Essential Moving Guide For Seniors

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senior couple packing for the move

Essential Moving Guide For Seniors

Jul 10, 2019 Moving to the new place for an older adult is mentally, physically and financially tough. As a senior, you will face challenges in accomplishing your packing and moving chores. Plus, there are a few key factors including accessing to healthcare, arranging funds, recreation and other practical problems that should be considered while planning the move for seniors. Since an older adult can’t participate in packing and shifting heavy items, they need assistance from professional Perth removalists. Apart from this, they need proper planning and moving guide for the protection of their valuable items throughout the moving journey. Here, in this post, we have created a complete moving guide to help seniors move smoothly, safely and securely. Have a look at the tips and tricks and ensure a stress-free move.

1. Schedule your Final Moving Day

Retirement, significant changes in lifestyle, and health concerns are some of the key reasons why seniors consider moving. Some seniors want to shift to a smaller house after their retirement, or some want to relocate closer to their family. Whatever the reason is, make sure you create a moving plan and schedule your moving date and day ahead of time. So, start with this and head towards a safe and time-efficient move.

2. Hire Highly-Trained Removalists

When you have an older adult in your family, make sure you follow all the steps for hiring quality removalists in Perth. They should have all the skills and necessary equipment to make your move as stress-free as possible. Since a senior member can’t help you in your moving chores, you can ask them to sit back and relax while letting your hired removalists pack and move all the precious belongings without any damage. Deciding the right time to move can help you find the best moving company in your city within your estimated budget.

3. Take Assistance in Sorting out Household Items

Whether you are experiencing emptiness and need to move into your smaller house closer to your family or you have an older person who is moving into a care facility, it is important to downsize the load of the household items that need to be shifted to the new place. You can assist your elders in sorting out the items. It is good to get rid of items you don’t need in your new place. Categorise them into three different piles: Donate, Recycle and Throw. If you are a senior and can’t sort out the items alone, take assistance from your family members or friends. They will help you in reducing a load of your belongings during the transition process.

4. Look for Professional Packing Service

Packing is one of the essential steps that can help you protect your precious belongings from damages during the transportation process. Nobody wants to lose their belongings due to the lack of packing skills. Being a senior, you can’t arrange and pack your items alone. You need assistance from professionals. If you are not hiring a moving company, make sure you avail professional packing service who can wrap your belongings using high-quality materials and give an extra shield of coverage, especially to the fragile items. If you are hiring professional removalists in Perth, don’t forget to ask them about their packing service. They specialise in quality packing within an estimated price.

5. Notify your Doctors about the Move

No matter how far your move is, make sure you notify all your doctors and physicians about the upcoming relocation. If you are moving across the city, ensure you ask for genuine recommendations and referrals. You can do this around six to five weeks before your final moving day.

6. Contact your Health Insurance Company

This is a crucial step. Seniors are concerned about their health, especially when they have to cover a long-distance in the relocation. So, contact your health insurance company to confirm hassle-free medical coverage during and after the move.

7. Find a New Doctor and Forward Medical Details

Before moving to the new home, make sure you find a new doctor and forward all the medical details. This is done because seniors need monthly checkups and so be prepared before your final move out.

8. Manage your Moving day

When you enter your final moving day, make sure you take some essential measures to keep everything safe and secure. This is a tough job, so plan ahead according to the situation. First of all, you need to ensure that you are not injured during the process. To avoid any back injury, make sure you:
  • Take professional assistance from Perth Removalists
  • Don’t pack boxes that weigh more than 40 pounds
  • Use right lifting techniques
  • Leave all the lifting chores to the professionals
  • Keep your pets away from your move.


Seniors need help from their younger family members during their move. If you are moving along with your elder members, make sure you assist them and make them comfortable with the process. If you are a senior and don’t have any young member with you, then it would be good to consider essential moving guide for seniors mentioned above in the post and don’t forget to hire experienced Perth Removalists for a safe and seamless relocation.