How To Identify A Bad Removalist Company

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How To Identify A Bad Removalist Company

Aug 02, 2021 Hiring a bad moving company can turn your home relocation experience into a nightmare. They may arrive late or send unprofessional people to move your much-loved possessions. You may also lose your expensive furniture during the lifting and loading process if you hire terrible removalists. It doesn’t matter how far or near you are moving, be sure you do thorough research and find out the most reliable option. From packing household items to dismantling bulky furniture, professionals Perth Removalists can do everything without damaging your stuff. They also follow the COVID-19 guidelines while moving your goods from one place to another. All you need to do is to identify the ones who are going to make your moving journey worst. Here is the list of things you will need to keep in mind and avoid scam companies:

1. Only Positive Customer Reviews

Believe it or not! The best companies in the industry also get negative remarks because it is hard to please everyone. So, do not fall for only good reviews. If you see such a scenario, then think twice and get into the details. Getting 5-star reviews can be a trap for you. So be careful and trust those companies that have mixed or genuine reviews. Quick Tip: Contact the previous customers to know more about the company. You will get better clarity related to their services, professional approach and other key aspects.

2. Inexperienced Team

If you want to keep your belongings safe throughout the journey, then check their experience before making the final decision. Start-ups or inexperienced companies can leave your items if something unexpected happens in the middle of the journey. They may even lift heavy boxes improperly. So, it is good to check this aspect and choose the one having at least 5-7 years of experience in the removals industry. Such companies know how to move all types and sizes of items from one place to another even in complicated situations.

3. They Can Provide you Cheapest Quote

Bad removalists will prey on you by sending the cheapest quotes. You need to stay away from such agencies because they can ask you to pay extra as hidden charges in between the moving process. Such quotes can lure people, especially those are under a serious financial crunch. So, the best thing you can do is to ask relevant questions related to the prices before hiring them. The questions are: • What is your pricing policy? • Do you charge an hourly rate or a flat one? • Are they any hidden costs that need to be taken care of? • Will there be a storage charge in case of delays? • What amount of money needed for a deposit? Ask them to send this in written. If they make excuses, then do not hire them. Instead of losing patience, you can find out the ways to manage your depression during the move and keep your much-loved belongings protected throughout the journey.

4. Change their Company Name Frequently

A good company understands the importance of their brand name and knows how to build it big across the city. If a company keeps changing its name, then there is something suspicious. Such agencies can be a scam and might have changed their name once every year for the last 6-7 years. So beware of them and look for the genuine one if you want to keep your precious possessions protected.

5. They May Ask You for a Big Deposit

Believe it or not! A renowned removals company in Perth never asks you to deposit a large amount to get things moved. In most cases, it is to protect themselves from last moment cancellations, which can turn into a major revenue loss. However, asking for a huge deposit can be an alarm for you. To avoid such scenarios, you can ask the company about the cancellation policy ahead of time before making the final decision. Do not choose the removalists if they ask you to pay a huge deposit.

6. They May Delay an Estimate Appointment

If a removals company is too late for your estimate appointment without a genuine reason, then you should avoid hiring them. One of the major traits of a good company is that they are punctual and very serious about meeting strict guidelines. So, this is how you can identify a bad moving company and save your time as well as belongings in your moving journey. You should look for the one which offers free on-site estimates. Request for a free quote or you can ask them to visit you before giving you the final estimate.


Hiring the bad moving company can really ruin your entire experience. It is good to identify red flags and choose the best removalists in Perth that can simplify your moving journey. Check the online reviews, pricing and cancellation policies before hiring the best company.