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05 May, 2022

A Complete Guide On Packing Fragile Items For Your Home Relocation

Are you planning on relocating and have to start packing all your items? If you have many fragile items, it can become quite stressful to think of how to pack them properly.

But with the right tips from removalists Perth, you will be able to pack all your fragile items like a pro.

Here are some of these expert tips to help you pack all your fragile items:

1. Plan Your Packing

Your first step should be to plan out the entire process in the following way:

• Start by making an inventory of all the fragile items in your house. You can do this room by room or item by item.
• Once you are done listing all the fragile items, you can label the boxes accordingly to know which items should be handled with care.

2. Gather All Your Packing Material

Before you start packing up stuff, you need to have all the right equipment in place. It would help if you kept all these supplies ready before you start to pack fragile items when packing your household without any kind of stress:

• Bubble wrap
• Carton boxes
• Newspaper or packing paper
• Markers
• Foams
• Polythene bags
• Packing tapes
• Plastic covers for furniture
• Towels and linens
• Scissors

3. Layer Your Boxes

Now that you have all your materials, you can start by layering all your boxes. You must layer the bottom of the boxes to create a good base and prevent the items from falling out of the box.

You should put some bubble wrap or Styrofoam paper to create a strong base before you start placing the items inside.

4. Use Smaller Boxes

• You can now start putting your items into these layered boxes and always use smaller, sturdy ones.
• Smaller boxes are better for your fragile items as there will be less space between the items, and they won’t clash with one another and get damaged.
• You must also check all the boxes to ensure that you are not using any flimsy small boxes that can fall apart quickly.

5. Fill In Any Empty Spaces

Next, you must make sure that there are no empty spaces in the boxes so that the items don’t get damaged by banging into each other. Fill the empty spaces with bubble wrap, foam or newspaper to keep items apart.

6. Tape The Bottom Of The Box

It would be best to use sturdy packing tape to secure the bottom of your boxes so that nothing falls out and your items will stay safe. You should even double tape it to ensure that it is sturdy enough to handle any fragile items.

7. Place Heavy Items First

Experts in removalist services for Perth suggest that you must start by putting all the heavy items on the bottom so that the box is sturdy and balanced. You should then add all the lighter fragile items on top and fill in empty spaces.

8. Pack Glasses With Dividers

If you have a lot of glasses to pack, you can pack them in the following way:

• It would be best to put dividers in first before you start packing.
• You can make dividers for these cardboard boxes yourself or get special cardboard boxes that already have these dividers in place.
• Wrap all your glasses in newspaper or towels and linens, and then place them in the dividers.
• If there are any empty spaces between the glasses and the dividers, fill them with bubble wrap or newspaper.

9. Store All Your Plates Vertically

After you pack all your glasses, you must start packing your plates carefully as well in the following way when you move house:

• Wrap each plate with newspaper or packing paper before you put them in the box so that they are already secure.
• Then place the plates vertically one by one so that there is room for all the plates.
• Fill the empty spaces with bubble wrap to keep the plates apart.

10. ack Electronics Securely

Electronics also need to be adequately packed in the following way:

• If you can disassemble the electronic item, you should start by wrapping each piece individually with newspaper to secure it.
• You can label all the items so that you are not missing anything.
• Please try to keep separate electronics apart so that you don’t get confused.
• You can also use the original boxes that the electronics came in if you still have them.

11. Do It Slowly

The main thing to remember is that these items need special care and must be packed slowly and delicately.

You must secure the bottom and top of the boxes and check the sides for any holes. You need to manage your time effectively during your house move and take your time wrapping each item correctly.

12. Hire An Expert

One of the best ways to shift your fragile items safely is to let the expert removalists in Perth handle them, as they are well-trained and qualified to pack and transport all kinds of items safely and make sure all your fragile items are intact.


With the above tips, you can securely pack and shift all your fragile goods so that you can move house with ease.