How To Choose The Right Moving Van For Your House Move

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How To Choose The Right Moving Van For Your House Move

May 03, 2023 Are you moving to the beautiful city of Perth in Western Australia? In Perth, you can explore iconic landmarks like Kings Park and Botanic Garden, stunning beaches like Cottesloe Beach and Rockingham Beach and the tranquil and mesmerising Swan River. But while moving here, you will have to make many important decisions, like whether to do a DIY move or hire professional removalists Perth to help you. You will also have to complete other tasks like updating your address, paying your bills and packing your belongings. If you are hiring professionals for this move, they will calculate the size of your home and belongings and then pick the right moving vehicle for you. But if you are doing a DIY move, you must estimate the right moving van to fit all your belongings and furniture items. If you are doing this for the first time, here are some factors that will help you choose the right moving van for your move to Perth:  Choosing The Right Moving Van For Your House Move 

1. Measure The Number Of Furniture Items And Moving Boxes

The first thing you should do when picking a moving van is go through each room and calculate how many furniture pieces you have and your total number of boxes. You should also consider large, heavy items that will take up lots of space in your moving vehicle. Once you have calculated your number of boxes and furniture items, use an online calculator to estimate how much cubic space they will occupy on a moving van. Tip: Declutter before a move so that you can cut down on the number of boxes you need and thus rent a smaller moving van.

2. Calculate How Many Rooms You Will Be Moving

Along with the number of boxes and furniture items you are moving, you must also count the number of rooms you are moving to pick the right moving van. According to estimates, one furnished room of your home can occupy around 150-200 cubic centimetres on a moving vehicle, so pick your moving vehicle accordingly. Most removalist experts in Perth will tell you the number of bedrooms that will fit into their moving vehicles. For instance, a 15- to 16-foot truck can fit two bedrooms worth of boxes and furniture pieces. However, this is an approximate number as houses that have the same number of bedrooms may be of different sizes and may have different amounts of belongings. Therefore, it is best to use this as an approximate amount and let removals company in Perth calculate the correct moving van size for you.

3. Take Into Account The Distance Of The Move

When moving out of your home, you must also see whether you are relocating within the same city or over a long distance. This is because some moving vans and trucks, like cargo vans and trailers, are better suited for your local moves, whereas large box trucks are better suited for long-distance moves as they can hold more items. It is best to hire full-service professional removalists for a long-distance move as they will not only estimate the right size of your moving van or truck but also pack and load items onto the van and transport them safely to your new home.

4. Pick The Moving Van That Suits Your Move Best

Once you know the number of belongings you are moving, the distance you are moving and the number of bedrooms in your home, you should look at the different moving vans and pick the one that suits you best. Here are three types of moving vans that you can choose from for your move:
  • Panel Van: Studio Homes And Single Furniture Items
You should use a panel van if you are moving from a studio apartment or home or have a few large pieces of furniture. These vans are built like a regular car and can thus hold small loads.
  • Parcel Vans: Medium Sized-Homes And Few Furniture Items
Parcel vans are a better option if you have a medium-sized home or have at least a few heavy-duty furniture items, as they are bigger than panel vans. These parcel vans range from 12 to 15 feet long and can take loads up to 3000 pounds.
  • City Vans: Good For Large Moves Within The City
City vans are the best option if you have many belongings or a big home and are moving within the city. These vans have a large windshield and a tilted steering wheel, making it easier to manoeuvre them on city roads. If these vans are too small for your moving load, you can rent or hire box moving trucks in various sizes.
  • Box trucks are ideal for moving large houses and are good for long-distance moves as their size can range from 10 feet up to 26 feet. Depending on your needs, you can fit up to a three-four bedroom home along with items like mattresses, nightstands and dressers, in these trucks. 

Additional Tips

  • If you are still unsure about the size, always pick a moving van that is at least 10-15% bigger than the estimated amount of space your belongings will occupy.
  • Stack heavy items first and load them onto one another carefully to fit more belongings and avoid multiple trips.
  • Fill empty spaces between boxes and furniture with pillows, mattresses, and bubble wrap.
  • It is a good idea to also get moving insurance to secure your belongings when transporting them on the rental truck.


Use the above tips to help you find the right moving van for your house move so that you can move your item safely. If you have many items to move or are relocating over a long distance, it is best to let professionals handle this, as they will calculate the right sized-van or truck for your move and load and transport everything carefully.