How To Create A Realistic Moving Timeline?

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How To Create A Realistic Moving Timeline?

Dec 02, 2019 Moving to a new place is a complicated task because it requires a lot of effort and coordination. Many people find the moving process difficult, not because they don’t know what to do, but when to do. Planning and hard work won’t be effective, if you cannot execute it at the right time. Leaving too many tasks for the last minute will only make things confusing and frustrating. People hire experienced removalists in Perth to make things easy for them. However, it is just one of the factors that you need to take care of. Prepare a realistic moving timeline and include all the essential tasks that require your attention. Let’s have a look!

Six to Eight Weeks Prior To Your Move

To create a realistic moving timeline, you should start your preparation at least six to eight weeks before your move. Include the following task in this timeline. • Prepare a budget for moving: The first thing you need to do is to prepare a budget for your relocation. The moving process is an expensive project, and you need to have enough savings to do it properly. • Make a checklist: Once you are done with the budget, the next thing is to prepare a moving checklist. It is essential to accomplish the tasks in an organised way. You can directly have it from the website of any reputed removals company in Perth. • Decide whether you need Professional Help: This is the time to take the most critical decision – whether you need professional removalists in Perth, or you want to perform all the packing and loading on your own. This can make a huge difference in your moving process. • Start your research: If you want to experience a smooth moving process, conduct thorough research about everything. Be it hiring reputed Perth removalists, contacting the cleaners, arranging the moving boxes, reading the road map, decluttering your house or anything else. • Inform your landlord: To make sure you get back your security deposit, inform your landlord/property manager that you are moving out on a specific date. Write a letter and consider it as a written proof of notice. • Start to make plans about Packing: Start making your plans about packing. If you are not hiring professionals, preparation can be a stressful task. So, you must make a plan and execute it properly. Spend a few hours every day to accomplish the job in a hassle-free manner.

Four to Six Weeks Prior To Your Move

Once you are done with the task mentioned above, it is time to address the following tasks. This is a crucial timeline, where you need to deal with some essential chores. • Start making arrangements for moving boxes: If you are not hiring professionals, you might think about purchasing or renting moving boxes. However, there are many places where you can get the boxes free of cost. So, look for such places and get the boxes. • Book a rental truck: Apart from finding the moving boxes, you also need to book a rental truck that will transport all your belongings. However, if you are hiring removalists in Perth, they will take care of the truck as well as the boxes. • Contact Removalists and Cleaners: It is the right time to contact a reputed removals company in Perth and book a date. Do not delay this task. Otherwise, you might face the problem of their unavailability. You can also get a higher price at the last moment. Also, hire a professional cleaner and give them a specific date. • Forward request to transfer utilities: Transferring utilities is not a one-day thing. It can take several days or a couple of weeks. Thus, this is the right time to forward your request. Otherwise, you might need to spend the first few days in your new home without power, gas, internet, etc. • Change mailing address: Like your utilities, you also need to forward your request to change your mailing address. If you delay this vital task, you might receive numerous letters and other similar stuff at your old address, once you have moved. • Prepare an inventory list: It is the best time to prepare an inventory list. This list will help you to identify the items in a particular box without opening it. This will help you to load and unpack your boxes.

Three to Four Weeks Prior To Your Move

Include the following tasks in this specific timeline. If you delay or skip them, you might face difficulty on the moving day. • Organise garage sale: This is the right time to declutter your home. And the best way to do that is to organise a garage sale and sell the items you don’t want. This will reduce your packing time and overall transport cost. • Inform family members and friends about the moving date: You must inform your family members and close friends about the moving date. If you are not hiring professionals, you will need help from them. • Pack your Moving day kit: You should carry your moving day kit with you. This kit must have all the essential things, including a couple of clothes, medicines, cutters, chargers, relevant documents, etc. • Visit your new house with family: If your new house is a couple of hours drive, you must visit the place at this point of time with your family. Explore the nearby roads and market area. It will help you to settle down in a better way.

Last Two Weeks Prior To Your Move

The last two weeks before your move should not be very hectic. You must finish the majority of your work by this time. Include the following task in this timeline. • Remind the Removalists: This is the right time to remind your removalists in Perth about the date. Watch the weather forecast properly, and if you are expecting rain, contact the professionals and ask them to take appropriate measures. • Put tags on the boxes: By this time, you should complete you all the packing. Do not forget to put tags on your boxes. This tag will help you to identify the items inside a box. Cross-check it with your inventory list. • Study the route map properly: If you are driving, you should see the route map properly. So, study the route map, and if possible, drive all the way through to your new house to get familiar with the route.

Final Words

Creating a realistic moving timeline is not as difficult as you think it is. All you need is enough time in your hand so that you can plan your tasks and finish them before the moving date. The timeline mentioned here has all the essential tasks to be completed before moving. If you follow this properly, you will most likely accomplish your moving in a hassle-free manner.