9 Questions To Ask Before Moving For Work

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9 Questions To Ask Before Moving For Work

Oct 20, 2021 Relocating for a good career opportunity is among the most common reasons people move houses in Perth. Working professionals, young adults and students usually relocate for jobs more than older people or established families. It is challenging and stressful because you uproot yourself from a familiar place within a few weeks, making the entire process emotionally, physically and mentally taxing. Besides managing the stress of decluttering, packing, booking removalists in Perth, changing address, and other things, you have to settle in a new place and create social connections all over again. Therefore, make sure the hassle is worth it before planning a move for a job. If you have an opportunity at hand that requires relocation, here are nine questions to ask before moving for work and an informed decision. Have a look.

1. Will The Job Increase Your Financial Stability?

Before planning a move to a new city or suburb, evaluate your current salary and the offered CTC and in-hand salary. There is no point in moving if the raise is barely enough to support your lifestyle at the new place. For example, while living in Perth, suppose your salary is $75,000 and the new job offers you a salary of 80,000 for moving to Sydney or Melbourne, it is not worth the significant shift.

2. How Affordable Is The New City?

A city’s affordability is determined by various factors such as rent, housing-related costs, household income, utility charges, concessions, etc. If a city is expensive for you even after the increase in salary from your new job, it is not a good idea to move. However, if the new city is more affordable than your current one and you will get a good salary hike too, it is a win-win situation.

3. Is There Scope For Growth?

When relocating for a job, you have to ask this question because it determines your future in a company. If the new job provides you with upward mobility, then moving is a wise and practical solution. You can plan to settle in the new city for years and make an enviable career.

4. Will The Company Help With Relocation & Its Expenses?

Reputed corporate provide relation to support to new houses by offering housing for 15 days or a month. They also pay for the travel expenses and help you find a new house/unit to rent. Before you say yes to an opportunity, ask the company what their support policies for employees moving for work are and how much costs will be covered.

5. Is Your Family Happy With The Move?

Moving house is a major life decision that you cannot take alone, which is why ask your family if they are okay with the move. Explain the opportunities and things your family members can do at the new place. Make sure everyone is in the loop and consider their opinions before saying yes to relocating for a job. Additionally, take their assistance with decluttering, packing, booking removalists in Perth and other important tasks to ease the burden.

6. Ask Peers If Moving For Work Is Wise?

If you have peers or people you know who have moved to the new place and working with the company, ask them about their experience. Inquire about challenges they faced and how much support the organisation provided during the move. By gaining these insights, you can make an informed decision and ensure the process is rewarding.

7. When Do You Have To Answer & Move?

Since relocating for work is a significant decision, you need to contemplate every aspect before answering. Thus, ask how much time the company can provide you. Additionally, if you plan to say yes, when do you have to move? Ideally, you need a few weeks for preparation for a move, especially when you have small children.

8. Can You Cope With The Change?

Moving house is among the most stressful events of people’s lives, which is why ask yourself if you are up for the challenge. Uprooting yourself from a familiar place is difficult for most people, even if the work opportunity is lucrative. You have to make a decision best for your professional and personal growth.

9. Will The Company Arrange Removalists?

It is a valid question because you will need professional assistance for packing and moving our belongings to the new place. Therefore, ask whether the company arranges for professional removalists in Perth to box and transport your property contents to make the process easier and quicker. If the company doesn’t, inquire if they will reimburse the cost of moving when you choose affordable removalists on Perth at your end.

The Bottom Line

When you have an excellent job offer in a new city, it is natural to feel stressed about moving. But, if the opportunity is worth the hassle and the company provides the needed support, relocating for work is not overwhelming. Thus, if you need to move house for your career, make sure you ask the nine questions shared above to make an informed decision.