How To Find The Best School In Perth For Your Child When Moving

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How To Find The Best School In Perth For Your Child When Moving

May 15, 2020 Moving is a physically and emotionally draining experience for children because it is a significant change for them. Most children are scared of moving as they have to leave their school, friends and classmates behind to settle at a new unfamiliar place. It can be overwhelming for them, which is why it is your prerogative as a parent to find a suitable school for them to earn an education and create a new life comfortably in a different environment. Want to know how to find the best school in Perth for your child when moving? Here is a guide with useful tips.

Search about the State and Private Schools in the New Area

Start your search online to know the names of all the private and public schools in the area you are moving to. Learn about the schools which are ranked at the top in Perth by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. Read the schools’ reviews, download brochures, make inquiry calls and take other steps necessary to gather as much information as possible to shortlist the schools that you find the most suitable. Furthermore, inquire about the fee structures and additional charges to know if admitting your children in a school will be within your budget.

Understand Your Children’s Needs

Make sure to consider schools for your children according to his/her performance in current school, favourite subjects, interest in extracurricular activities etc. In addition, while shortlisting schools to enrol them keep the following needs of your child as well. • Academic programs • Caretaking services and sanitation provisions • Special programs such as Individualized Education Program, Career Advancement, etc • Cultural inclusions Please talk with your children to know what their end goals are and choose a school for them based on the information they provide.

Write Down What You Expect from a School

Before you start searching for schools in Perth that are near your new home, make points of all your requirements from an educational institute. These could include a school that is operated on morals and values you believe in, has a daycare if both parents are working etc. Assess your needs and select schools that can meet them. Caring about what you want from a school where you will send your children is equally important as your child’s needs. Other things to consider as a parent while selecting a school are • Distance from home and your office • Parent and Teacher Association programs and committee • Culture and environment • Transportation amenities offered by the school After selecting the schools you find best, there will be different tasks to complete, such as assess the neighbourhood, look at school infrastructure, etc. Hire removalists in Perth, cleaners, and other professionals to help you free bandwidth and take care of moving-related tasks while you go to different schools.

Take References

Ask relatives, friends, and acquaintances living in the area or nearby the locality you are moving to for providing names of schools their children go to for references. It is an excellent way to find the best schools with amenities that will be near to your home and be suitable for teaching your children. Many people and children prefer selecting a new school where there are familiar faces. Therefore, by asking your contacts about schools, you can see if your children can learn and go to a school with kids of your friends and relatives.

List of the Best Schools in Perth

There are certain schools in Perth that are worth considering for your children. Here is a list prepared by experts to help you know about the best schools in Perth. • Perth Model School • Hale School • Christ Church Grammar School • St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School • Presbyterian Ladies’ College • Methodist Ladies’ College • Perth College • St Hilda’s Anglican Girls’ School • Ursula Frayne Catholic College • Shenton College

When to Visit the Schools?

After shortlisting the schools you would like to send your children to, it would be wise to visit them for more clarity. Understandably, it can be hard to find time to visit the educational institutes due to moving-related duties. However, if you have hired professional removalists in Perth, you can find time by delegating packing, handling and moving duties to the experts. Besides, taking the assistance of professional removalists in Perth, you can ask friends and relatives to help with moving-related tasks and take out time for school inspection. It will be ideal if your children are enrolled in the new school before the moving day.

The Bottom Line

Finding the best schools in Perth when moving to a new home is not as challenging when you what are your needs and what are the requirements of your children. Through this guide, selecting the right educational institute for your kids can be made easy and swift. Making an effort to enrol children in the most suitable school will help your kids warm up to the change and settle at their new school comfortably.