How To Choose The Right Boxes For Storage When Moving?

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How To Choose The Right Boxes For Storage When Moving?

Oct 12, 2018 For many movers, especially those moving interstate or a long distance, securing some of their belongings in a storage capacity becomes the most viable option. Doing so not only keeps them safe but also reduces the cost incurred in moving surplus. However, whether you plan to avail storage for short or long-term use, it is essential to pack the goods right. One size doesn’t fit all. So, if feasible, plan a visit to your storage, to gauge various aspects – How and where will the boxes be stacked? Is the place climate controlled? Get the answer to all these questions and consult with your Perth removalists and then you will be in a better position to select the suitable boxes for each of your possessions. The standard cardboard boxes employed for packing are generally fit for one-time use only. Besides, cardboard material is susceptible to wear off by infestation and humid conditions over a long period. Plastic boxes, on the other hand, are not easily affected by water and moisture in addition to being available in a variety of colours.

How to select the right storage box?

When selecting boxes for storage, avoid getting the used ones as they tend to weaken with age and may collapse in storage. Measure your items – Find the right fit regarding length, width and height to cover the commodities adequately. The marketplace is brimming with options to tailor the boxes precisely according to your needs. Select the cartons that fit the objects snugly – Size of the packages is another significant determinant of the safety of your items. Slightly larger box than the volume of the objects to be transported ensures the protection by preventing them from moving around in transit. Look for boxes with proper thickness – As a thumb rule, thicker boxes allow heavier packing. Additionally, stiff boxes stack better reducing the crush damage likely to be caused in transit and storage. Whether it is about packing heavy books, light clothes and fragile items, corrugated boxes are considered to be the sturdiest and make an obvious choice for most of the storage needs. They are typically comprised of three layers – a wavy layer fluted between two flat ones. While a 2-ply box will suit most of the everyday items, a 3-ply would be a fitting choice for the fine valuables. Also, these boxes can easily be recycled in Perth once your job is done. If you want to achieve eco-friendly living, make sure you avoid using plastic containers and head towards reusable corrugated boxes that can help you store and organise all types and sizes of household items. Weigh the boxes – Stocking the cartons with a bearable weight will be indispensable in saving your valuable possessions. The proficient Perth removalists suggest that a typical sustainable box should not weigh more than 50 pounds.

Identify the type of boxes

There is no denying the fact that moving household belongings from one place to another is a complicated process. For the safety of your items, you need right packing materials, especially moving boxes for different valuables. It is good to select strong and durable boxes to save your treasured objects from any potential damage during the transit and storage processes. Here is a list of some common ones: Book Box – Book boxes are suitable for carrying heavier goods like CDs, small electronic items, canned products and books. Medium Box – (101 x 18 x 16 inches) – Medium sized boxes are utilised for transferring general non-fragile household goods like toys, pots, linen, clothes and even moderate-sized kitchen appliances. Large Box – (23 x 23 x 20 inches) – These boxes are suitable for large, bulk-forming, but lightweight items like pillows, stuffed toys, stereo speakers, piled clothing, comforters and lamp shades. Legal Tote – Legal tote offers an ideal size for retaining business and personal use documents, conveniently accommodating one file drawer of legal sized folders. Picture/Mirror Box –Mirror boxes are best employed to store, move, ship and protect framed artwork, mirrors or large paintings and other fragile items. Flat and narrow in shape, they are obtainable in multiple sizes to adjust the articles they are going to load.

Collect some packaging material to finish

From bubble wraps for cushioning to tissue paper for layering; there is a lot more to sound packing than just securing the boxes with an adhesive tape. Reach out to the reliable distributors of packaging material to assemble and dispatch all your belongings without any damage. However, many people are looking for eco-friendly ways to pack and move their household belongings. You can also do the same by wrapping your delicate items with blankets, towels, bedsheets and old clothes instead of using bubble wrap. Apart from this, you can buy used moving boxes on rent from a local liquor store or a grocery store. You can re-use them or give to those who are planning for a move once you reach your new place.


Successful packing involves a great deal of detailing and responsibility; and when the package needs loading and unloading on multiple occasions, doing so with caution becomes all the more imperative. The most reputable removalists in Perth – BetterRemovalistPerth acknowledges the value of your time and money. They offer affordable and practical solutions for all your moving needs so that you can stay assured and relaxed through the process.