Education And Schools In Perth: Complete Relocation Guide

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Education And Schools In Perth: Complete Relocation Guide

Sep 25, 2020 Perth is the capital of Western Australia reckoned for its warm and welcoming community, great climate and high standard of living. Over the years, many migrants and expats have made it their home due to the strong economy of the state, good infrastructural development, and abundance of career opportunities making the estimated resident population (EPR) reach 2,085,973 as of June end 2019. Besides these reasons, another important factor is that the city has excellent schools and higher education options. Thus, many people with children and young couples planning to start a family move here for better primary, secondary and higher education opportunities. If you are among them and considering moving to Perth, then have a look at this complete relocation guide. It lists the top schools and universities in Perth along with the things to consider while selecting a school. Furthermore, read on to learn tips by professional removalists in Perth on how to move with children as it can be emotionally taxing for the little ones.

Top Schools in Perth

Most parents want to enrol their children into good schools with an excellent reputation, experienced faculties, and modern amenities. Perth has a host of prestigious and established primary and secondary education centres which are either government-owned or private. Therefore, it can get confusing and exhausting trying to compare ratings, reviews, and other facts to know which schools are the best. To help ease the confusion for you and make it easier to find a suitable school for your children, here is a list of the top schools in Perth. • Perth Modern School (government-owned) • St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls (private) • Christ Church Grammar School (private) • Rossmoyne Senior High School (government-owned) • St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School (private) • Hale School (private) • All Saints’ College (private) • Shenton College (government-owned) • Willetton Senior High School (government-owned) • Presbyterian Ladies’ College (private) These schools are the best for high school education. Besides these, the most prominent ones for primary education are listed as follows. • Oberthur Primary School (government-owned) • Floreat Park Primary School (government-owned) • International School of Western Australia (private) • Hale School (private) • Nedlands Primary School (government-owned) • Schools of Isolated & Distance Education (government-owned) • Caladenia Primary School (government-owned) • Perth Montessori School (private) • Kapinara Primary School (government-owned) • St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls (private) Along with managing other moving-related tasks, such as packing, booking experienced removalists in Perth, decluttering, etc., make sure to research about these schools to pick ones that will be best suited for your children’s needs.

Top Universities and Colleges in Perth

Perth is home to some of the best colleges and universities in Western Australia. It is not only preferred by indigenous students for higher education but also by students from other states and overseas for excellent educational opportunities. Therefore, if you have children who will be enrolling in colleges in the coming years, then here are some of the top places they should consider. • University of Western Australia • Curtin University • Murdoch University • Edith Cowan University • Sterling Business College • Paramount College of Natural Medicine • Murdoch Institute of Technology • St Catherine’s College UWA • College of Law Western Australia • Skills Australia Institute

Things to Keep in Mind While Shortlisting Schools

Moving is a significant event in anyone’s life, especially for children who have to leave their school, neighbourhood, and other familiar places behind and adjust to new ones. Therefore, it becomes excessively important for you as a parent to research and choose a school for your children which will help provide excellent education and opportunities to lead a healthy social life. Want to know how to find the best school for your child? Here are things to keep in mind while researching and shortlisting institutes for primary or secondary education.

Define Requirements

Before you start looking for a school, it is essential to understand the requirements of your child along with yours. Write down everything that comes to mind as it would provide clarity. Here are some things that will help define the idea of a suitable school. • Are you looking for a boarding school or a day school • How much tuition fee you can afford to pay • Should the school be co-educational or not? • Do you prefer public schools or private ones? • Does it matter if your child goes to a school based on faith-background? After defining the requirements, key selection criteria can be formed that will help narrow the search for the best school.

Assess the Location

Many people try to find houses and apartments in areas that are near good schools and educational facilities. Some prefer to stay in the main city close to the central business district, while others move to suburbs with good education centres and modern amenities. While planning, you still have the liberty to select a suitable locality. Thus it makes sense to select the location depending on its proximity to the schools being considered for enrolment.

Focus on Availability of Subjects, Curriculum, and Reputation

It is imperative that while selecting schools, you focus on a variety of things such as: • What subjects are taught in school? • What is the curriculum of the standard your child will enrol in and higher levels • What are the cultural values of the school? • When was the school established, and what is its current reputation?

Other Things to Know

Besides assessing your requirements, the location of the school, curriculum, etc., there are other things to do as well. Some of them are mentioned as follows. • Get the prospectus of all the schools • Learn about the school’s approach to learning. • Research about the school’s academic performance and their results • Check what additional offerings are being provided like extra-curricular activities, trips, plans for excursions, and special programs • In addition, also learn about their teachers, discipline guidelines, uniform policies, admission process, transportation facilities etc.

Tips for Moving With Children

Children are significantly affected by relocation as they have to change neighbourhoods and schools. Thus it is essential to do your best to soften the blow as much as possible. Here are some expert tips on how to move with children. • Please keep them in the loop since day one of planning the move to let them get used to the idea and get ready for the process. • While looking for schools, consider their opinions and suggestions. Also, check if any classmate or friend of theirs had moved to Perth and find out which school they attend. • If possible plan the movement after your child’s current term ends so that they can attend the new school at the start of a new term. Check the term dates specified by the department of education and the school your child is in and the one he/she will be attending. • Book professional removalists in Perth to help with the packing and transportation process. Getting professional assistance will help you have more time to spend with your children and take care of their needs. • If you feel your children will be stressed during the move and their routine will be disrupted, consider sending them to a relative’s or friend’s place for a day or two. While your children are away, let the removalists in Perth manage the packing and transportation of your belongings.

Wrapping Up

Perth is a thriving city with a host of good schools offering excellent education to children who are residents and those who have migrated nationally or internationally. Therefore, if you are planning to move to Perth with your family, this guide can help you know about the top schools & universities in the city, things to keep in mind while shortlisting schools, and tips for moving with children.