How To Move A Washing Machine?

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How To Move A Washing Machine?

Oct 20, 2022 According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, almost 97% of households in Australia have a washing machine. This powerful device weighs between 150 and 200 pounds and is heavy to carry on your own. If you are planning on moving your washing machine when shifting homes in Perth, you need to get some professional help. You can always hire expert removalists in Perth who will help you properly secure all parts of the machine and move it carefully to your new home. If you would prefer doing it on your own, you should still get some friends or extra people to help you move your washing machine. Here are a few tips below to help you prepare and move your washing machine so that you do not damage the machine or injure yourself:

Before Moving Day

1. Clean Your Washing Machine

Before you start disassembling and uninstalling our machine, you must ensure it is spotless. This will prevent odours and rotten smells in your new home and ensure nothing is stuck inside the machine.
  • Firstly, move your hand around the washing machine and check for any small items like clips, buttons, pins or any small tags in your machine.
  • Once you have removed all these items, you should pour white vinegar into your machine load and run the washing cycle.
  • This will clean your washing machine and free it from any foul odours.
  • Let your washing machine dry for at least 24 hours before you start packing it up.

2. Gather Your Supplies

The next thing you should do is gather your packing and moving supplies to ensure a stress-free move. Whether you have a large capacity or front-load washing machine, you will need the following equipment:
  • A Moving dolly
  • Joint Pliers
  • Ramp
  • Packing ropes
  • Padded blankets
  • Tape
  • Bucket
  • Cardboard
  • Moving straps
  • Buckets
  • Shipping bolts
  • Bubble wrap

3. Disconnect The Power

Now you must start disassembling your washing machine by firstly disconnecting the power. Ensure your washing machine is turned off and the power button off to avoid electric shocks. Turn the power off your home’s breaker box, and then take the plug out. You should then wrap the power chord in bubble wrap and secure it to the back of the machine.

4. Unplug The Water Hoses

Unplugging the water hoses of a washing machine can be a little complicated, so if you are unsure how to do it, you can ask your removalists in Perth to help you. You can also follow the instructions in your machine manual to ensure that you are unplugging the hoses in the right way. To unplug your hoses, you must first turn the water valves at the back of the machine in a clockwise direction. This will shut off the water supply, so there is no waste. Next, you must find the hot and cold water hoses and unplug each with pliers. Place a bucket under each hose to collect all the water from the back of the machine. Lastly, disconnect the drain hose, place all the hoses in bubble wrap, and fasten them to the back of the machine.

5. Secure The Drum

Now, you must make sure that the washing machine drum does not get damaged when moving it. You should place transit bolts or shipping bolts that came with the machine at the rear end of the washing machine. Use your instruction booklet or ask your professional removalists in Perth to help you fasten the bolts securely. This will prevent the drum from moving during the relocation process; thus, the equipment will not get damaged. Lastly, place cardboard all around the drum to prevent any vibrations.

On Moving Day

1. Wrap Your Machine Securely

Now that moving day is here, you must wrap your washing machine in three to four padded blankets to keep it secure. Ensure you keep the blankets in place with ropes and chords; every part of the machine must be covered.

2. Use Your Moving Dolly

If you are using a furniture removalist service in Perth, you can ask them to place your washing machine on the dolly and then load it on the moving truck. If you are doing it on your own, ask your friends for help to lift the washing machine and place it on the moving dolly. Then secure the machine to the dolly with ropes and chords.

3. Load Your Washing Machine

Next, you should use a ramp to load your washing machine onto the moving truck and place it upright. The machine should be upright so that the electrical outlets do not get damaged during transit. You should secure your washing machine to the truck using ropes and chords so that it does not move around the truck and get damaged. Once you reach your new home, you can unload the machine and plug everything back in. It is always a good idea to let your professional removalists handle your washing machine’s loading and unloading to prevent any injuries on moving day. Important tip Always check the power outlets of your new home to see what kind of plug you would need for your washing machine. Most homes after the year 2000 require a four-pronged plug, but if you are moving to an old house, you might need a three-pronged plug. So, check this or ask your electrician to look at the power points.


If you follow the above tips, you should be able to move your washing machine without much hassle. Remember to follow the user manual for your washing machine or let your professional removalists in Perth handle the whole process. These experts will ensure that your machine reaches your new home safely and securely.