Do You Have In This Industry?

One of the most important qualities that all reputed removals companies have is the experience factor. All the reliable companies have at least a decade experience in this industry. Some specific skills are required to complete relocation process in an organised, hassle-free and safe manner, and the removalists develop these skills over time. Packing and loading of the belongings is a challenging task, particularly when you have fragile items and costly furniture. Experienced removalists pack such items appropriately and load them into the truck with utmost care. So, this question should be one of the first things you should ask a removals company in Perth.

Do You Have All Essential Moving Equipment?

One of the main reasons why people prefer to hire furniture removalists in Perth is because they use modern moving equipment which people usually don’t have. But there are also some below-average removals companies that do not have the proper equipment. So you must ask the removals company whether they have all essential moving equipment such as utility dolly, furniture dolly, moving blankets and pads, shoulder dolly, rope and twine, elastic straps, furniture sliders, ratchet straps and forearm forklift. The equipment makes sure that your moving boxes, costly furniture and heavy appliances move in a hassle-free manner and more importantly, without any damage.

Do You Have In-House Removalists Or Hire Professionals For A Project?

All reputed removals companies in Perth have in-house removalist, but there are also some companies that do not have their own professionals. They hire people when they undertake an assignment. Always remember that in-house removalists are a much better option than the hired professionals because the company spend time, energy and money on in-house removalists. They get proper training and are also insured. Hired professionals are not specialist from this field so you cannot trust them with your costly belongings.

Are Your Removalists Properly Trained And Police Verified?

You should also know whether their professionals are appropriately trained or not. All reliable furniture removalists in Perth get the proper training to use modern moving equipment and how to apply different tactics to deal with various moving challenges. Companies also conduct a quality test to make sure that all the professionals are ready to undertake any relocation project. Keeping in mind the security concern, you should also ask your removals company where the professionals are police verified or not. A genuine company also make sure about it, so their clients do not hesitate before allowing them in the house.

Do You Allow A Third-Party To Work For You?

There are many removals companies who talk to the clients and assure them reliable moving. However, on a moving day, they assign the task to a third party for a hefty amount. It is something that you must avoid at any coast. Third-party service providers do not care about the quality of the work. All they want is to finish the work and get the payment. If your company follow this approach, you should look for other options.

Does AFRA affiliate your Company?

Before you finalise any removals company, make sure that Australian Furniture Removers Association affiliates it. It is the official body that regulates all the rules and regulations of the moving industry in Australia. AFRA certify only those companies that have a proper moving truck, appropriate moving equipment and trained professionals. If the official body authorises your company, then you can rely on the professionals. So, ask this question to the removals companies you have shortlisted.

Do you provide a pre-move survey to your clients?

A pre-move survey is important for the moving process. It not only helps the client to get estimation but also allows the furniture removalists in Perth to understand how much packing supplies will be required. If any company skip this process, it can cause a lot of chaos on a moving day. Thus, you should talk to the customer support of the company and as if they provide this service. How do you determine the cost of the service? Perhaps the most crucial question that you should ask the removals company is how do they determine the cost of the service? It is very important because the entire moving expense depends on it. There are many companies that charge their customer on an hourly basis. However, all the reputed companies have some parameters like distance to cover, amount of belongings, weight, etc. to quote a price. And most of the time they accomplish the task within the mentioned quote. So, you should always avoid the company that charge on an hourly basis because you cannot predict how much time the move can take.

What is included in your final price?

You should also ask the removals company what service they offer in their final price. Ask them how much you need to pay as a booking fee and whether it is included in the final price or not. You should also if you need to pay extra for the packing materials, elevator charges, parking fee or anything similar. A reliable company include everything in their final cost.

Take Away

Although there are many questions that you can ask the removals company, the questions mentioned above are the most important ones. If you get satisfactory answers to these questions, then you can go ahead and hire the company. Otherwise, you can look for other options. These questions are basically the essential characteristics of a reputed removals company.