8 Things to Leave Behind When You Move

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8 Things to Leave Behind When You Move

Jul 16, 2020 De-cluttering is one of the key steps when you are preparing a house for relocation. Before packing your household belongings and wrapping delicate items in blankets, purge out unnecessary things to reduce the load of your move. In simple words, moving gives you a great opportunity to get rid of household stuff you no longer need because they are only increasing your overall moving cost. As you prepare for a big day, keep track of belongings that you want to take along with you. Make sure you do this at least 8-6 weeks prior to your final day so that you can do other important things such as packing household stuff, hiring trained removalists in Perth and updating a new address. To make your work a bit easier, we have covered a list of 7 things you should leave behind when moving to a new house via this article:

1. Old or Torn Clothing

This is the best time to check your closet and get rid of old clothing, such as t-shirt, jackets, jeans, shirt, dresses and tops that you haven’t worn in the last few years. Make a list of old, torn or unwanted clothing before starting the packing process. Instead of packing everything in your boxes, you can toss or donate some clothing to the local charity. It is one of the ideal ways to say goodbye to old clothes. You can even sell old ones that are okay in condition. You can sell them at discounted prices to earn some dollars. Quick Tip: It is good to sort clothing at the beginning of every season so that you can toss unwanted ones without any hassles.

2. Plants and Shrubs

It is good to leave outdoor planting like plants, trees and shrubs behind when you move. They are one of the most delicate items in your house. You should avoid moving them. Apart from this, the new homeowner will expect the garden to remain green and beautiful on the property. So keep them intact and try to avoid moving them. If you really want to transport some of your plants from one place to another, hire the most reliable removalists in Perth. They can get your plants delivered in a safe and secure manner.

3. Expired Items and Broken Furniture

Make sure you check your bathroom, dressing table and other areas of your room to toss expired skincare and beauty products, such as shampoos, soap, body lotion, powder, mascara, lipstick, etc. It is good to check the labels before sorting them out. Do not forget to dispose of the expired bathroom and cosmetic items in the right way. Using the wrong technique can harm the environment as well as human beings. Tip: Pack your cosmetics and delicate bottles of perfumes carefully using high-quality packing materials to keep them intact throughout the process. Please don’t make a mistake of transiting broken, rusty or damaged furniture because it can only increase your load as well as your overall moving expenses. Instead of repairing them or cleaning the damaged ones, leave them behind while packing your household items, especially furniture. This will save you a lot of time and energy- so that you can focus on other imperative tasks related to your move.

4. Leftover Paint Cans

Do you still have leftover cans of paint from your last year’s renovations? Don’t think of loading them into the truck. You can’t take relocate such items along with your other household stuff because it can ruin or cause damage during the transition process. Store the paint cans in a spot without any temperature fluctuations where the new homeowner can easily find. You can place them at the back of a closet or under the sink to keep them safe as well as visible at the same time.

5. Old Electronic Appliances

It is a good idea to leave DVD players, old computers, stereo equipment and other old electronics behind while moving your house. There is no use of taking these items to the new place. So, make a list of outdated electronics and donate or sell them at a garage sale. Tip: Hire an experienced removal company in Perth if you want to move expensive and delicate electronic appliances. They use the best measures to transit your much-loved belongings without causing any damage.

6. Paper Waste

Believe it or not! Paper is heavy to lift and takes a lot of space.  Of course, you need to keep credential documents such as birth certificates, financial records, cheque books, medical reports with you, but there is no use of taking monthly utility bills with you. You can either digitalise all your documents and important papers and get rid of unnecessary paper waste before getting into the packing process.

7. Old Bedding

Leave old and torn mattresses behind because you need to put a lot of effort to lift into the moving truck. Along with old mattresses, you can also donate heavy blankets, torn bedsheets, and other bedding because they take a lot of space during the moving process.

8. Light Fixtures

Homebuyers expect attached items, including light fixtures. So, it is good to leave them behind. If you want to take a particular lift fixture while moving, don’t forget to notify the real estate agent before signing the sales contract. It is good to replace the fixture with another one before moving out of a current house. Do not take light bulbs and tube lights because they are extremely delicate and can break easily.


These are eight household belongings that you should leave behind when moving to a new place. You can toss, donate or sell unwanted items at least 4 weeks prior to your move. For the safe and sound removal of your belongings, you can hire certified Perth Removalists. They will take care of your precious items throughout the process.