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16 Aug, 2021

How To Increase The Value Of Your Home When Planning To Relocate

Are you moving into a new house and planning to sell the current one? This can be an overwhelming situation for you. Make sure you stay relaxed and find out the ideal ways to increase the value of your home.

It is important to pack up your belongings and transit them safely with the help of reliable removalists in Perth. They will take care of your entire moving process so that you can focus on other aspects that make your home stand out in the selling process.

You can consider the following smart tips to attract potential home buyers and sell the house at the best price.

1. Wall Repair and Painting

The exterior of a home leaves the first impression on guests. So, it is worth to the repair the exterior walls, and paint it before presenting it on the market. Residential properties that look old or ugly won’t help you get the best price.

On the other side, beautifully-coated paint outside your house can make it look new, fresh and visually appealing.

Make sure you pack up your household belongings ahead of time so that you can inspect all the walls and fill the cracks and do necessary repairs. These small changes and renovations will make a house look beautiful.

2. Interior Flooring

According to some experienced property investors, most home buyers inspect floors when entering a property. They want contemporary, stylish and of course, clean flooring while searching the new house.

Old and dirty carpets and rugs will not attract potential buyers and also depreciate the value of your house. However, hardwood floors are quite popular and easy to care but keep them clean and shiny.

If you have delicate floor coverings, vacuum clean your carpets and rugs. Hire professional carpet cleaners to bring back its lost shine.

Tip: Do not forget to fix the issues in your flooring and increase the value of your home.

3. Renovate Windows and Doors

Since moving is itself an expensive event, make sure you prepare a realistic budget for the renovation of a home you are planning to sell. Fix all the windows and doors before painting it with vibrant colours. This can make your abode look energy-efficient and can attract home buyers.

4. Lighting is Important

Proper lighting can brighten up the entire house. It is important that the home is a perfect blend of a fixture as well as natural lighting. Every nook and corner of the space should be visible via natural lights. Also, fix the fittings and fixtures to let focus on the right spots.

Make sure to switch the old-fashioned hanging lights with modern-age ones, especially while selling your home.

5. Paint Interior Walls

Inspecting, repairing and painting interior walls can be a quite daunting and overwhelming process when you are planning to relocate. In such a situation, you can choose reliable and affordable removalists in Perth so that you can get enough time to prepare your home for a sale.

Be creative while choosing the paint colours for different rooms, like a living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. Make sure all colours merge well together and match other interior design aspects to enhance the look and feel of your house.

6. Fix Roof and Foundation Flaws

Believe it or not! Flaws in your foundation or rook can break the deal at the last moment if you are selling a house. Make sure you hire professionals for a thorough inspection of your house ahead of time.

If you find any structural loopholes, then fix it as soon as possible. Buyers would love to have a property with a proper structure and roofing.

7. Thoroughly Clean the Property

Nobody wants to buy a house if it is covered with dust, dirt, stains, mould and unpleasant odours. So, organise a thorough cleaning and focus on important areas, hidden spots, kitchen and other rooms before selling the property.

Get behind the heavy appliances, furniture and beds to remove dust and grime. It is good to clean up the premises after packing your household belongings.

8. Upgrade Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the important areas of your house. It is the place where you prepare meals, and that’s why it should look clean and hygienic.

Potential home buyers will definitely inspect the kitchen, and it should look modern if you want to get the best selling price.

9. Repair Your Bathroom

After upgrading your kitchen, move to your bathrooms and fix the issues, such as leaking taps, broken doors, a toilet seat, tubs, etc. You can add some great designs to enhance the look and feel.

Small repairs such as painting the walls, installing stylish cabinets, mirrors and sinks can increase the value of your house.


These are some useful tips that will help you increase the value of your house while relocating your house. You can easily get a good price for your resale property. Do not forget to book trained Perth removalists so that you can pay attention to these important tasks.