COVID-19 Safety Tips For Moving: Before, During & After The Move

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COVID-19 Safety Tips For Moving: Before, During & After The Move

Apr 27, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the entire world, including Australia. The World Health Organisation has also declared COVID-19 an international health emergency. Taking precautionary steps such as maintaining social distance and proper personal hygiene are the only ways to break the chain of this deadly virus. In the past few weeks, everyone has observed a drastic change in their lives.

Even many non-essential services have been shut down, and people are forced to stay at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Since the virus spreads from person to person via respiratory droplets, it becomes imperative to take safety measures and keep your hands sanitised.

However, the pandemic situation occurred so quickly that many people who had already closed on the sale of their houses or purchased new apartments have no choice than relocation. Unfortunately, they are trapped in a scenario where they have to relocate their home.

If you are also in the same situation, then follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines and hire experienced Removalists in Perth who are fully prepared to move with all precautions. Below are some great tips that will give you safety before, during and after the move:

COVID-10 Safety Tips During Home Relocation

Many states and territories in Australia have introduced rental assistance packages for tenants who are suffering from financial crises during this pandemic. The state government of Western Australia is aiming towards resolving tenancy issues by letting landlords extend the tenancy period. Here are some tips to consider before the move during COVID-19:

1. Postpone or Cancel your Plan

If possible, it is good to postpone your home move until the situation gets normalised. This is one of the safest things you can do if you want to prevent your family from the spread of this virus.

If you have no option than relocation, then strictly follow precautions and maintain social distancing throughout the process.

2. Clean and Disinfect Items Before Packing

Sort out all the items you are planning to move. Make a list of household belongings and start cleaning and disinfecting it using an alcohol-based cleaning product.

This is an important step, especially when you are moving your home from one city to another.

3. Use Blankets and Newspapers for Wrapping Stuff

Avoid buying packaging supplies from local shop in Perth. It is good to stay at home because the virus is transmitted via respiratory droplets. Maintaining social distance is the best way.

You can use blankets, socks, egg crates, newspapers and other items that can help you wrap your delicate household belongings. Try to use right methods while packing your stuff so that they reach safely to the new place.

4. Hire Full-Service Moving Company

If you have decided to relocate your home during this health emergency, then hire trained and experienced Removal Company in Perth. They can help you in packing, lifting, loading, and transiting household belongings with extreme care.

Shortlist at least 3 best companies and ask them whether they are offering moving services during COVID-19 outbreak or not. Make sure they offer:

No-contact Moves: Under this, they will maintain social distancing from you while packing, lifting and unpacking belongings. All you need to send them photos, floor plans and give directions so that they can prepare a custom-made moving place without making any contact.

Wear Gloves and Masks: They should come to you place wearing gloves and masks to prevent the spread of any virus or disease.

Follow Proper Personal Hygiene: Make sure your hired removalists follow good personal hygiene and keep their hands sanitised. Their moving trucks need to be disinfected properly before loading the items.

Tip: Don’t forget to contact your company and ask them about their rescheduling or refund policies so that you can re-schedule the service as per the situation.

5. Frequently Disinfect High-Touch Areas

Make sure you clean and disinfect high-touch areas of your house such as doorknobs, handles, light switches, remote controls, etc of your house. Also, wear a mask and gloves throughout the process. It is good to use disinfectant wipes and sprays that have at least 70 % alcohol because they can kill 99 per cent of germs. If you want to fight against this deadly disease, then cleaning and disinfection is the best way to keep the virus at bay.

6. Home Quarantine After the Move

Once you reach your new place, wipe off everything using an effective disinfectant. Disinfect everything from doors to windows, floors to furniture.

Make sure you isolate with your family after relocating your home for 14 days. Take this as a precautionary step.


Moving to a new house during COVID-19 crises can be risky. If you are in an emergency and have no option than relocation, then keep these safety tips in mind before, during and after the move. You can hire reliable removalists in Perth who can help people relocate safely to the new place.