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17 May, 2021

How To Pack And Move Your Houseplants Like A Pro

Houseplants are one of those items that can add life to your house. They are like your babies. You take care of them – nourish each and every plant with the same level of dedication and love. As your plant collection increases, they settle into the spaces. However, the problem occurs when you have to pack and move them to the new house.

There is no denying the fact that houseplants are the most delicate items and require special attention during the relocation process. Apart from this, you have to follow certain rules while moving plants, soils and green materials from one state to another. The reason is to prevent the spread of diseases, pests and weeds. That’s why people prefer hiring experienced Perth removalists so that they can move houseplants and other precious possessions with extreme care.

However, if you are running low on budget and can’t outsource a professional service, then consider the packing and moving tips for your houseplants.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Arrange Necessary Packing Supplies

Having the right materials can help you pack houseplants like a pro. Make sure you have bubble wraps, moving boxes, paper, packing tape, etc. But, also arrange the following items because plants need specialised supplies:

• Plastic bags
• Paper towels
• Plastic Pots
• Sterilised potting soil
• Flea collars
• Sphagnum Moss

2. Prepare Houseplants for a Move

Packing potted plants requires proper knowledge, skills and time. Unlike other household items, plants take their own time to transition. That’s the reason why it is good to prepare them at least two to three weeks before you move. So, here are a few preparation tips that will make thing easy for you:

• It is good to re-pot your plants into plastic pots with sterilised potting soil. This will make it easy for you to lift and transit them without causing any damage.
• Carefully pack the ceramic pots using the bubble wrap, newspaper and other cushioning items and put them inside the moving box.
• Do not forget to prune your houseplants a week before your final moving day. Get rid of dying pieces and cut back extra foliage to keep them stay healthy.
• Water your plants three days before the home relocation. This will prevent the pots from water leakage during the packing and lifting process. Most plants need water every 6 to 10 days, so you can try this hack even if you are moving interstate.
• Put a flea collar around the plastic pots to prevent the growth of pests because some state won’t allow you to pass the state line. So, keep this point in mind.

3. Pack Plants With Precision

It is important to safely pack up your houseplants while moving from one location to another.

• Put plastic bags on each pot, and secure it at the plant’s bottom.
• Put each plant in the moving box. Make sure you pack a large plant in a single box. Small plants can easily share a box.
• Add crumbled newspapers and bubble wrap to fill the empty space.
• Seal the box and poke 7-8 holes in the sides and top of your box. This will let them breathe properly.

4. Proper Care for Cutting

In case you want to relocate plants in the garden, you need to take a cutting of the plant. Keep the following tricks in mind while cutting:

Make a clean cut on the flower or bush – between three to six inches long.

Make sure you have wet paper towels to pack around the cut, and secure it a rubber band and a plastic stem holder while relocating them.

5. Choose the Right Vehicle

Once you are done with packing, look for the best transport methods for your houseplants. Whether you want to move them in your own car or the moving truck, make sure you give utmost attention to their safety. If you are moving on your own, you will have the control to tune temperature from getting too cold or hot.

You can also hire the best removalists in Perth that can move your potted plants with ease. They will take care of your precious possessions and transit them safely to the new location.

You can also ship your houseplants in the mail. Make sure you poke holes in the moving box.

6. Check Them

If you are moving interstate, then check your houseplants throughout the journey. It is good to adjust them so they will receive enough sunlight. If they start dying out, then water them. Observe their health and condition and treat them during the moving process.

Once you reach the new house, take your plants out of the boxes and water them if required. Put them in your house where they will receive enough sunlight. And do not forget to re-pout them back to their ceramic pot.


These are some great tips that will help you pack and move your delicate houseplants like a pro. If you are still concerned, then hire the best removalists in Perth at the most reasonable price. You can ask your friends and relatives who have recently hired a moving company for the safe transition of household belongings and plants.