Change Of Address Checklist: 12 Places To Notify When You Move

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Change Of Address Checklist: 12 Places To Notify When You Move

Jan 23, 2023 Changing address is one of the most important house-moving tasks, whether you are shifting residence temporarily or permanently. Within a stipulated time, you have to inform multiple authorities, organisations and people to keep databases with your contact information updated and get communication at the right address. Since most government organisations need at least 14 days to reflect changes, starting the process of updating your home address should be done as early as possible. Therefore, when you are booking removalists in Perth and packing, simultaneously initiate the address-changing processes. Create a checklist for updating your residential address because there are several places to inform in limited time. You can forget many places during a house move and have a hard time later.  Thus, here is your complete guide outlining when and how to change your address and 12 places to notify when you move.

When & How to Change Your Address

Streamlining the process of address change is not only limited to creating a checklist; you have to plan and prepare for it as well. If you don’t, it is one of the biggest moving mistakes you can make. Thus, once you have booked removalists in Perth and set the moving date, take the following measures.
  • At least a month before the move, create the checklist and start contacting authorities and organisations to gather contact numbers, legal details, and information regarding the updating process.
  • Check all your subscriptions and memberships to see if they need updating, and do it online. This step is crucial if you have subscriptions for physical items like goods, magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Start the actual address change at least 3 weeks before moving. Keep the Australian Post, Australian Taxation Office and Banks among the first places to contact and start the process because address changes here can take time.
  • Compare plans for utilities like electricity, gas and internet if you want to get a new plan. Additionally, contact utility providers for discontinuing, connecting and reconnecting utilities as required.
  • Mention whether the address change is permanent or temporary, wherever required.
  • Also, mention if the address change is just for you or your entire family. These questions may arise when you update the address at the bank, insurance agency, healthcare services, etc.
  • Keep your address, postal code and pin code on hand.
  • Lastly, have a realistic moving timeline in mind to complete tasks without causing delays.

Places to Notify When Moving

Broadly, places you need to change the address can be categorised as government and non-government. Thus, here’s how you can make your checklist. You can use this list as it is or make customisations depending on places to notify. If necessary, add the people you want to tell about your relocation.

Government Organisations To Inform When Moving

If you have a myGov account updating your address can be extremely easy. However, even then, you must add the following places to contact for this process.
  • The Australian Post: To redirect your mail and get communication at the right address immediately after moving.
  • The Australian Electoral Commission: Whether you are changing address permanently or temporarily, updating your address with the AEC is necessary.
  • The Australian Taxation Office: For legal purposes
  • The Department of Transport: For vehicle registration
  • Concessions Cards: If you get aid from the government
  • Centrelink, Medicare, Child Support Agency, Seniors Cards & Veterans Affairs: If you avail human services from these agencies.
If you deal with other government agencies or organisations besides the ones mentioned here, add their name to the list. Complete your checklists before hiring removalists in Perth to avoid hassle and delays.

Non-Government Organisations To Inform When Moving

Change your address with government organisations first, then focus on notifying the following places to streamline the moving process.
  • Utility Service Providers: Inform your providers of electricity, gas, water, sewerage, internet, phone, and cable.
  • Insurance Agencies: You must update your address with your car, home, health and other insurances.
  • Health Care Providers: To transfer records from your family doctor or pet’s vet, you need to inform them about your move.
  • Banks: If you keep the same bank accounts after moving, then update your address before relocating.
  • Schools, Colleges & Tutors: Education centres and personal educators for your kids or yourself must know you are moving locally and remain enrolled.
  • Your Office: if you are moving house while working at the same company, inform your office about the shift. Talk to HR after moving to update the database.


Moving to a new home is always challenging because you have to complete various tasks simultaneously. Among these tasks, changing your address, besides looking for good removalists in Perth and packing your belongings, is crucial. It is also a task you can have the most confusion and forget to inform important places. Therefore, use this guide to know how & when to change your address and which 12 places to notify when moving to a new home.