How To Create A Home Inventory Checklist For Your Move

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How To Create A Home Inventory Checklist For Your Move

Sep 19, 2022 Did you know that Perth’s average monthly cost of living is 5,917 AUD? This is much cheaper than the cost of living in Sydney or Melbourne, where the prices of groceries and public amenities are much higher. Thus, it is a good idea to plan a move to the world-class city of Perth in Western Australia, which has beautiful beaches, stunning wildlife, World Heritage sites, serene landscapes and advanced amenities. But before you hire removalist services in Perth to start packing your belongings, you must create an inventory of your items. This is essential because it will help you track all your items and apply for insurance in the unfortunate event that they get stolen or damaged. You can follow the tips below to create this inventory, but before that, you should know what an inventory is and why it is essential:

What Is A Home Inventory?

An inventory is a handwritten or electronic list and record of all the items in your home and their estimated value. This includes large items like furniture items as well as small items like jewellery and utensils. You should also list all your fragile and valuable items to ensure you know where everything is. You can use this list when migrating to Perth to keep track of your items.

Why Is This List Important?

A home inventory checklist is essential because of the following reasons:
  • It will help you know what items you already have so that you don’t buy extra items when moving homes.
  • You can also start organising and decluttering your items when creating this list to help you reduce your packing and moving costs.
  • If you have items you don’t need, you can sell or donate them, thus reducing your moving load.
  • This inventory list will also be helpful in claiming insurance in the rare chance that your items are damaged or stolen when moving homes.
  • You can file a claim for contents insurance with the local authority so that they can repair or replace the item or give you the money to replace it.
  • Thus it is also essential to write the values of your items so that the insurance authority knows how much money to provide you to replace the item.
  • If you are hiring a removalist service in Perth to help you, make sure they have insurance so they can cover the cost of replacing or repairing any item that might get damaged or lost when relocating.
  • You will also be able to estimate your moving costs with this list, as these removalists will provide you with a moving quote based on this inventory.

How To Create An Inventory Checklist

1. Create A Format

You can either use a pen or paper to make this list or do it online and create four columns:
  • First column: Item Name
  • Second Column: Price of the item
  • Third Column: Serial number
  • Fourth Column: Room
If you list the room in which you want to put this item, it will help you unpack your items more efficiently and quickly.

2. Move From Room To Room

Now that you have your format ready, you should start listing all your items, and it is better to do so by going from one room to another. This will also help you declutter your items and sell or donate any items you don’t need.

3. Write Down Any Extra Features

If your item is valuable or has some extra features and specifications, you should write it down in the first column. For instance, in the case of a camera, you can write down the model number, the colour and if it has a case or not. This will help you and your removalists in Perth identify the item and ensure nothing goes missing.

4. Take Photos And Videos

It is a good idea to take photos and videos of your items and attach them to the list. This will be extra proof if anything goes missing and will help your insurance claims. When taking a video, open all drawers and shelves so you can see all the items inside.

5. Make Copies

Lastly, you must make copies of this list and give one copy to your furniture removalists Perth. This will help them track and ensure that all your items reach your new home. You should also give your friends and family a copy as an added security measure in case of a theft or fire. Remember to keep your copy in your moving bag so it doesn’t get packed up in any box.


A home inventory checklist helps you stay more organised and in control when moving homes in Perth. You can use it to keep track of all your big and small items and file an insurance claim in case they get damaged or stolen. This will help make moving to Perth much more accessible and hassle-free.