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30 Sep, 2019

How to Communicate to Staff When Moving an Office or Business?

The key to success for any organisation is strong communication between the employers and employees. It focuses on building trust, reduces blunders, increases productivity and generates higher revenues for a business. On the contrary, poor communication, unfortunately, de-motivates staff, increases the chances of mistakes and risks, which could downturn the overall productivity.

That’s one of the reasons why most organisations emphasise on developing strong communication strategies. From notifying about policy changes to day-to-day operations, you need to convey everything, related to your business. In case you are moving an office from one location to another, make sure you create a stress-free plan and break the news to your staff at the right time.

Since moving office can be an unsettling situation for you as well as your employees, make sure you hire experienced Perth Removalists. They can help you relocate expensive office furniture and other important items to the new location with care and precision.

You can leave the complicated moving chores to professionals and focus on the tricks to communicate to your employees for smooth and efficient office relocation.

Here we go!

1. Determine Key Messages for a Move

Moving an office or a business is something that requires thorough planning, budget calculation, time management and a lot more. So, make sure you decide key messages that you need to convey to your employees for a stress-free removal.
You can include the timeline, packing strategies, office closures, office layout of a new place and other important details of your business location in Perth. For better clarity, take a look at the following tips:

List all the vital steps involved in the office relocation. This will help your in-house staff to know what to expect and when.
Let your employees know everything about the packing strategy. Give instructions on how to pack and prepare their cubicles for the relocation. Be sure to provide them with the best quality of packing supplies along with deadlines.

You may also need to stop the business operations so that you can conduct the final packing and relocation of office furniture and equipment. To provide notice of office closures at least a week before your final move.

Since your employees are curious to know more about the new office, you can create an interesting way to inform them of how their workspace will look like to keep them engaged with the moving procedure.

Provide your business members with all the information related to the new location, local amenities, and public transportation facilities.

2. Break the News at the Right Time

Developing a flexible and robust communication system helps in coordinating various departments within an organisation. But make sure the message you are conveying is precise and clear. Being a business owner, you should when and how to break the news of relocation to the employees. Instead of informing them on the last few days, you can do this a long time before the final moving day. This will give them enough time to prepare themselves and even ask questions for better clarity.

If communication is delayed, it would adversely impact the overall process of relocation and people may feel stressed due to the lack of knowledge or awareness.

3. Use the Best Platform to convey the Message

A company incorporates different communication platforms to share the news, ideas and other important things related to the business to the entire staff. So, the way you convey the message should be determined by the type of message it is. Since moving an office involves strict timelines, make sure you use the best platform for quick and effective communication. You can use the following methods to deliver your message regarding the move:


If your company has an intranet service, you should this use to convey the relocation news to your staff. This platform allows you to update files and information easily that can reach all employers and employees.


You can also use emails to send notifications related to the office relocation with new office address. Though email is simple, it is not always the best options. So, instead of sending too many emails, you can use it to allow people to know where they can get the information.

Face-to-Face Meetings

Organise a staff meeting and announce the news to let them know everything about the relocation. You can encourage them to participate in the packing process so that you can get the work done within a given timeframe.

Bulletin Board

This is one of the conventional ways of making important announcements in an organisation. People usually check bulletin board on a regular basis. So, you can provide details related to the packing and moving chores along with deadlines.

4. Reply to their Query & Concerns

Being an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to support your employees who may have doubts or queries about the office relocation. Use social media platforms or hyperlink to online forums and help desks and other communication channels to let employees clear their doubts before the final day of moving. Give them easy access to the necessary resources.

You can make it more effective by creating an engaging newsletter for staff so that they can start packing their stuff without confusion. You can also ask questions about the move for a seamless operation.

5. Involve your Staff

It is good to get your staff involved in the moving process. This will keep their morale high throughout the journey, and also help them to feel a special part of your organisation. You can ask them for feedback related to the new office layout or take assistance for creating a new design for your office.

You can also involve them during the searching process of a reliable removal company in Perth. Respect to their advice, understand their thought process and let them share creative packing ideas with you.

6. Amplify Your Communication Strategy

This step is taken when the moving day is just a week away. Make use of open communication channels like desktop alerts or headlines to let your staff know more about deadlines. Give them enough to pack their personal office areas, update their contact information or apply for new security passes.

7. Simplify the Transition

It may take time for some employees to adopt this new change. So, once you have moved to the new place, it is important for you to carry out a thorough review of how your staff are settling in and also identify their issues in order to give them a comfortable working environment at the new place.

Lead your team from the front and make your employees feel happy and relaxed during the transition of an office.


Moving an office can be a real stress for you, especially when it comes to communicating the news to the entire staff. You need to be calm, patient and friendly while announcing the relocation of your office. Let your employees understand the situation and assist you in packing and moving processes.

In order to ease down the moving stress, you can hire trained Perth Removals who have years of moving heavy and delicate office furniture and equipment with a damage-free guarantee. Trust only the professionals who can make your moving journey a stress-free one.