Do You Really Need A Full-Service Moving Company?

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Do You Really Need A Full-Service Moving Company?

Nov 29, 2022 It is challenging to decide whether to hire a full-service moving company or not irrespective you are moving short or long-distance (over 80km). Taking assistance from professionals for packing, moving or storing your things is financially taxing. On average, removalists in Perth can charge about $76 for half an hour, and you will need a team of two removalists if you have a 2–3-bedroom house or apartment. Thus, it is not uncommon for relocation to cost up to $3000 for moving locally and up to $8000 for moving long-distance/interstate. If you have the budget to hire professional removalists in Perth, you should explore all your house moving options to know if you really need a full-service moving company. Also, look at this guide to gain the necessary information to make an informed decision.

What can You Expect from a Full-Moving Service?

As the service name suggests, the removalists will handle and complete every aspect of your from start to finish. Therefore, you can expect them to conduct a pre-move survey to provide a quote for moving cost estimates and create an inventory of your belongings. Additionally, they will do the following.
  • Bring moving boxes, packing tape, moving blankets, foam/bubble wraps and other necessary packing materials.
  • Pack and label your property contents expertly for safe movement.
  • Dismantle furniture, electronics and other bulky items for easy relocation.
  • Load and unload the moving truck with things in order of importance & fragility.
  • Transport your things, ensuring they reach the new home without damage or loss.
  • Unpack property content upon arrival at the new home. They will put things as per your instructions.
  • Take care of packing waste and clutter.

Pros of Hiring a Full-Service Moving Company?

Besides reducing your moving stress and anxiety, hiring a full-service moving company in Perth is advantageous for the following reasons.
  • Gives you time for completing other important moving tasks such as changing your address, setting up utilities, end-of-lease cleaning etc.
  • No need to spend money on packing supplies, moving equipment, moving trucks, etc.
  • Reduces the risk of falling or sustaining injuries from contact with objects or lifting heavy things.
  • Faster packing/unpacking and loading/unloading of property contents.
  • Availability of insured professionals for moving your things. It is essential because you don’t have to bear the medical expenses if a professional gets injured.
  • If you have small children and pets, hiring a full-moving service is a safe option because your hired removalists in Perth can handle the move while you keep your kids and pets safe.

Cons of Hiring a Full-Service Moving Company?

As stated above, hiring a full-service moving company is expensive if you are moving on a tight budget. Other disadvantages can include the following.
  • Loss of control is a common issue people face when they hire professional removalists in Perth to handle their move completely. There is less room for flexibility as you have to move on a schedule.
  • Loss of privacy because removalists are inside your home and handle your belongings. Besides cost, it is a major reason many people pack and unpack themselves.
  • The risk of hiring a bad moving company is always present. If you accidentally hire bad removalists to handle your entire move, you can have a horrible moving experience.

How to Find a Good Full-service Moving Company?

Before you search the internet for good moving companies in Perth, ask your near and dear ones for references. Additionally, take the following measures to find reputed removalists near you.
  • Prefer to hire local removalists in Perth because you can visit their office, and local businesses work harder to maintain their reputation.
  • Look at customer reviews or ratings to select companies with generally positive responses. Skip companies with bad reviews or only comments/ratings because they can be scammers.
  • Always ask if the removalists have insurance and whether they can help you with moving insurance.
  • Inquire about pre-move surveys and get quotes. Compare the moving costs to negotiate and go with the budget removalists in Perth of choice.
  • Additionally, inquire about the inclusions and exclusions of a full-move service to avoid confusion on moving day. If you need extra assistance, ask for additional service charges.
  • Make sure the company offers a storage facility if you move interstate.
  • You should know about the removalists’ experience, training and verification before hiring them.
  • Furthermore, you can judge a moving company by its customer service, response time and overall professionalism.


Moving to a new house is tiring, stressful and challenging, which is why most people hire removalists Perth to handle their relocation. Professionals have the resources, training and skills to complete every moving-related task. Thus, if you have the budget to avail a full-moving service and know the pros and cons of hiring it, then you should go ahead. Otherwise, you can move yourself, book removalists only to move your things or choose any other moving option within your budget and comfort zone.