How To Avoid Moving Scams?

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How To Avoid Moving Scams?

Oct 12, 2023

The complete process of organising and packing when planning for a move can distract and overwhelm you. This is a fact that most scammers are aware of, and they also know how to take advantage of such situations.

They commonly hold the shipments, lose/damage them or delay the delivery. Most unauthorised movers are also known to use fraudulent practices, including charging more than the actual cost. Some of them also promise low pricing while hurrying things along and ignoring important details to carry out the scam.

It is always a red flag if you are being rushed into signing a moving contract. Once the movers have your household items on their truck, you will be at a big disadvantage. You will have trouble getting your stuff back. Understanding how scammers differ from genuine professional removalists in Perth is a requirement these days.

Here is how to avoid moving scams with effective planning and research. These tips will help you avoid losing money and belongings when moving.

1. Thoroughly Research the Moving Companies

Before choosing your removalist, it is a must to know about them. Thus, researching and verifying is essential. You can go to their website as well as meet them in person to gather as much information as possible. If you have trouble finding a good company, then you also ask for recommendations from trusted sources such as your relatives.

If they have moved in the past, they will certainly have the name and probably the contact information of the movers. Remember that a genuine and reputable moving company will be patient and provide all the necessary details. They will also confidently show the licensing information, which you should verify.

2. Request for an On-Site Inspection

If the movers are estimating the price online or through calls, then that is a major red flag. For each company you are considering, request an in-person survey of your belongings. This way, you can assess their professionalism and reliability and get accurate moving costs. Authentic removalists in Perth will visit your home and review the items while discussing their services in detail.

This step is essential because moving prices are not based only on the weight of the stuff but also on the space each of them will take in the truck. So that is why companies that do not conduct in-person surveys are most likely to be scammers.

3. Analyse the Estimates and Contracts

Once you receive the estimates and the contract, take your time to analyse and understand each aspect. Examine the details, including the fine print, as that will help you discover any hidden fees or uncertain clauses. If anything seems unclear, do not hesitate to ask the company and seek clarification.

A reliable removalist will be patient throughout the process. They will explain the terms and conditions in detail, clearing all your doubts. They will offer all the needed information to help you finalise your decision of choosing a house moving company.

4. Verify the Mover’s Credentials and Accreditation

To verify the authenticity and reliability of the mover, it is essential to check the credentials and accreditation. Most moving companies have certain credentials that indicate their commitment to industry standards. Check if the company is a member of respected associations such as the Australian International Movers Association (AIMA) or other national moving associations.

Such memberships often indicate adherence to a code of ethics, which shows that the company is dedicated to providing quality service. This makes them reliable for moving your belongings. Hiring professional companies will always be a good decision.

5. Check the Company’s Insurance Policies

One of the most crucial things to do for a successful move is guaranteeing your belongings’ safety. The majority of genuine moving companies provide multiple insurance options for maximum protection of your items during transit. Thoroughly check the provided insurance coverage and buy supplementary coverage if needed to ensure complete protection.

Furthermore, be sure to clarify the liability policies of the company about lost or damaged items. Being aware of these aspects ensures that you are covered if anything does happen to your stuff during the move. It is very similar to how you can claim compensation for a new product that is not up to the mark.

6. Do not let the Company ask for a Moving Deposit

One of the easiest ways to find out if a moving company is dishonest is if they ask for a moving deposit. Genuine removalists in Perth will not request a large deposit to move your belongings. The only time payment is required is when they have delivered all your stuff to the new home.

If you hand over the money before the move, you will have no way of getting it back if the items get damaged or lost. So, make sure that you pay the money after the drop-off. The amount should be mutually agreed upon in the contract.

Wrapping Up

For a smooth and stress-free moving process, a lot of people trust a moving company to help them transport their belongings. However, moving scams do take place, and that is why it is essential to stay careful. Follow the tips from this article to avoid moving scams and pick the best removalists in Perth.