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22 Jul, 2019

Complete Guide to Create and Follow Your Moving Budget

Are you moving out for the first time? The entire process of relocation is all about stress, anxiety, excitement and some back-breaking chores. Moving valuable household belongings from one location to another is not only challenging but requires a lot of money.

No matter how much you try to reduce your moving costs, you will always end up paying more. Whether you are moving within Perth or across the state, make sure you have the right strategies to create a realistic moving budget.

This will help you know where you might be able to cut the expenses. Having a rough budget also help you find the most reliable and affordable Perth Removalists for packing and moving chores. You can rely on them while transiting your precious belongings from place to another.

For better understanding, here is the complete guide that will help you create your moving budget and save you from unnecessary costs.

So, let’s get started!

1. Budget your Move

No matter how far you are moving from a current location, make sure you budget your move to reduce the stress on your pocket. If you are one of those who are calculating only the costs involved in transferring belongings from one location to another, then you are on the wrong track.

You can’t overlook the money you will spend on preparing and packing your valuable items and other tiny yet important tasks. Instead of losing patience, take a deep breath and find everything about hidden costs from the start to end of your relocation journey.

Also, add the expenses that you will spend while preparing your items before your move and the additional cost of moving your pets if you have any. This is how you can layout your entire moving budget for your big day!

2. Set up an Estimated Budget

Managing and planning an entire move within an estimated budget can be tough for those who are relocating for the first time. Before getting into the process, it is important for them to know everything related to setting-up a moving budget.

You may need to take some time out and do some research to determine how much it will costs to avail the best removal services in Perth or the transportation fees or the cost of packing materials. Include everything in your budget to get a rough idea before the move. Since packing is an important part of a safe removal of your household belongings, make sure you buy the right and high-quality packing supplies such as bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, plastic bags, permanent marker, moving blankets, boxes, etc.
If you want to save money, then you can opt for rental moving boxes and use blankets, towels and old clothes rather than bubble wrap while packing your delicate items.

Though it may seem a time-consuming task, creating an estimated budget can help you track your expenses closely throughout the moving journey.

3. Track your Travelling Expenses

Are moving within Perth or shifting to a new city? The distance of your move plays a key role in determining the overall moving cost. If it is a local move, you will have to spend less as compared to the long-distance or interstate move.

So, it is good to calculate travelling expenses depending on the distance of your move and create the budget accordingly. Don’t forget to include the rent of your moving truck, fuel and parking expenses. Do your part of research and keep a close eye on your transportation costs.

4. Packing Expenses

If you are moving to a new place without any professional assistance, you will need to spend more money on buying high-quality packing materials. It includes moving boxes, packing paper, tape, bubble wraps, heavy-duty plastics, mattress and furniture cover, scissor and permanent market.

However, it is better to hire trained Perth Removalists who can provide you with high-quality packing service for safe and damage-free transit of your belongings. Whatever the case is, you have to include the packing costs into your final moving budget. So, be prepared!

5. Calculate the Additional Cost When you Move-in

If you are shifting into a new apartment, there are lots of additional costs you need to include your budget to balance your financial resources. Apart from the money apartment, make a list of costs you will need to spend when you move into your new home. This includes utility bills, parking and pet rent, etc.

Tip: It is good to find out the list of fees so that you can prepare your budget ahead of time.

6. Storage Fees

Include the storage fees in your moving budget, especially when you are moving across the city. Sometimes, you need a safe and secure space to store your precious belongings in the middle of the journey.

This usually happens when you are moving interstate, and the weather is bad. In such situations, it is good to hire a space where you can store your valuable items for a short period of time.

7. Find out the ways to reduce the moving cost

Relocating to the new location is expensive. So, try to save some money and minimise your moving costs. After creating your budget, you can find out the ways to reduce the unnecessary expenses.

It could be anything – you can save money by investing money in used packing boxes or also take help from friends and family members to move your heavy belongings.

You can also save money by hiring a moving company in Perth at least 2 months before the move. So, discover some exciting ways to save money on your next move!

8. Look for Affordable Removalists

House relocation is one of the stressful events and it is difficult to achieve it without professional assistance. No matter how near you are relocating, it is important to understand that professionals carry necessary moving equipment and proven strategies that will protect your belongings from damages during the transition process.

If your budget is low but you still need assistance, then look for the affordable options and choose the one who can offer you quality service within your estimated budget. You can ask them to provide the estimated quote so that you can make the final decision.


Creating and following a moving budget to save unnecessary cost is something that should be done at least eight weeks before the move. You can create a rough moving budget with the help of a guide mentioned above in this post. Also, hire Perth Removalists after thorough research. Compare their prices and choose the most affordable yet reliable option for your move.