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11 Jun, 2021

How Many Boxes Do You Need When Moving

Packing is one of the critical processes for the utmost safety of your precious household possessions. Whether you are moving next to the street in Perth or across the new state, you need proper packing supplies. Cardboard boxes are those materials that can protect different types and sizes of valuable possessions throughout the lifting and relocation procedure.

With the exception of large and heavy kitchen appliances and furniture, the rest of your household items will have to be wrapped up safely in moving boxes. It is good to hire trained Perth removalists and transit them safely to the new place.

However, if you are planning for a DIY move, then ask yourself that ‘how many moving boxes do you need while relocating home?’ This is an important question to consider, especially when you are moving for the first time.

Luckily, we are unveiling some great hacks that will help you estimate the number of required moving boxes depending on different factors.

Let’s Get Started!

Factors to Consider Before investing in Moving Boxes

There is no use of buying all sizes of boxes as it will cost you a lot. Instead, you can get a rough idea of the number of boxes you will require for the packing process. So, consider the following factors and make a decision wisely:

1. Number of Rooms

You should bring boxes depending on the number of rooms you have in a home. The more rooms simply mean more items will be moved. So, you should calculate accordingly and create a rough estimate related to the boxes. There are various moving box calculators available on the internet. You can use them for better understanding.

According to some experts, you may need around 10 small, 8 medium-sized and 5 large moving boxes per room. This is just a rough estimate and it may vary depending on the number of rooms you have in the house.

If you are living in a studio apartment, then you may need:

• 10 Small boxes
• 15 medium-sized boxes
• 13 large boxes
• 7 XL-sized boxes

For One bedroom apartment, you may need:

• 15 Small boxes
• 20 medium-sized boxes
• 18 large boxes
• 8 extra-large boxes
• 5 Wardrobe boxes

For 2 bedroom unit, you have to arrange:

• 20 Small boxes
• 30 medium-sized boxes
• 22 large boxes
• 12 extra-large boxes
• 5 wardrobe boxes

If you are moving out of a 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom house, then arrange:

• 50 small boxes
• 40 medium-sized boxes
• 32 large boxes
• 15 XL-sized boxes
• 6 wardrobe boxes

This is one of the best ways to know the number of boxes you will need for packing household belongings.

2. Number of Boxes by Square Foot

Some experienced removalists in Perth claim that calculating the number of moving boxes for packing can be determined easily by square foot. This will give you a more accurate idea as compared to number of rooms while arranging the boxes.

Based on the square footage, here is the calculation of the number of cardboard boxes you may need:

400-700 Sq Feet:

• 8-16 small boxes
• 10-15 medium-sized boxes
• 7 large boxes
• 4 extra-large boxes

700-1250 sq feet:

• 18-24 small boxes
• 18-24 medium-sized boxes
• 9-12 large boxes
• 6-8 XL-sized boxes

1200-1700 sq feet:

• 35-40 small boxes
• 26-36 medium-sized boxes
• 18-22 large boxes
• 12-14 XL-sized ones

1700-2200 Sq feet:

• 40-43 small boxes
• 38-48 medium-sized boxes
• 22-28 large boxes
• 14-17 XL-sized boxes

3. Number of People

This is one of the easiest ways to estimate the required number of moving boxes while packing your belongings. It is good to ask every member in your home to give their estimate so that you can arrange boxes ahead of time.

4. Standard of Living or Lifestyle

Many people consider this factor while arranging cardboard boxes for packing household belongings.

You may need the fewest number of cardboard boxes with more of medium-sized and large boxes if you are a minimalist.

Are you one of those who keep emotional stuff like gifts, cards and notebooks with you? If yes then you may need extra boxes as you will take most of the items along with you to the new place.

5. Standard Moving Boxes

These are one of those packing items you will need the most while wrapping up your household belongings. They come in different sizes as mentioned above in first three points. So, let’s dig into their sizes for better clarity:

• Small moving boxes come in 18’’ x 18’’ x 16’’ size and the capacity is around 1.5 cubic feet.
• Medium-sized boxes have approx 16’’ x 12’’ x 12’’ size and capacity is 3.0 cubic feet.
• Large cardboard boxes come in 18’’ x 18’’ x 24’’ size and have a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet.
• XL-sized boxes: Appropriate size is 24’’ x 18’’ x 24’’ and capacity is 6.0 cubic feet.

6. Speciality Boxes

Apart from standard moving boxes, there are various other types of cardboard boxes available in the market to pack clothes, kitchenware, lamps, documents, books and wine. Some of them are:

• Dish barrel boxes: These are perfect for breakable items like glasses and antiques. They come with double-walls for extra protection.
• Cabinet Boxes: These are great for relocating hanging clothes without causing any damage.
• Picture boxes: You can use them to transport framed items like pictures, paintings, mirrors and photos.
• Book Boxes: You can relocate heavy books in these boxes. They are pretty huge and can help you pack most of your books.


The requirement of cardboard boxes completely depends on the factors mentioned above in the article. You can also create a rough estimate or simply hire professional Perth removalists for safe and sound removals of your household belongings.