How To Donate Your Used Items To Shelters When Moving

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How To Donate Your Used Items To Shelters When Moving

Sep 01, 2022 Are you moving homes in Perth soon and want to get rid of your unwanted possessions before that? Relocating is a good time to sort through your things, declutter before a move and donate the things you don’t use anymore or don’t need. This will not only reduce your burden and cost of moving these items but donating these items will also help you impact someone else’s life. You will be helping those in need instead of just throwing away or destroying these items. Professional Perth removalists can help you pack and move all your essential items to your new home while you organise your donations in the following order:

1. Donate Clothes

  • If you have a piece of clothing that you haven’t used in over two years, you need to donate or sell this item.
  • Before donating this item to a local charity or shelter in Perth, you must ensure it is in good condition and does not have tears or stains on it.
  • You can search for a local charity online and even check their wishlist to see what clothing items they need and then donate them.
  • Some charities will also accept items like scarves, socks, shoes, hats, and mufflers, especially in the winter.

2. Donate Household Items

You might also have a lot of household items and large pieces of furniture which might not fit into your new home. Instead of disassembling the parts and throwing them away in dumps, you can donate these household items to local shelters and centres. You can also donate items like mattresses, sheets and linens to animal shelters so that they can also use them.

3. Donate Food Items

  • When moving homes in Perth, you must clean your fridge and make sure there are no perishables left.
  • You can either take packaged food with you on the move or donate it to a local food bank or homeless shelter.
  • In Australia, at least 5 % of the population suffers from food insecurity due to a lack of proper access to nutritious and healthy food.
  • If you donate your food items instead of throwing them away, you can help families and individuals access good quality and nutritious food.
  • Before you pack up your food items for donation, you should ensure that the items have not been opened or the packaging hasn’t been destroyed.
  • You must also check the expiry date to avoid donating expired items. You can donate food items, including canned soup, rice, legumes, nuts, squash, canned fruits, vegetables, and rolled oats.

4. Donate Electronics

If you are upgrading your electronic items and want to get rid of old ones when moving homes, you can donate them to local shelters. Let your quality removalists in Perth move and load all your other belongings while you go online and search for good charities and shelters that will accept your electronics. Many have wishlists of electronics they might need on their sites, and you can check if they will accept your item. If you cannot donate these electronics to any charity, you can always sell them in a garage sale and give that extra money to a charity or shelter.

5. Donate Books And Toys

If you have old books and toys that your kids don’t use anymore or have outgrown, you can collect them in a box and donate them to a children’s shelter. You can even donate your old books in decent condition to local libraries. Ensure the toys are in good condition and are not dangerous or toxic.

6. Donate Your Pet Food And Toys

If you are moving with pets and plan on getting your pet new things, you should collect all their old toys and packaged food items and donate them to a local animal shelter. You can ask your quality removalists in Perth to pack all your other belongings while you drop off your old pet toys at an animal shelter or charity.

7. Donate General Items

Many homeless shelters and charities will accept general items you might not need when moving homes. These general items can include toothbrushes, toothpaste, baby wipes, diapers, deodorant, body washes, backpacks, razors and hygiene products. You can check the shelter’s list of items online and then donate these items accordingly. If you do not find a shelter for any of these items, you can send them for recycling so that it doesn’t go to waste and end up in a landfill.


You can donate many items easily to shelters and charities in Perth when relocating homes. You must ensure that these items are in good condition and not worn out so that they can be used by people who need them. This will help you declutter your space when moving and make you feel good about contributing to society.