How To Calculate The Costs Of Relocation

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How To Calculate The Costs Of Relocation

Nov 19, 2021 Are you financially prepared for home relocation? Whether you are moving next to the apartment within Perth or across the new state, you need to create a rough budget to track your moving expenses. Planning ahead of time will make a lot of things easy, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You can also hire good removalists in Perth after comparing quotes from at least three companies. This will help you outsource a professional removals service within your estimated budget. You need to know your financial requirements even if you are planning for a DIY move because there are various other expenses related to home relocation that needs to be considered.  Here is a complete guide to help you calculate the moving costs with ease. Factors that can Affect Your Moving Cost Before you begin calculations, it important to define the potential factors that can affect the home relocation cost. Here is the list of several variables that need to be taken care of before getting into the actual process:

1. Size of your Home Relocation

Are you transiting a lot of household belongings?  This will not only increase your moving cost but also take longer to complete the process. You may also face difficulty in moving heavier boxes. The best thing you can do is to de-clutter your household items. You can get rid of items, such as old furniture, broken appliance, etc before moving to the new place. Donate or sell belongings you no longer need but are in good condition. This will reduce your moving load as well as overall expenses.

2. Moving Distance

This is one of the major factors that can affect the cost of your relocation. Travelling distance can increase or reduce the overall cost. Local Move: It is comparatively less as compared to interstate or long distance move. It is usually based on hourly rates and the total number of hours and labour needed to finish the process. Interstate Move: These types of moves are one of the most expensive ones. Companies usually charge depending on the total weight of your belongings as well as the total distance covered.

3. Method of Relocation

The method you pick for your home relocation will have a huge impact on the total cost. Hiring Perth Removalists If you are planning to hire a moving company, make sure you decide whether you want a full-service package or just a few services, such as removals, storage, etc. It is good to do proper research and shortlist at least 4-5 companies. Ask them to provide you an upfront pricing quote so that you can get idea and make the right decision. DIY Move If you are under a serious financial crunch and want to move on your own, you need to consider the few things while calculating the cost. Start planning and do proper research to generate best possible outcomes. Also, consider a few tips to prevent injuries on a moving day if you are doing it on your own. Tasks, including packing up household belongings, heavy lifting, moving heavy furniture, renting a moving truck etc need to be performed on your own, so be careful. You also need to create an estimated budget to bear the expenses involved in these tasks.  AThe major costs involved in a DIY move are: • Fees of a rental truck • Packing supplies • Rent of moving equipment, such as a moving dollies, etc • Mileage prices • Insurance cost • Treats: If your friends and relatives are helping you in packing and lifting belongings, treat them to a nice meal. Quick Note: There are lot of hidden costs involved in a DIY move. Instead of doing this, you can search for an affordable moving service in Perth.

4. Relocation Add-ons

Do not forget to consider the add-on services while calculating your moving cost. You may need additional services, such as packing of delicate items, safe removals of large furniture, etc. So, depending on your needs, you can add these costs into your budget and plan things accordingly.

5. Storage Unit

If you want to downsize your home and want to store unwanted yet precious items in a safe and sound warehouse, you need to add the storage fees into your moving budget. It will depend on how long you want to keep your belongings in the unit. Storage rates also vary from company to company. So, ask everything before making the final decision.

6. Packing Supplies

If you are packing up household belongings on your own, you need to buy necessary packing materials, such as packing tape, packing paper,furniture blankets, bubble wraps, , boxes, plastic bags, a marker pen, etc. So, make a list of things you need and create an estimated budget.

7. Valuation and Liability Coverage

If you are hiring a moving company, make sure you buy some sort of liability or insurance coverage. Of course, moving companies offer insurance, such as basic release value protection and full value protection, but it is good to opt for a better option from a third-party insurance company.

8. Moving date

This is also one of the important factors that can affect your moving cost. Choosing the right date and hiring professionals on time is very important step. For instance, a weekend move or during the peak season means higher moving cost as compared to a week-day or off season move. Booking the right company in advance will reduce your stress and keep you stay focused throughout the process.


You can easily find online cost calculations or directly contact to the best Perth Removalists and get a free quote. Be realistic while setting your budget and keep these factors in mind for a safe and budget-friendly move.