DIY Household Packing Tips: The Right Way To Pack

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DIY Household Packing Tips: The Right Way To Pack

Nov 03, 2022

Securing your things for handling and transport is crucial to avoid damaged and lost items. Therefore, packing is one of the most important moving tasks, and you must manage it well.

Declutter unwanted things, which you can have a lot of, especially when moving house after a year or more. You can hire a professional removalist in Perth to pack and move your things. A packing service can cost anywhere between $500 to $900, depending on the property contents and the time required to box them. On average, expect a professional to charge $100 to $250 to pack your house/apartment in Perth.

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a packing service in Perth, give yourself ample time to secure property contents you want to take to your new home. Want to learn the right way to pack? Below are the ultimate DIY household packing tips.

Pare Down

Instead of increasing your packing load and stress by wrapping and boxing everything you own, pare down your belongings. Aim only to keep things you really want at the new home, meaning you must get rid of unwanted and even things you are attached to, but they don’t serve any purpose.

In addition, downsize your kitchen, living rooms and bedroom to remove duplicate items, worn home décor and unnecessary furniture.

You can give away clothes, toys, bedding and other household items to a local charity registered with the Australian charities and not-for-profit commission. Alternatively, conduct a garage sale to sell your belongings and increase the moving budget.

Create an Inventory

Packing with a plan is always a good idea. You must organise the task to avoid stress and hassle when you start the laborious process. Make a detailed inventory to list things, their location, size, category and other important details. To simplify the process, note details room by room and after decluttering.

If you hire professional removalists in Perth, they will create an inventory, and you can ask for it. This list comes in handy while packing and upon arrival at your new home to ensure everything was moved.

Clean Things

Packing dirty items is a big mistake, particularly when moving long-distance or keeping boxes in a storage unit. Dust, dirt, stains, and grime threaten your belongings’ structural integrity and appearance. Additionally, mould can grow on things in dark, dirty and humid environments.

Therefore, keep multi-purpose cleaners and microfiber cloths handy while packing. Depending on the item, you can wet or dry clean it; just ensure it is aired and dry before wrapping and boxing.

Arrange The Right Packing Supplies

If you have packed before, you’ll know that small and medium-sized boxes are the best for packing household items. If this is your first-time packing, here is a lesson: only get a few large boxes because most things fit perfectly in standard moving boxes. You will also need plastic bags in different sizes, bubble/foam wrap, newspaper, moving blankets, bedsheets, tape and labels.

To reduce packing costs, source free boxes from nearby shops, bookstores, charities etc. But get a few because packing with random-sized boxes only is challenging.

Pack Like a Pro

Need to learn how to box your things effectively and efficiently like a professional removalist in Perth? Use the following tips and tricks.

  • Never overload moving boxes. Keep enough space to give things room to breathe. Additionally, it isn’t easy to lift and handle heavy moving boxes.
  • After cleaning an object, secure it with bubble/foam wrap and packing tape.
  • Stack items inside boxes according to size. Keep the largest item at the bottom.
  • Maintain uniformity to prevent moving boxes from becoming unstable when picked.
  • Don’t leave excessive space in boxes. Use newspaper to cushion things and fill voids.
  • While packing picture frames, glass shelves, artwork and other fragile items, wrap them with a paper wrap, then bubble or foam wrap. Keep the item front side down the moving box horizontally to reduce the risk of breakage,
  • Tape both ends of moving boxes to eliminate the risk of contents falling out.
  • While packing furniture, cover it with a moving blanket, then wrap it tightly with plastic sheets and tape.
  • Fold clothes & fabrics properly before placing them inside boxes. Also, use vacuum bags to decrease volume and prevent bacterial or mould growth.
  • Keep smaller items in compression bags, Ziploc bags, and other smaller packing bags.
  • Please take pictures and videos of large appliances and electronic systems before dissembling them.
  • Fold wires into circles and secure them with tape.
  • Colour code and label boxes for easy and quick identification of box contents.

The Bottom Line

When moving to a new home, you must pack your things correctly to move them without damage or loss. Hire a professional packing service from reputed Perth removalists to reduce stress and hassle. However, if you can pack yourself, use the tips and tricks shared above to manage the task like a pro.