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09 Mar, 2020

Complete Guide to Streamlining the Moving Process

Moving to a new home is an overwhelming process, especially if you are doing it without any planning. No matter how near you are relocating, make sure you streamline the entire process- from packing household belongings to hiring professional removalists in Perth.  Everything has to be planned ahead of your final moving day.

It is important to understand the right strategies while preparing and packing valuable items such as furniture, picture frames, kitchen utensils, bed, coffee table, etc for a move. A well-organised and streamlined relocation process not only protects your belongings from damages but also gives you peace of mind.

Today, we are sharing a complete guide that will help you streamline your relocation process and ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Arrange a Packing Kit

For the safety of your household items, make sure you use the best quality of packing materials. Before getting into the process, arrange a packing kit according to your specific requirements. For instance, if you have a small bar at home or wine bottles, then buy glass pack kits with dividers that are designed to relocate such items safely. Apart from this, you must arrange the following items:

• Packing paper
• Packing tape
• Bubble wraps
• Blankets, towels, old pillow covers
• Newspapers
• Cardboard boxes
• Foam pouches
• Heavy-duty plastic bags, etc.

Arrange all these items at least 8 weeks prior to your move so that you can begin the packing process.

2. Organise Your Move

Planning plays a vital role in the success of your relocation journey. Whether you are moving next to the street or across a new state, it is imperative to organise everything ahead of time. From creating a moving checklist to purging out unnecessary items, creating a rough moving budget to transferring utilities, you can plan things in advance for a safe and stress-free relocation.

After gathering all the moving boxes and packing supplies, it is the right time to organise each and every step. You can use markers, box labels and colour-coded tape to keep track of what’s inside your moving boxes. This will also organise your unpacking process and save you a lot of time after the relocation.

3. De-Clutter and Throw Away Unnecessary Items

It is always good to take only the necessary household items to the new place- this will reduce the load of your belongings and also save your overall moving expenses. Inspect all your rooms and make a list of things you don’t need to take along with you.

Collect everything and sort them out. You can either donate to the local charity or sell in your garage sale if items are in good condition. If belongings are broken or damaged, then throw them away. You know which of your items matter and which don’t- this way you can easily purge them out without any emotional string.

4. Pack Room by Room

To streamline your packing procedure, try to focus on a single room at a time. It is good to start the packing process with rooms you won’t need in the weeks or days. For example, pack your books, seasonal clothes, closets, and other items you don’t need in the coming days or weeks.

Start the process at least 4-6 weeks prior to your moving day to keep things in an organised way. The rooms you will need to pack up last might include the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms along with the furniture.

Tip: Take professional assistance from a reliable removals company in Perth for safe and sound packing of your belongings.

5. Disassemble Furniture and other Heavy Item

Moving heavy furniture from one location to another requires proper packing and right lifting techniques. According to professional removalists, it is good to disassemble all the furniture so that you can pack and put more belongings inside the truck. Plus, disassembling can help you protect the parts of your expensive furniture without any damage.

It will also speed up the packing and unpacking stage and will make your relocation less time-taking and less expensive. Disassemble the furniture items that can easily be taken apart, such as beds, modular dressers, sofas, lamps, and dining tables.

Tip: Wrap all the loose parts of your furniture with protective coverings.

6. Securely Pack Delicate Items

Delicate items such as expensive jewellery, mirrors, wine bottles, glassware, mugs and cups need an extra layer of protection throughout the moving journey. So, carefully pack them using a bubble wrap and packing paper. Don’t forget to put crumbled newspaper in the empty space of your packed moving boxes to prevent fragile items from damages during the lifting process.

7. Prepare an Emergency Kit

Make sure you save personal items, credential documents and valuables for last minutes. Also, prepare your emergency kit for the moving day. Pack a bag with all the essentials such as toilet paper, hand-washing soap, first-aid box, water bottles, snacks, your kid’s toys, and your moving checklist.

8. Take Professional Help

It is always recommended to take professional assistance from reliable removalists in Perth who can pack and move your belongings with extreme care. They come fully-equipped with the latest lifting machines, high-quality packing materials, and moving checklist to organise your entire relocation process.

So, do thorough research and shortlist the best five companies in your city. Compare the estimated quotes and choose the most suitable company as per your specific requirements and budget.


Streamline your moving process with the help of useful tips mentioned above in this article. It is good to stay organised throughout the moving journey to protect your belongings from being lost and damaged. Also, consider hiring professional Perth Removalists who can take care of your possessions and give you peace of mind.